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NASCAR Race Weekend Central

Tweet ‘N’ Greet

@Kenny_Wallace: I guess I am tweeting for therapy, Our whole family is here at Hospital, Our Dad is not good :( Pray Hard Please for “Russ Wallace”

@mw55 (Michael Waltrip): I respect #NASCAR. We broke a rule. I am sorry. We will learn from it, and make sure a mistake like this never happens again. Thank you


@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): I’m sorry but suspending car chiefs for windshields…. #smh

@31n2Spotter: When is the last time the NFL has suspended a player for four games?? Plaxico shot himself in the leg they didn’t suspend Eli Manning.

@31n2Spotter: Whatever. No protocol for this type of thing… just don’t see point of guilt or penalty to that position on the team.

@JimmieJohnson: F1 to race in the New York area in 2013… #RAD

@KendraTeam5 (Kendra Jacobs): I love that you just said “RAD”. RT @JimmieJohnson: F1 to race in the New York area in 2013… #RAD

@AndyJGraves: Single largest influence on my career was Randy Dorton. I will forever miss your friendship and your counsel. #RAD

@maxpapis: It fills my heart with love to see all the support for @DWheldonAuction ..wait for my helmet fire suite shoes and gloves from Talladega

@RTruex00 (Ryan Truex): Just saw ROTY standings and im only 3 points out. Need a good run at phoenix and i might have a shot at it!

@31n2Spotter: Goin out on a limb & sayin if u complained about yesterdays race your favorite driver musta had a bad day… #nascar

@KurtBusch22: Yesterday was a disappointing end to what was turning out to be a great race for @penskeracing @shellracingus & @Regan_Smith_

@KurtBusch22: So many good cars & good guys caught up in wrecks yesterday. This is a track where you’d rather be lucky than good.

@Regan_Smith_: “@SlicedSmoke14: Quick question, how much damage did the fire do to the 78 hauler?” most the damage was done 2 the tractor as far as I know

@31n2Spotter: Looking forward to Daytona… Don’t expect big teams to show up with an odd number of cars! #tandem 11 lost draft because of it at Dega.

@Tjmajors: I was amazed at how well the 20 car ran missing the whole left front fender! Pushed tony to the front!

@Regan_Smith_: Just saw the NASCAR.com video of the wreck yesterday and the caption says “regan smith starts a big one”… Are they f-ing blind?

@2Spotter (Joey Meier): So NOW the “Jimmie’s done ” mantra has to start? Why….can we just wait and watch the next 4 races? What’s to gain? Lets buy ENRON stock

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): martinsville “@abarnett11: @keselowski out of the 4 races left which one r u most looking forward to?”

@31n2Spotter: S/O to the cop who pulled me over last night… and let me go! #whew 3 wide. 2 wide. Clear. Blue Light. #SMH

@JeffGordonWeb: Hated to lose drafting partner Mark Martin. We were looking good. Should have known that would happen with #21. My bad 4 thinking different #JG

@JeffGordonWeb: On @TalladegaSuperS – ow.ly/77iO3 – “If somebody is going to screw you, you’d like them to say it to your face you know?”

@Tbayne21 (Trevor Bayne): I want to thank everyone who has stood behind me through this! And the ones who are beginning to understand!

@AndyJGraves: Seriously? People actually question if what Bayne did was right or wrong? It’s his decision and he shouldn’t even have to defend his choice.

@43Spotter (Tony Hirschman): “@PuckStoppin34: How much does it suck being a spotter in tandem racing?” Honestly-got a bit more control this way vs pack racing

@dennyhamlin: Everyone be patient with NASCAR on these plate tracks. Finding the happy medium between speed and safety tough.

@dennyhamlin: 2 car drafts come from cars being too slow.. If we speed them up in single car runs we wouldn’t have to push.. It’s coming soon..

@jeff_gluck: Denny Hamlin on ‘Dega: “The best I can describe it is we were stuck without a date to the prom, so I was just hitting on everyone’s mom.”

@RyanMcGeeESPN: The continuing dismay over the lack of a utopian, gentlemanly, promises-kept last lap at Talladega makes me laugh. #NASCAR

@RyanMcGeeESPN: It’s the last lap at Talladega! It’s not a time for trust falls & friendship bracelets. Never has been, never will be.

@keselowski: I have 2 observations watching jaguars on MNF. 1. Attendance at live sporting events everywhere are effected by the economy. And…

@keselowski: And 2. Did anyone else see the scenery when the camera passed by the back of the end zone? #GoodLord