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Scott Speed Driver Diary: A Vote for the All-Star Race = A Pie in Kyle Busch’s Face?

We just got back from a quick trip to New York City where we had a Red Bull poker game at the company facility in SoHo. It was yet another one of many fun events that Red Bull puts on for us. I was telling Amanda afterwards how great it was to just be able to hang out with guys like snowmobile racer Levi LaVallee and Kevin Goldthwaite, who plays for the New York Red Bulls soccer team. The coolest thing about what we do here at Red Bull is we get to meet such amazing people who have been so successful in their respective sports.

I don’t know if it’s by chance or what, but pretty much everyone I ever meet at Red Bull are just cool people. To top off the entire night, even though the game was just for fun, we did well. Amanda and I made it to the final table and then I had the pleasure of taking her out, so that was even better!

On to the racing front, we are starting to pull out of our mini-slump with a few solid top-20 finishes. Things have definitely turned around as far as the luck is concerned. A great example would be just this past weekend at Talladega, where we got involved in a wreck but were able to come away with very little damage, which was crazy because debris was flying everywhere. Somehow we kept going and recorded a real solid top finish with some luck.

We also benefitted from the three green-white-checkered finishes there at the end but to tell you the truth, I really don’t think the new rule is good for restrictor-plate races. I think NASCAR may need to reconsider the multiple attempts at places like Talladega because it just turns into a crash-fest and nobody wants to see that. The race is already a crapshoot to begin with, where luck dictates most of your day, so I don’t think we need to compound the issue even more with multiple shootouts at the finish.

Many of you saw, and perhaps fell for our April Fool’s joke earlier this month where we told our Twitter followers that Amanda and I were expecting our first child. We actually fooled a lot of people which was great, but unfortunately we didn’t get my dad, which was the whole goal. It’s hard to get him though because his birthday is on April 1, so he pretty much knows to expect pranks like this. It was all positive responses though, so that is a good omen for when it happens for real!

As if you couldn’t tell, I like to have a good time whenever I can, and it’s always nice when I can sneak some fun in during the race weekend. This past weekend in Alabama, Cliff, our cook and I got a little golf in and I did real well, I was quite happy.

A few weeks ago, many of you who watched the race on TV saw the evidence of the toga party I got to attend at Phoenix. It was yet another one of those amazing events put on by Red Bull. We got to ride the helicopter over and had a blast at the party. We have the best sponsor and that is why I would never want to work for anyone else.

I will leave all of you with a very important request. If I get voted into the All-Star Race, I will smash a pie in my good buddy Kyle Busch’s face on camera during a random, yet to be determined interview. So if you didn’t have enough reasons to vote me in already, you should have more than enough now. Thanks as always for your support and get out there and start voting! The All-Star Race is just a few weeks away!

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