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MPM2Nite: 50 Questions — The 2011 NASCAR Trivia Quiz

I haven’t done one of these trivia quizzes since back in the days of, but I figured it was about time to do it again. Below are 50 questions all based on NASCAR history, many of them fairly simple, but a few diabolically complex. It’s meant to test your knowledge of NASCAR’s rich and colorful history not make you feel dumb. Eventually I will post the answers here in a future column so perhaps those interested can learn a little more about NASCAR history. I learned this stuff myself as a newer fan sitting beside the railbirds who shared their knowledge with me.

Meanwhile to keep things interesting the first person to correctly answer all fifty questions will be awarded a T-shirt. (We’re out of some sizes so we will do our best to accommodate the winner’s request).

Here’s the rules. You must answer the questions completely. If the question calls for a date, driver and track and you only post the driver and track that’s an incorrect response. Spelling will not count unless you mangle a name of phrase so badly we can’t figure out what you meant. The time posts in the comments section will determine the winner if more than one entrant answers all questions correctly. First in wins. If you decide you don’t know all the answers, but know most of them go and ahead and post what you know. If nobody gets all 50 right the person who answers the most questions correct gets the garb. I will not be referee of the contest. After all it is possible (if unlikely) I could be wrong. If you dispute an answer post below in the comments section and the referee will research the issue and post a final decision. This is meant to be fun, not combat. Have at it, campers!

_Editor’s Note: Remember, the winner will be the first one who posts ALL the answers correctly below. We will do it by timestamp on the comments section, and the winner will be notified by the beginning of next week (give us time :O) ). Thanks in advance for playing, and good luck!_

1) Who crossed the finish line first in the very first NASCAR Strictly Stock (now Cup) race? What was he driving?

2) Bill Elliott won a total of 43 Cup races, mostly on the superspeedways. But he won just one Busch race and it was at a somewhat unlikely location. Where and on what date?

3) You think of Richard Petty back in the day (Pre-STP) and of course you think of a Petty Blue Plymouth. But that’s not always what he drove. What was unusual about the cars Petty raced at:

A) The 1963 Rebel Twin 150s
B) The 1968 Daytona 500
C) Most all of 1969
D) Ashville-Weaverville in 1965.

4) Who is the only driver/rider to win both AMA motorcycle championships and Grand National (Cup) titles?

5) Why was the 1974 Daytona “500” shortened to 450 miles?


Think you know your NASCAR history? Take the 2011 NASCAR Trivia Quiz challenge.

6) Which auto firm boosted Jeff Gordon’s original foray into NASCAR racing with a career development deal?

7) Who sponsored the car in Alan Kulwicki’s first Cup start? Who was the owner?

8) For all the records he holds, Richard Petty’s Grand National (Cup) career didn’t get off to an auspicious start. He was wrecked out of the race. Where was the race held and who wrecked him out of it?

9) Which pair of brothers combined to win the most races in NASCAR’s top division?

10) Even after NASCAR officially shut down the “convertible” division in 1959 three more races for the Rumblin’ Ragtops were run at Darlington. Who won those three events?

11) What color(s) were the Holman-Moody Fords that David Pearson drove to championships in 1969 and 1970?

12) Junior Johnson ran just one Grand National race in 1957. How come? And what is Junior’s given birth first name?

13) What unusual bit of safety equipment did “Tiger” Tom Pistone sport when he raced at Daytona?

14) Bill Elliott made his first Cup start way back on Feb. 29th, 1976. What car number did he run, what color was the car and where did he finish?

15) The spring race of 1993 at Atlanta had to be postponed six days. What happened to delay the race?

16) Rick Hendrick is best known as a multi-title team owner but he also used to make an occasional start in the Cup series. How many times did Hendrick race and what and where were his best finishes recorded?

17) Dale Earnhardt, Sr. started his first Cup race at Charlotte. What kind of car did he drive, what numbers were on the side and who was the sponsor of the car? (Here’s a hint on the sponsor… had the car actually been found to have been using the product that sponsor’s chief business relied on, Earnhardt and his team owner would have been banned for life from the sport.)

