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@Kenny_Wallace: I really think Nascar should let anyone who wants to fight!..they should fight on front stretch after ANY Race!..

@Brendan62 (Brendan Gaughan): @Kenny_Wallace NASCAR and their infinite wisdom… Put lights up and still make the fans sit in the heat of the day in the summer

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): Guess we are learning when u r in ur fuel window and the yellow comes out… pit. #fuelmileage

@Tjmajors: It’s pretty awesome knowing when we take the green we have a shot at a win no matter what.

@Tjmajors: Congrats to @keselowski, winning at a mile and a half is no joke. #respect.

@31n2Spotter: Penske had the best car in the field but that one didn’t win! #fuelmileage they turned that program around in a month…

@AndyLally: Uneventful but tough day. It was a bit warm in there. So crazy to work so hard for 31st place two laps down but that’s what makes NASCAR Rad

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): Just now catching up on twitter. Thank u followers for the support. Don’t know how to say how much it means to me! Can’t win without :)

@2Spotter (Joey Meier): Thanks 2 all who have rooted and cheered for BraKes & the Blue Deuce. Paul & the guys have earned it…Wait til the Victory Lap in the plane.

@jjyeley1: After 40 laps of racing today, my helmet shell was 118 degrees, steering column 140 degrees, tranny tunnel 165 degrees.

@keselowski: tweet of the night! “@TheTrueRaceFan: BREAKING NEWS: Rick Hendrick punches Paul Wolfe for @keselowski strategy call. LOL”

@JeffGordonWeb (Jeff Gordon): If anyone’s wondering why I’m not doing Prelude. I’m testing at mid OH to prepare for Sonoma & spending time with the family in between #JG

@2Spotter: I wonder how many people have been lucky enough to be a part of car #s 1,2,3…………..#ThatsMe

@31n2Spotter: We can talk crap about amish folks on here, huh?! #theyllNeverKnow

@31n2Spotter: I bet NASCAR TV ratings are higher in Amish country than they are in Fontana…

@keselowski: Team lunch here at penske racing. So Nice to see the smile on everyones faces. We can all feel the momentum. Hangover, not too bad…

@austindillon3 (Austin Dillon): I wonder if Pop Pop will get a senior citizen discount on his fine?

@Kenny_Wallace: I would Love to fight another driver!..BUT after the 150 thousand Fine on RCR I can’t afford too:(

@Kenny_Wallace: I guess “Boys have at it is Over” Whooo!..Now that’s a expensive punch!!!!

@Tjmajors: What’s racing without a little mix up now and then?! Move on.

@odsteve (Steve O’Donnell): Kyle fans unhappy/RC fans unhappy. That’s understood, it’s our job to make decisions-not always popular but part of it, thx for the feedback

@Noble_Jim (Jim Noble): My take on RC fine – since NASCAR sources told me Newman was secretly fined $50G for punching JPM once, then RC must’ve landed 3 on KyBu!

@Noble_Jim: @jeff_gluck @JennaFryer let’s say “unannounced” fines…sounds better than secret. Kinda like Twitter fines last year.

@JennaFryer: I think that would be a tremendously stupid move by NASCAR RT @Noble_Jim: @jeff_gluck @JennaFryer let’s say “unannounced” fines…sounds better than secret.

@KrissieNewman: Just curious if you know how dumb that sounds…RT @ViktorReznov: So @RyanNewman39 secretly punched @jpmontoya once. I wonder how he and @KrissieNewman would feel if he secretly punched their dogs.

@KrissieNewman: Oh my heck….let me clarify. I am not commenting on the “secret fine” ask @odsteve if you want to know. I was commenting on the dog comment being ridiculous.

@JennaFryer: @Noble_Jim Let me ask, are you reporting this as fact happened? Because this is pretty significant news.

@Noble_Jim: Let me be clear re: Newman fine. Had heard it from 1 source before Kansas – in light of RC situation spoke with 2 others this wknd..

@JennaFryer: I get it now! You guys are all in favor of Boys, Have At it, so long as KyBu isn’t the one having at it! Off with Shrub’s head!

@JennaFryer: I have asked four different NASCAR officials and Newman if he was secretly fined. Here are the results of my reporting … (cont)

@JennaFryer: NASCAR official No. 1: No comment. NASCAR official No. 2. Ask Newman. NASCAR official No. 3: Has not returned my call. Newman: No comment

@JennaFryer: NASCAR official No. 4, Kerry Tharp: “Anything relevant to discussions that NASCAR has with competitors in the hauler will continue to stay between NASCAR and the competitors and NASCAR will always work to protect that bridge of confidence.”

@JennaFryer: To which I say: Really, NASCAR? You really don’t know why the fans have zero trust in you?

@JennaFryer: Silly, silly us for assuming the backlash over secret fines a year ago didn’t teach anyone that secret fines … (cont)

@JennaFryer: damage all of NASCAR’s credibility and alienate fans even more. And who even believes anything can stay secret anymore????

@JennaFryer: I guess we now get to ask drivers each week “were you by any chance secretly fined by #NASCAR in the last 7 days?”

@NOTBrianFrance (NOT Brian France): @JennaFryer I tried to DM you to let you know we’re fining you $250 bucks but it didn’t work. Now I’m stuck doing this transparency bullshit

@Kenny_Wallace: Here is what I learned, RCR fined 150 grand, OUCH!..Weiner did expose his? Well Weiner, ha ha!..Newman was secretly fined by Nascar.

@Kenny_Wallace: New Jersey Supreme Court just Ruled “Bloggers” DO NOT have the same protection as Journalist :)

@3widemiddle (Chris Lambert): It’s AMAZING to me that just about all the media, that make their living covering a sport, write nothing but negative articles…

@3widemiddle: Maybe they all should be on the board that makes all the major decisions for the sport. OUR sport didn’t get to where it is b/c of the media

@3widemiddle: It got here by the blood,sweat & hard work of a lot of great men & women. Maybe if they would write about what is happening ON the track…

@3widemiddle: Instead of off of it, the sport would be better off. They write “their own opinions”, that in return sway fans to believe that way too often…

@3widemiddle: Our sport grew at a VERY rapid pace, and now has hit a lull. If our stands are 1/2full at most places, that’s still 50-75,000 people in the stands

@3widemiddle: At 75,000 to 80,000,that’s still right with most NFL stadiums if they are full. Not too shabby!! The sport is changing, like everything else…

@3widemiddle: Report & write facts, on & off the track. Don’t let your own opinions sway the thoughts of others who only get 1 side, or your opinioned side

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