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@AllWaltrip (Darrell Waltrip): the crowd at Ky tonight is the largest crowd I’ve seen in years,I knew cup racing in Ky would be big,I had no idea it would be this big !

@dennyhamlin: Good news bad news/ bad news is I’m prolly not gonna make the drivers meeting in 3 hrs because I’m in this traffic with everyone else

@dennyhamlin: I think everyone should lay on their horns at the same time. Ready Set Go!!!!

@dennyhamlin: 20 bucks to the first of my followers to find me In traffic. Will send pic to confirm

@BrianLVickers: Thx 2 all the great fans 4 coming out tonight. I apologize on behalf of our sport 4 all the traffic problems, It was unacceptable bullshit!

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): Reading thru a lot of angry tweets from last night (rightfully so). keep in mind that NASCAR doesn’t control the tracks or traffic patterns.

@keselowski: I really want to feel bad for the speedway, but i just can’t. How could they not see this coming? Was 11 years lead time really not enough?

@keselowski: Even Bruton Smith & Company had 3 years of ownership and planning to get this right and failed… Weird.

@keselowski: Chalk it up to lessons learned… For those fans that want a mid-west race track expierience with tolerable traffic, try Michigan speedway.

@keselowski Even Big Bill France knew when he built race tracks they had to have roads/support from the state. #SeeTalladega #AheadofHisTime

@jjyeley1 (JJ Yeley) I feel bad for all the fans that had to endure 4+ hours of traffic to get to the track.Thank you for trying and for being the best fans EVER

@keithrodden (Red Bull Racing No. 4 Engineer): It’d be awesome if there was a way to get fans that didn’t make it last night complimentary tickets to the brickyard. #NASCAR

@jjyeley1: I think it is only fair for everyone responsible for this weeks race to man up and take care of the fans who got screwed

@MikeCalinoff (Mike Calinoff) For those of you who are still in traffic waiting to get into @KYSpeedway, feel free to sit wherever you’d like. #fb

@JimmieJohnson: Is there anyone still stuck in traffic? #Ihopenot!

@AllWaltrip: good morning everyone,I’m just one guy but I will work tirelessly for the next year to help fix the traffic problems we had last night !

@AllWaltrip: Bruton Smith owns many racetracks, he will work with Gov. Beshear to get things right, we have a year to make changes, they’ll get it right !

@AllWaltrip hope: we don’t lose sight of the fact Ky now has a cup race, it’s the first new race date in 10 years, fix the problems we have for the future !

@Kenny_Wallace: When we come back to Kentucky Speedway NEXT YEAR traffic will be “PERFECT” Race track knows there reputation is on the line.

@ericmcclure: Apparently No truth to rumor that upon hearing about the traffic issue @ Ky, charlie sheen calls Bruton and congratulates him on #winning.

@3widemiddle (Chris Lambert): Only thing I’m gonna say about Kentucky is…I hate it for the fans! They are the ones who suffered, they paid their hard earned $ (Cont)

@3widemiddle: To have to suffer thru all the headaches, us crew guys & media had go endure it too, BUT, we were being paid to be there. It’s part of the job

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): @3widemiddle agree and think we are all standing up for them and the experience we feel they deserve.

@3widemiddle: Hope ALL the fans know that I, and a lot of my friends in the garage truly appreciate you coming to the races you can attend, PLEASE (Cont)

@3widemiddle: Don’t let your experience last night drive you away from our sport. You guys are the reason we are on road 38+ weeks a year. (Cont)

@3widemiddle: We love to race & do the jobs we each do, but it’s because of you guys that we are allowed to do it. THANKS to each & every one of you!!

@31n2Spotter: I don’t know where 20,000 people would have sat. I haven’t seen the stands that full all year! It was a beautiful sight… #nascar

@Tjmajors: So tired. Was thinking about Kentucky more, they need to do some major updating before they should get another race.

@Tjmajors Kentucky problems. Traffic. Parking. Huge unused areas in garage. Lack of water? 1 elevator that broke. Needs more racing lanes.

@Tjmajors Race was at 7:30. Garage opened at 2. Crews leaving hotel at 11:30 just to make it on time. Not cool.

@Elliott_Sadler: I can’t say sorry enough to the fans who went thru traffic issues..we all understand that without fans coming to races…we have nothing

@Elliott_Sadler: Nascar is full of amazing people that will hopefully make this right..we appreciate every single fan and you deserve our best effort

@31n2Spotter: NASCAR Teams are free enterprise! Wanna race? Cmon.

@31n2Spotter: Obtaining events to host top 3 series are not! Equivalent to franchising. Don’t franchise to venue that’s not ready. Lesson learned, I hope

@NASCARBowles (Tom Bowles): #NASCAR Here’s your latest Kentucky Speedway traffic report (er, statement, courtesy track General Manager Mark (cont)http://tl.gd/blgdl0

@NASCARBowles: A “we’re sorry” in there would have been nice. Still goes a long way in this world… #NASCAR plus it’s not from Bruton.

@dennyhamlin: ok question.. the 24 car finished 1.972 sec of the leader.. i was 1.971. how did i finish behind him? @NASCAR

@JeffGordonWeb (Jeff Gordon): @dennyhamlin Not sure either DH but I’m guessing the camera showed different. #JG @NASCAR

@CandiceSpencer (Lee Spencer, FoxSports.com): @dennyhamlin Here’s your response from Robin Pemberton, NASCAR vice president of competition, says “it’s all about photo not transponders.”

@Brendan62 (Brendan Gaughan): Hey everybody, the Onion, Mr. Todd Bodine, is now on Twitter! RT @Team_Onion Todd is now on twitter.

@2Spotter (Joey Meier): Airport guy expressed his disappointment about losing IRP next yr. He said” you can watch Brickyrd better on the radio”..#ThatsFunny

@jjyeley1: In case you haven’t heard, I will be driving the 38 FRM car in Loudon filling in for Travis Kvapil. I am excited about getting to go race.

@AndyLally: Hope Solo is the next Lyndsey Vonn. #truth ….. My little Sis thinks I tweet to much about pretty women.

@Kenny_Wallace: Ok! I swear on a stack of bibles this “I have no idea who Jim Utter is, Who is he?..I have heard his name but what does he do?

@Kenny_Wallace: That’s why I don’t know him, I don’t receive the paper, everyone says the same thing about him #Bitterperson

@NASCARBowles: Senate hearings and crazy apologies and track presidents criticizing other tracks… wow. Is this #NASCAR or a soap opera in disguise?

@Team_Onion (Todd Bodine): Still no sponsor for Iowa. Coach packed n ready to drive team. Making tons of calls

@ABestwickESPN (Allen Bestwick): Remembering my friend BP on his birthday. Great driver, great broadcaster, great friend. And greatly missed.

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