18) Which two drivers were nicknamed “The Chicken-Man” and “Jaws” back in the day?

19) Another famous nickname. Who was “Pops?”

20) List the three most memorable (in retrospect) events at the 1992 season finale in Atlanta.

21) Who was the first two-time consecutive track champion at Nashville’s Fairground Speedway?

22) Which driving legend has won the Daytona 500, the Indy 500 and the F-1 driving title?

23) Sadly, most of us know that Fireball Roberts eventually died of horrific burns he suffered in the 1964 World 600 after his car flipped and caught on fire. (Fireball for the record was so called because of a lightning quick fastball he threw while playing baseball in school, not the grisly method of his demise.) Which fellow NASCAR driver rushed to Robert’s stricken car and dragged Roberts out of the wreck in an attempt to save his life?

24) How many laps did Richard Petty lead in NASCAR’s top league.

25) Which driver in NASCAR’s top division was the first to score consecutive championships?

26) Which championship-winning driver drove for the most teams during his title season?

27) Racers can be a superstitious lot. What is the only NASCAR top league points-paying race win scored by car number 13, who drove it, and at what event did it occur?

28) In an early Daytona 500 Herman “The Turtle” Beam was black-flagged for an unusual infraction. What did he do?

29) Who was the first driver to win a race in one of Dodge’s winged Daytonas?

30) In which NASCAR race did Junior Johnson’s infamous “Yellow Banana” Ford compete?

31) What was the first race in NASCAR’s top division broadcast flag-to-flag on TV? (Live except for commercials, of course)

32) Who was the first driver to win a NASCAR top-tier event in a Chevrolet? When and where did it happen?

33) What Ford executive, Vice President of Sales at the time, made the announcement in November of 1970 Ford was withdrawing their support for NASCAR racing?

34) Name the drivers who started their careers with Rookie of the Year honors and later went on to win Cup titles. Who claimed the two titles with the least amount of intervening years?

35) In June of 1993 NASCAR had to throw a caution at Pocono on the 108th lap for an unusual reason. What happened?

36) Early in the 1965 season, the race at Ashville-Weaverville had to be put under caution twice for what unusual events?

37) What was the name of the monkey that Tim Flock used to have ride along in his race car early in the 1953 season?

38) Prior to Toyota’s arrival on the scene, only one foreign car had won a NASCAR top tier race. What kind of car, where, when and who drove it?

39) Which NASCAR track owner first took note of Tim Richmond racing at Indy and asked Richmond if he’d be interested in running a Cup race?

40) Which driver(s) won both ARCA national championships and a Cup title?

41) Who is the only driver to win the Rookie of the Year honors in Cup posthumously. When?

42) Who won the 1,000th race in NASCAR’s top series and where? Who won the 1,500th and where?

43) NASCAR records show that Richard Petty won 200 Cup races, the most of any driver. At what track and on what date did he score his 100th victory?

44) Who won the last points-paying race on a dirt track in NASCAR’s top division? What track was it at?

45) In 1979 David Pearson won the Southern 500. He was driving in place of another famous driver who had been injured. Who was he subbing for?

46) In September of 1979, Dale Earnhardt took the pole for the Dover September race but needed a relief driver to finish the race for him. Who was that relief driver?

47) Who won a pole for a race in NASCAR’s top division with a passenger aboard? (A human passenger.)

48) You all know that NASCAR’s top division has raced on dirt tracks and on road courses. Where and when did the top dogs first run at a dirt (well-oiled dirt) road course?

49) Timber on the Moon was the unlikely title of a biography written about what NASCAR legend?

50) Believe it or not, a lowly and loathsome, but lovable VW Beetle once competed in a top-tier NASCAR event. At which track and in what year did this happen, who was at the helm of the 40 horsepower monster, and how did he finish? (No, it wasn’t Herbie the Love Bug.)

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