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Top Ten Things Brian France Didn’t Tell the Media NASCAR is Looking at For the Future

_Brian France met with the media during the race weekend at Daytona Friday, touching base on a myriad of topics that the sanctioning body is looking at for the future of the sport. He spoke to possible changes in the Chase format, limiting Cup driver participation in the Nationwide Series, and potential alterations to the 2011 Cup Series schedule. But Frontstretch has found out a few other “things” that NASCAR is looking into for the future…_


Yeah, we’re putting ourselves in the Hall of Fame. Try and stop us.

*10.* A two-souvenir minimum for entrance to any NASCAR event, helping bolster the struggling Motorsports Authentics business.

*9.* Inclusion of Brian France and Lesa France Kennedy into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

*8.* NASCAR Motor Works to replace the manufacturers so that they can get the money from auto sales, too.

*7.* No-holds-barred cage matches to settle on-track disputes between drivers.

*6.* A biomechanical driver who does and says all the right things at the right times, all while looking perfect without a hair out of place – can you say Jimmie Johnson clones?

*5.* Acquisition of all non-SMI tracks in the United States to prevent Bruton Smith from getting any more race dates.

*4.* Working on getting the legal blood alcohol level raised in Volusia County to spare additional legal expenses.

*3.* Three words: NASCAR on Ice.

*2.* Restrictor plates for all tracks.

*1.* Cloning Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

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