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Top 10 Good Things to Come Out of the Jack Roush Plane Crash

10. Jack Roush.

9. Brenda Stricklin.

8. A possible new ad campaign for Nationwide Insurance (if Jack learned a thing or two from Dale Earnhardt Sr.)

7. Shocking photos for some lucky photographer.

6. Possible FAA review of pilot’s license renewal system.

5. No one from NASCAR Race Control was monitoring the radio, so Jack won’t be fined for cussing (a violation of section 12-1).

4. People won’t be bugging him so much to “Take me for a ride, Jack!”

3. No fans in the stands were injured.

2. History has shown… ain’t nothing like a team plane going down to motivate one of your race teams.

1. NASCAR will finally take that stupid wing off team planes and replace it with a spoiler.

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