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Top 10 Ways the 2010 AAA Texas 500 Could Have Been Even Better

10. If Mark Martin would have won at Texas, as I predicted in last week’s Mirror Driving.

9. If there was no Chase, Denny would have been eliminated, with Jimmie Johnson scheduled for elimination this coming Sunday.

8. If the announcers would quit apologizing for NASCAR drivers’ actions.

7. If officials didn’t ride with the cleanup and emergency crews.

6. If the officials that did ride along had remembered that “Have At It, Boys!” edict from January.

5. If fights were allowed to progress until one of the opponents is knocked to the ground, as in the NHL (especially amongst the drivers’ wives/girlfriends!).

4. If there were “In-Ambulance Cams.”

3. If NASCAR would not have called Kyle Busch’s penalty “unsportsmanlike conduct” on the air in an obvious attempt to be like the NFL. (When was the last time you heard that call at a NASCAR race?)

2. If Matt Kenseth’s late pass would have actually stuck.

1. If the NASCAR official in Kyle’s pit box had indicated by fingers — one on each hand — the number of laps he was being held!

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