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Top 10 Things, Besides Attempted Murder, Carl Edwards Has Been Accused Of

10. Global warming, for causing all those cars to release steam and smoke into the St. Louis atmosphere.

9. Condemning the low-budget Nationwide teams that were caught up in the wreck to certain death.

8. Needing driving lessons at the same driving school Juan Pablo Montoya suggested Mark Martin attend.

7. Everything that’s bad in Michigan (and what does that leave?)

6. Driving Lindsay Lohan, a closet Brad Keselowski fan, to drink.

5. ‘Roid rage. (You’d have ‘roid rage, too, if you rode your bicycle from Columbia to St.Louis!)

4. Spiking Bob Keselowski’s high blood pressure.

3. Forcing NASCAR to get off its ass and finally use some common sense (hopefully) by limiting Cup drivers in the Nationwide Series.

2. Somewhere up there, making Dale Earnhardt Sr. smile from ear to ear.

1. Racing the way NASCAR used to be!

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