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Top 10 Reasons Marcos Ambrose Pulled Over & Stopped at Sonoma

10. Co-sponsor Kleenex was filming an in-car commercial to show how effective its product is on tears.

9. He dropped his cigarette in his crotch.

8. Have you ever tried to open one of those damn Little Debbie snack packages?

7. Stopped to reply “WTF?” after Michael Waltrip tweeted him to save fuel.

6. Had to plug the GPS back in.

5. Toyota sent out a recall notice to Michael Waltrip Racing about possible brake pedal stickage, but no one took it seriously.

4. Was looking for another can of Foster’s that was stashed behind the seat.

3. He couldn’t believe that Robby Gordon was in fourth, and wanted to see for himself.

2. Chad Knaus switched to the No. 47 team’s frequency and told Marcos that Australia had just allowed another goal during its World Cup match.

1. Wanted to get a better look at the chick with the huge rack in turn 2.

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