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Top 10 Tweaks NASCAR is Considering for the Next All-Star Race

10. Same format, but drivers are not allowed to use spotters. Mirrors only.

9. After pit stall selections have been made, each crew chief must move one stall to his left and crew for that team.

8. Hold Joe Gibbs at an undisclosed location so the old Kyle can actually confront his teammate at will.

7. 40 two-lap segments, each paying a thousand bucks, with a 20-lap shootout to follow for the million.

6. First car to blow up and put oil on the track gets $500,000 during a segment sponsored by BP.

5. Only drivers that haven’t won in a year and a half are eligible for the All-Star Race. (Hey, they’re more likely to need the money.)

4. Highest finishing non-Hendrick driver gets to take over the No. 88 for the next year, seeing as how no one is driving it.

3. No “segments” or prize money for winning one — just 100 laps, winner take all!

2. Anyone using the word “new” before their name is automatically disqualified.

1. Move the race to Phoenix. During mandatory pit stops, any driver may be asked by a NASCAR official to provide proof of U.S. Citizenship before being allowed to leave the pits.

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