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The Frontstretch Foto Funnies! Daytona, July 2010

_Editor’s Note: Starting this week, Frontstretch is proud to bring back the popular Foto Funnies! Every Wednesday, our Kurt Smith will take a handful of funny pictures from last weekend’s race and tell us what “really” happened in those special moments! We chose to restart this feature right as the sport recharged at Daytona; so, in honor of Saturday night’s race, here’s a few behind-the-scenes captions from what happened during a wild weekend of restrictor plate racing!_

NASCAR, through the process of elimination, was at least able to determine that Elmer’s glue is ineffective in fixing asphalt.

“Another freakin’ parking ticket. Someone tell Jamie to get his pass renewed already!”

Despite the inherent danger inside a burning racecar, Tony Stewart couldn’t help but daydream about the flame-broiled Whoppers he endorses.

“Hey race fans, wanna know what really burns Mark Martin’s butt? Drivers who don’t get their auto parts at CARQUEST!”

“I ain’t passing him. You passing him?” “Hell no, I ain’t passing him! You pass him! Where’s Mikey?”

In an attempt to court sci-fi fanatic viewers, NASCAR recruited the Mystery Science Theater people. Here, Tom Servo can be seen saying, “I told Newman to stop texting while he’s racing!”

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