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Top 10 Comments NASCAR Drivers Could Be Fined For

10. “Remember that one nappy-headed official we had back in the Nationwide Series… what was her name?”

9. “NASCAR drivers’ suits always make my butt look fat. I hate them!”

8. “We all know Amy France wears the firesuit in the family.”

7. “It’s frustrating as hell, but NASCAR has to do it to make it a good show for the fans.”

6. “He hit me, so I hit him back!”

5. “So, when did Vince McMahon take over NASCAR?”

4. “Brian France was madder than a midget with a yo-yo when I refused to sell him my urine for his drug test!”

3. “SMI tracks are way nicer than these crappy ISC ones.”

2. “She ain’t that good in open-wheel, either.”

1. “Well, since you asked, I’m going to be candid and tell you the truth….”

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