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@JimmieJohnson: Enough taxes, quit spending! @BreakingNews: Obama: Rich should pay ‘fair share’ to reduce nation’s debt –”

@JimmieJohnson: Wow, politics really strike a chord with people. Some liked my tweet and others didn’t. Either way, i still say, enough taxes. #forall

@JimmieJohnson: I’m curious… Big government or small? Im for small. #stopthespending

@Regan_Smith_: “@JimmieJohnson: I’m curious… Big government or small? Im for small. #stopthespending”. Agree with u 100%

@JimmieJohnson: Small wins! I guess size doesn’t matter here…

@aric_almirola: I love my country and I’m proud to be an American. However by being an American if I have accumulated too much debt I can’t keep borrowing

@aric_almirola: More n more money from the bank without paying down some of that debt. It’s called “responsibility”. Me and you wouldnt be allowed to do it

@aric_almirola: I don’t really understand exactly all the ins and outs of what going on in Washington but I do know that most of us do better at balancing our

@aric_almirola: Checkbooks than the government itself it seems.

@aric_almirola: I’m not taking sides I’m just saying I’d like to have a loan for a few trillion and not have to worry about paying back. #goodtimes!

@aric_almirola: Looks like I won’t be getting a chance to play DB for the Bucs. Football’s back. However I think some fans are still upset with all the greed

@Kenny_Wallace: Woke up this morning and my wife said, You accomplished your goal?…ESPN said “Kenny Wallace your BACK”…#smallvictories

@2Spotter (Joey Meier): So would Pastor Joe have gotten in trouble for saying ” thank the Lord for my HOOKER HOT wife”…..#JustAskin

@JimmieJohnson: Still on vaca and I see the word is out me running JR’s #7 NNS car at the Glen. I can’t wait, should be a blast.

@kaseykahne: I love all my kkr guys. Forgot how tough what u guys do is until the last five nights. Stay after it guys your awesome!

@kaseykahne: Btw I’m going back to just owning the cars for awhile! Haha

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): I guess it just was not meant to be today Searching to see what happened to the engine… #notSure #majorBummer

@Kenny_Wallace: THANK YOU to all for making my “Comeback” FUN!..@RAB_Racing n @RobbyBenton have made feel like a Race Car Driver:)

@Kenny_Wallace: Hello @kaseykahne Dirt Racing is Fun Until it goes tuff then I say “What am I doing this for” ha ha ha!..I heard you GOT flipped?.

@Kenny_Wallace: Hello @JimmieJohnson I am Happy you are Racing the NNS race at Watkins Glenn!..Can I get a Autograph?..Better yet, Can I fly home with you?

@JimmieJohnson: @Kenny_Wallace I hope we ram each other at some point! You’re welcome on JJ air anytime, you make us laugh a lot…

@Kenny_Wallace: Thank You @JimmieJohnson …You are always good to me!..I guess it was the up bringing you had in The Trailer Park?..ha ha ha!..

@Kenny_Wallace: “Thank You Lord for my Hot Wife, ha ha!..Did yall hear the pastor last night before the NNS race?..Awesome and Funny:)

@Kenny_Wallace: On Headline News TV today the NNS High lite is the Pastor doing the “Prayer” before the race!..ha ha, NO race highlights.

@bscottracing (Brian Scott): Tough, tough day for our team today. Fought hard to get a fast car all weekend. When we did it was too late. Proud of their hard work!

@J_Allgaier (Justin Allgaier): What a day. Had some trouble in the pits and got behind. I think we made lemonade out of lemons for sure. Glad to rep the @DollarGeneral 31

@J_Allgaier: And the lemonade comment had nothing to do with the Super Bright Yellow and black fire suit I was wearing haha.

@J_Allgaier: Couldn’t be prouder of our guys. It was super hot all weekend and they kept their nose down and fighting. I have an awesome group of guys!!!

@DJCopp83 (D.J. Copp): been @ JR mtrsprts for almost 5 years. Had a first today…Pop’s gave me a pat on the back and said good job. Did pigs fly today?

@jpmontoya (Juan Pablo Montoya): had a blast today with the family we played some soccer together!!! I really sucked at it, got my ass kicked by the wife!!!!

@mw55 (Michael Waltrip): A run away winner does not make it a boring race. Action everywhere ! Carl is winning like Kyle does. That’s why they race on Sundays.

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