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@AndyLally: How Rad is it that after so many drivers have tried 2 win Indy for John Menard that he finally achieves his dream & his son is at the wheel?

@JimmieJohnson: A huge congrats to Paul Menard, this win will be a life changer!

@matt_kenseth17: @JimmieJohnson I had fun racing you today, you had that thing hung out that first run! Seeing to smoke off you rr made me smile!

@matt_kenseth17: Great car today, felt like 24 was best then us. Thought we were going to have a chance at it today. Congrats to Paul Menard!

@JeffGordonWeb (Jeff Gordon): Just getting home. Great performance for our @Drive2EndHunger @chevrolet today. So close! Our team is rolling right now. Loving it! #JG

@KevinHarvick: Long day hard to pass and really hot…guys had good strategy but we are all disappointed we didn’t run better regroup and go back at it

@KevinHarvick: But a great day for RCR Menards Paul Menard and the whole 27 team!!! Long time coming!

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): Congrats to paul! Big props to Stevie Reeves his spotter. Hes from Indy! Raced open wheel and stock cars. Great dude. #RCR

@2Spotter (Joey Meier): Races are won and lost thru various means….rain, fuel mileage, pit stops, fastest car, mechanical issues….a lot of variables. CONT…..

@2Spotter: It’s called racing….the whole ball of wax….I’ve been fortunate to be a part of many wins won many ways. The crew chiefs job is hard…cont’

@2Spotter: The one constant about all the wins, no matter how they are won, the trophy or rings says “WINNER”.. They can’t take it from you.

@2Spotter: And ANY team will go to Victory Lane no matter how it was won….PERIOD…..

@2Spotter: Before a race starts, all teams can choose their strategy…fuel mileage is one choice. It’s no different than taking 2, 4,or no tires…..

@KevinHamlin: Really cool to see Paul on @SportsCenter this morning. Wonder if he slept last night?

@31n2Spotter: @KevinHamlin have u seen how hot his gf is?! I’d say not! Haha

@31n2Spotter: Crew chiefs these days need more balls than a McDonalds Playplace. #FuelStrategy

@keithrodden (RBR Engineer): @31n2Spotter engine shops too…takes balls to get good mileage without hurting power and durability.

@JimmieJohnson: It was confirmed this morning I clipped the 47’s jackman. @Bobby_Labonte gave me his # and I shot him a call. Mike is hurt but doing well.

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): Just leaving Brickyard, can’t help but think of what might have happened if last yellow wouldn’t have happened…

@keselowski: Last yellow cost us top-3 or better. 24&17 were slightly better. It woulda been a damn good race if we came out in front of them after pit.

@31n2Spotter: “@mikemulhern: Indy: Time to fix the Brickyard 400: maybe three-abreast starts and restarts?” ~~ dumbest tweet I’ve ever read

@31n2Spotter: Brad Kesolowski received $30,925 4 his teams win n Indy Sat night. LPGA golfer Stacy Lewis received $300,000 when she won n Chicago n Apr

@31n2Spotter: Been trying to tell y’all we need a ladies racing league. See how much more money there is with women’s sports?! SMH

@31n2Spotter: NASCAR Menard won $320,000 for winning the Brickyard. PGA Greenbrier Classic n WV paid $1,000,000 2 win. 4 those who said NNS is 1 day show

@31n2Spotter: RT @nateryan Sunday’s Women’s British Open (second LPGA major) drew a 0.3 rating. Nationwide Series races usually between a 1.0 to a 2.5.

@JimmieJohnson: I just checked in on @travispastrana, that boy is beat up from his freestyle crash. #ballsofsteel

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