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Top 10 Things DW Plans to Do Now That FOX’s NASCAR Coverage is Over for 2010

10. Sew more elastic into his dress pants.

9. Tan. Apply Just for Men. Shower. Repeat.

8. Continue “Gas ‘N’ Go” with Chris Myers and Jeff Hammond by eating at their favorite Mexican restaurant every Friday.

7. Talk. And talk. And talk.

6. Coach Macy Waltrip on how to coax Michael into letting her drive the ol’ Aaron’s Dream Machine.

5. Take clogging lessons in hopes of landing a spot on Fast Track to Fame.

4. Talk Phil Parsons into letting him start and park the No. 55 for a race or two.

3. Twitter Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s cell phone number.

2. Prepare his pitch to the fans for why he should be voted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

1. Write his Hall of Fame acceptance speech for next year.


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