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Tweet ‘N’ Greet

@danwheldon: Green!!!!

@Riceman61 (Doug Rice): The ABC team is doing a strong job under tremendous stress.

@ClaireBLang: Nothing is louder than engines roaring — nothing quieter than the absence of cars racing and teams waiting in silence at a moment like this

@DeLanaHarvick: It horrifies me when ppl cheer when drivers wreck. whether u like them or not, they are ppl too & they have families & friends who love them

@maxpapis: I will miss u forever @danwheldon forever

@TonyKanaan: No words to describe the pain. See you on the other side my dear friend. You will be missed.

@landoncassill: This is tragic. #DanWheldon

@bigdalsky (Brandon Igdalsky): Shaking heads and lots of tears, never a good sign. I love this sport, but sometimes it is not fun. Prayers to all @INDYCAR.

@drlynnechiro (Dr. Lynne Kush): It’s times like these that we r painfully aware of the constant risks our drivers/husbands/family take every single time they go on a track

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): idk most of these guys. But I know RP’s #notgood “@TheTy6:@keselowski does the body language of the drivers tell you what it tells me?”

@jjyeley1: This is the darkside of our sport. Prayers to the Wheldon family. A true loss the the sport of Indy car and racing. R.I.P

@JeffGordonWeb (Jeff Gordon): Spent a little time with Dan Wheldon several years ago in Paris for Race of Champions. Great guy, great driver. Will certainly b missed,#JG

@JimmieJohnson: My thoughts and prayers go out to the Wheldon family… My heart hurts for all of the IRL community.

@Tbayne21 (Trevor Bayne): I’m sick at my stomach right now over Dan Wheldon. I just hung out w/ him a month ago and he was such an awesome guy w/ so much life in him

@maxpapis: Here thinking of all my indycar friends, I never thought we would have gone through again this after Greg …let’s learn out of it

@DanicaPatrick: There are no words for today. Myself and so many others are devastated. I pray for suzi and the kids that god will give them strength.

@Brendan62 (Brendan Gaughan): Had lunch with him on Wednesday. What we choose to do can be dangerous… Everyone give your family a hug today and tell them you love them

@MikeCalinoff: Days like today really put a few hours of glory last night into perspective. Thinking of the Wheldon family and my friend @dariofranchitti.

@KyleBusch: We lost another star in the off road industry. Rick Huseman was 1 of the best I ever saw. Again, our prayers go to his family and loved ones.

@BrianIckler: Shocked to see we’ve lost Rick Huesman today. Truely a dark day in the motorsports world. Our thoughts and prayers with the Huesman family

@Brendan62: Sitting at home alone and just put my son to bed, suddenly today becomes reality and I can’t stop watching my son sleep. Love can overcome

@dennyhamlin: Today was a reminder to all of us what can happen every time we strap in behind the wheel. At times i think we all take things for granted.

@dennyhamlin: Life shouldn’t be one of those things. We lost a great driver in motorsports and he will not be forgotten. Rest in peace Dan Wheldon

@RyanBriscoe6: I’d like to see future IndyCar / Openwheelers with closed cockpits one day, like modern LeMans LMP1 cars have today.

@TerryBlountESPN: One of the saddest moments I ever have witnessed in 30 years as a sports reporter

@TonyKanaan: Thanks for all the messages, it has been one of the most difficult days of my carrier, you guys are the reason the we still do this.

@paultracy3: Sadness turning to anger now , indycar needs to put the 5mil in a trust for dan’s kids !!!!

@NASCARBowles (Tom Bowles): I literally am shaking watching this tribute right now. Chills. Agree with @DGodfatherMoody – these are some pretty strong drivers. #indycar

@Brendan62: I’m so tired of listening to people who have NO CLUE what they are talking about and trying to put blame in different places!

@Beth_Frntstrtch (Beth Lunkenheimer): RIP @danwheldon Absolutely heartbroken. My prayers go out to everyone dealing with this tragedy right now…especially his wife and two kids.

@JimmieJohnson: I’m at CMS for the EFI test today and things are going well. Still a bit sore from sat night but doing good, thanks all for asking.

@AndyLally: I’m seeing some Indy car bashing, not now please. Yes, things need to change, it was the last race of the season. They have time to… Cont..

@AndyLally: figure things out in the off season, be constructive and send someone your thoughts. Today and the next few are not the days to spout off.

@AndyLally: I have my own thoughts too, but just spend a few days remembering a talented guy who got to live his dream with great success.

@JennaFryer: Lay off @JimmieJohnson, folks. He said same thing many others are saying, and he said it from a place of genuine concern.

@JimmieJohnson: I hate some of you don’t understand my opinion of Indy Cars not running on ovals… I don’t want to see my friends hurt or another tragedy.

@JimmieJohnson: It’s only because I care… I’m a huge fan of open wheel racing and all things racing.

@maxpapis: I agree with u @JimmieJohnson if indycar can’t find another a way on 1.5 ovals they should not race even if we raced safely in CART days

@paultracy3: @JimmieJohnson I think there needs to be a clear ballistic plexi sheet on the fence to stop cars getting tangled up in it

@paultracy3: @JimmieJohnson right now indycars and nascars get caught in the fence and it rips the cars apart , if it could slide along it would

@paultracy3: @JimmieJohnson be much safer

@DanicaPatrick: Can’t stop thinking about dan. The more I read and look at pics of him, the less real it seems.

@GrahamRahal: I’m going 2 auction off my Las Vegas helmet, proceeds going to the Wheldon boys trust fund. I hope everyone will take part.

@queers4gears: Sam Schmidt,”Right before Dan got in the car he was confident, his last words on the radio were “let’s go, i’m ready to do this,””

@GrahamRahal: Sounds like the new car will be named after Dan thanks to his efforts in developing it. @AutoweekRacing

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