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@landoncassill (Landon Cassill) That looked like a C class @iracing truck race. The 9th truck in line caused a wreck that the 3rd truck in line somehow got wrapped up in.

@kaseykahne (Kasey Kahne) I need to figure out how to get my spoiler to fall off if that’s legal. Wow

@landoncassill unbelievable race. I am so blessed to have a car owner like James Finch put me in a such a great ride. time to keep digging in

@landoncassill just reading through a lot of the tweets from all you guys…thanks so much, your support is unbelievable. it’s why I do keep doing this

@Just_AP (Ashley Parlett) I think it’s interesting that this year’s news makers are the unsung heroes pushing other drivers to victory. #cassill #BKeso New dynamic.

@2Spotter (Joey Meier) Opening Credit from Days Of Thunder keep playin over & over & over & over #UGetTheIdea #RaceDay #NASCAR

@2Spotter More fans than Super Bowl..And they all have seats…

@DGilliland2010 (David Gilliland) Can’t wait for the race. I feel great about today. We have a fast car!

@RyanMcGeeESPN (Ryan McGee) Great chat with @LandonCassill on the #Daytona500 grid. We gotta get that kid a fulltime #NASCAR ride.

@Just_AP #3

@RTruex00 (Ryan Truex) I think this will be one of the most exciting seasons in all 3 series

@Just_AP I just have to wonder what Nascar was thinking. Slow the cars down for safety. So instead of 202mph we will just blow engines at 198mph

@drlynnechiro (Dr. Lynne Allmendinger) I think the spotters should get over-time or time and a half pay today!!!

@conniemontoya (Connie Montoya) if #NASCAR wanted an amazing race they got it!!!!!!!

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin) FOX is doing a great job covering the in-car audio with drivers. If u don’t like this broadcast set it TV on fire cause its u!!

@31n2Spotter 6 should b black flagged. Changed lanes b 4 start

@maxpapis (Max Papis) Not the right decision to penalize #6 I disagree with this as other times was different

@KevinHarvick (Kevin Harvick) Holy crap that is awesome for that kid!!!!!!

@DeLanaHarvick (DeLana Harvick) OMG!!!!! unfrigginbelievable…. congrats to the wood brothers and trevor bayne on their daytona 500 win. WOW…

@bigdalsky (Brandon Igdalsky) WOW WOW TREVOR BAYNE!!! That is just Awesome, Wood Brothers racing back in Victory Lane!! #21, #nascar @DISupdates

@justinmarks66 (Justin Marks) I’m shaking and in tears. I’m telling you, this is the best EVER

@Mc_Driver (Michael McDowell) I can’t stop crying. Can you believe it @Tbayne21 just won the Daytona 500 God is so amazing.

@J_Allgaier (Justin Allgaier) So now the question is raised…. Can u change the series that you checked you wanted to get points for after the race?

@HermieSadler (Hermie Sadler) Happy for Trevor Bayne. Happier for The Wood Brothers for perservering. Someone step up and get them back full time!!

@landoncassill Here’s to teams taking young drivers instead of recycled drivers and winning races. #trevorbayne this is good for all of us. @tbayne21

@Just_AP The kids are talking to ya NASCAR world! Let’s get them some full time rides! @Tbayne21 @landoncassill The future is here!

@jaybusbee (Jay Busbee) Really, really sick of these Nationwide drivers coming over and taking wins away from hardworking Sprint Cup drivers.”

@ALGilliland (Amanda Gilliland, sister of David Gilliland) Seriously Fox…you don’t interview the 3rd place finisher!?! WOW ya that’s bad.

@31n2Spotter Same spotter Bowyer wanted thrown off the roof with Danica yesterday won the Daytona 500. What a difference a day makes. #nascar

@Tjmajors (TJ Majors) Sittin here watching airplanes take off. I think it’d be easier to coordinate these planes.

@RTruex00 By the way, MWR didn’t pick me in favor of @tbayne21 like everyone thinks, they parted ways and had to put someone in the car for end of 2010

@mw55 (Michael Waltrip) Everyone at MWR congrats Trev. We knew he was special. He proved it to us way before today. Today he proved it to the world

@David_Ragan (David Ragan) Is Phoenix here yet? The sooner I can get the UPS Ford in victory lane the easier it will be to forget this one.

@mw55 I think you should pick what series championship you want to compete for after 5 races

@jaywpennell (Jay W. Pennell) Your 2011 Daytona 500 champion Trevor Bayne is not even listed in the 2011 #NASCAR Media Guide….

@Tbayne21 (Trevor Bayne) Sayyyy what! I’m blown away at how amazing God’s plan is! 500 winner :) can’t believe it!

@Tbayne21 My cheeks are already hurtin from smilin so much!! 3 days of media here we come!!!

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