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Top 10 Reasons Kasey Kahne Never Talks to AJ Allmendinger

10. Kasey, having now reached the ripe old age of 30, thinks AJ is just a kid.

9. Kasey doesn’t get the warm reception AJ does at the Petty ranch because he is sponsored by a beer company.

8. Kasey once told AJ, “I love you, man!” But AJ still wouldn’t give him his Bud Light.

7. Kasey liked being the top dog in the shop with a cool, two-letter sounding name… then AJ showed up.

6. AJ was the one who gave those old MILFs Kasey’s address a few years back.

5. AJ never fell for the old shop gag, “Oh yeah, around the shop here, we all call Richard ‘Dick'” like Kasey did.

4. Californians and Washingtonians rarely ever speak to one another.

3. AJ would never bring his own beer to Kasey’s parties. He just figured, “Why? He drives for Bud!”

2. AJ is actually sleeping with the Playboy pin-up girl that hangs in his locker.

1. AJ did fall for the old shop gag… showing up at the RPM Halloween party dressed in a white sheet and pointed white hat with the name Kasey Kenneth Kahne on the back.

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