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@jim_utter: Hearing David Reutimann will not return to Michael Waltrip Racing next season and No. 00 may run partial schedule. #NASCAR

@JennaFryer: One more thing … Mark Martin may have a deal done for a partial schedule in 2012.

@jim_utter: Hearing sponsorship money not used on No. 00 running partial schedule will go toward Bowyer’s team #NASCAR

@JennaFryer: Yeah, put two and two together between my tweet and @jim_utter and you can see what might be happening with Mark Martin.

@jaywpennell: Hendrick Motorsports: Plane carrying Rick Hendrick, Linda Hendrick & two pilots ran off runway in Key West Monday night. No serious injuries

@jaywpennell: The Hendrick Motorsports plane experienced “braking issues upon landing.” All taken to local hospital, but no serious injuries are reported.

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): And y’all wonder why I hate flying… glad everyone appears to be OK! Don’t take things in life for granted. Life is to short.

@Just_AP (Ashley Parlett): Really glad to hear that everyone is OK after the crash landing in Key West. We have lost too many folks in motorsports this month.

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): Praying for Rick hendrick and family after their plane crash today. Glad to hear they only have minor injuries.

@ivandebosch (Ingrid Vandebosch): Crazy to hear about Jimmie’s plane having to land without breaks! So thankful Mr. Hendrick and his wife Linda and of course the pilots are OK.

@JimmieJohnson: Thank you everyone for your thoughts and well wishes. We are so thankful that Rick, Linda and the pilots are home and not seriously injured.

@jaywpennell: Rick Hendrick suffers broken rib and broken clavicle in plane crash Monday. Hendrick, wife Linda & 2 pilots released from hospital Tuesday.

@MikeCalinoff (Matt Kenseth’s Spotter): #thingslongerthankimsmarriage The number of car owners calling@BrianLVickers with ride offers.

@MikeCalinoff: Vickers showed up at the Electronic Fuel Injection test today at @ms1947. He thought EFI stood for “Every Freakin’ Incident” .

@DonRohr: @MikeCalinoff Good spotter would’ve told his driver to back off – let him go. Instead, youre now lot further back in points than just 1 spot.

@MikeCalinoff: Okay. I’ll pass that on to the other nine spotters too. Thanks for the help.

@DonRohr: @MikeCalinoff no problem. Always happy to lend a hand. