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Top 10 NASCAR Political Donations

In honor of this week’s midterm elections, here are some candidates and causes that drivers and others in NASCAR donated toward.

10. Dale Earnhardt Jr. donated $12,000 to Nancy Pelosi. He knows lost causes when he sees them.

9. Lame duck Kasey Kahne donated $5,000 to any lame duck Democrat left in Congress.

8. AJ Allmendinger is donating to any Alabama politician that will tear Talladega down.

7. Bruton Smith is not donating to any Georgia politician. No reason to now, right?

6. George Gillett is not donating a dime right now.

5. Neither is Richard Petty.

4. Jimmie Johnson is donating to several unopposed Congressmen, because he loves easy, consecutive win streaks.

3. Kyle Busch is appearing in any negative campaign ad he can… to improve his image.

2. Denny Hamlin is donating to whatever campaign Kevin Harvick is and hoping the total is more than Johnson donates.

*1.* Brian France is donating to Obama 2012… he knows all about sinking ships.

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