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Top 10 Things Not to Yell on a Racetrack PA System

As part of the fallout from the clash between Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski in Friday night’s Nationwide Series race, Keselowski took it upon himself to exact revenge against “The Shrub” during driver introductions Saturday night, calling Busch “an a**” to a chorus of cheers from the Bristol Motor Speedway crowd. While that may have gone well for Keselowski, it prompted thoughts on some phrases that may not have gone so well in that situation.

10. “Candy, cut it out! My wife is here!”

9. “Don’t worry. I just get paid to say I endorse NAMBLA.”

8. “I need some batteries for my remote. Anyone in the stands have any?”

7. “Kyle Busch is a saint.”

6. “I just mixed cold medicine and Adderall. I hope NASCAR doesn’t test me!”

5. “Try and wreck me. Give it a shot. I bet you caaaannn’t.”

4. “Vote Democrat!”

3. “Why do so many people have a problem with gay marriage?”

2. “NASCAR intentionally throws debris cautions to spice up the racing.”

1. “I hope the guys don’t race me too hard early in the race.”

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