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@Tjmajors: “@JayDeuce23: @Tjmajors good luck in sonoma hope ya’ll bring it home there or daytona, me and the boys in Afghanistan will be watching”

@Tjmajors: The last tweet says a lot.

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): I think we need a road course in the chase! Champ should be diverse! Heeeeeeelllllo Cup Series to Montreal! #nascar

@31n2Spotter: sweatin’ like Jimmy Spencer atta IQ Test

@31n2Spotter: one more… It’s so hot, I’m sweatin like Jeff Gordon atta Marine boot camp hair cut! Cmon’ yall know he has some pretty ass hair!

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): Shaping up to be a strange news week Redbull problems, Gibbs oil pans and proposed new tv lineup.

@kaseykahne: Heard the news about REDBULL today. All I can say is the 4 REDBULL team is still going to do all we can to win this year. We know we can!!

@KevinHamlin: If RedBull does close that’s a huge blow to the industry. I have lots of friends that work there, we don’t need the loss of another 2 teams.

@tomjensen100 (Tom Jensen): Feel so bad for the many good men and women who work at Red Bull. Hope someone steps in and keeps the team going.

@AndyLally: I have no inside info, just gonna take a wild guess: Edwards to the 20 Home Depot, Vickers to Roush, Logano to 4th Gibbs car with Red Bull $

@AndyLally: This Red Bull thing has officially kicked off silly season…

@KevinHarvick: There seems to be a lot of rumors right now in our sport..drivers could be moving teams shutting down where will everyone end up?

@31n2Spotter: Is tickling allowed in UFC?

@jim_utter (Jim Utter): I’d like someone to tell me when track position WASN’T important. After all isn’t that the point of having qualifying? #NASCAR

@keselowski: @jim_utter Passing should and always will remain hard to do. The issue at hand is the sudden and drastic slowing of clearly faster cars.

@keselowski: anytime in a race “@jim_utter: You mean late in races @keselowski ?

@jim_utter: Correct me if I am wrong @keselowski but isnt it true the “fastest car” has never always won the race? Is it more frequent now?

@keselowski: Yes, Part of the charm of our sport. #unpredictable @jim_utter isnt it true the “fastest car” has never always won the race?

@keselowski: @jim_utter that said, another part of the charm in r sport is the unpredictable nature of faster cars that can pass. #delicatebalance

@mikemulhern: @keselowski question: think gps got kyle busch at 213 into the corner today. That’s pretty fast in my book.

@keselowski: @mikemulhern not a fan, slower speeds would help, but it’s the easy way out. #notsexy

@keselowski: Cars no, Drivers r just getting smarter with blocking techniques #evolution @CB16BK81JB31Fan was the racing today different than last year?

@mikemulhern: @keselowski but dont they do it in F1? i havent paid that much attention, though; does it work over there?

@keselowski: @mikemulhern blocking now is done from 2-5 car lengths away. Untrained eye can’t even see it.

@mikemulhern: @keselowski re: blocking. i’m thinking a driver gets one blocking
move, and then next one is no-no -How bout we let em race?

@keselowski: @mikemulhern not fair to ask anyone to make those calls.

@jaywpennell (Jay W. Pennell): @keselowski @mikemulhern not fair to ask anyone to make those calls. – Let racing be decided on track, not in tower. Fans would revolt.

@keselowski: idk, would u, or the fans? “@mikemulhern: @keselowski maybe not fair, okay. but would you be willing to accept their call?

@mikemulhern: @jaywpennell i understand what you’re saying…but blocking in nascar can put a car in the stands, or in the air. and we need passing

@jaywpennell: @mikemulhern We need passing, but change aero package to achieve that. At same time reexamine flaps & other deals to keep cars on ground.

@jaywpennell: @mikemulhern Ultimately, I believe #NASCAR could make more strides by altering the package than officiating from above. Just my opinion.

@mikemulhern: @jaywpennell now i’m not suggesting nascar be making the calls, just that a driver can make one block & then he has to accept the next move

@jaywpennell: @mikemulhern Just feel putting blocking calls in #NASCAR hands is a slippery slope. Just look at yellow line rule & controversy that draws.

@mikemulhern: @jaywpennell yes! more downforce. i disagree with nascar that downforce is bad. i think the more downforce, the better the racing.

@jaywpennell: @mikemulhern I see, but after that block, somebody has to decide that he can’t make the second. That ultimately brings #NASCAR into the mix.

@mikemulhern: @jaywpennell yep, the second block would be tough. but no tougher, i would think, than the yellow line outofbound rule….

@mikemulhern: @jaywpennell oh, and re: flaps. was kylebusch really 213 into the turns? has nascar done windtunnel studies on the flaps like that?

@jaywpennell: @mikemulhern I can’t answer that, but as far as I know flaps have changed very little over the years. Time to reexamine everything for 2013

@keselowski: my pleasure! “@mikemulhern: @keselowski just wanted to say thanks for talking. this is what this stuff is all about.

@keselowski: school of hard knocks “@alisonoleary18 you are very knowledgeable about the physics of racing…did you go to college or technical school?

@Tjmajors: Ok on the incident with the 5…. Just racing. Just how it goes. Sometimes you’re the windshield sometimes you’re the bug. Nobody at fault.

@2Spotter (Joey Meier): BlueDeuce had speed. Fast cars go Fast…..Now its up to us to execute….Not electrocute….execute….Next 2 weeks are PIVOTAL.#ChaseOrNot

@landoncassill: What an amazing way to celebrate my first fathers day! I’m so proud of our finish. I’m speechless. #thankateacher

@AndyLally: Tough end to a tough day. I’m not really sure what I could have done there. I haven’t heard the story from their side yet.

@David_Ragan: Everything that could go wrong today did. The shortest race of the year… I wish was longer. We needed some more laps to race.

@David_Ragan: But, we had a fast car and probably passed more cars today than anyone. We will get ready to turn left and right next week.

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