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Top 10 Things Jeff Gordon Plans to Do or Say to Jimmie Johnson

10. “Just remember, your four Cups are ‘Made for TV’ Cups. Mine are real!”

9. “Did you forget who got you that ride?”

8. Threaten to sit JJ for two weeks and replace him with John Wes Townley.

7. Buy him a better spotter.

6. C’mon Jeff… man up and just punch the little $#^&@* in the face and be done with it!

5. “Now Jimmie, you are really trying my patience!” (With a stern finger waggle.)

4. Buy the other half of the No. 48’s ownership from Rick Hendrick so he can issue Jimmie team orders.

3. Nothing. Jeff only talks a good game.

2. Go back and watch the tapes of himself pushing Matt Kenseth while sipping on some ‘liquid courage,’ trying to get up the nerve to do something. (Note to self: Leave the helmet on!)

1. Secretly swap the first numbers of the No. 88 before each race, thereby eliminating even the possibility of JJ being in front of him!

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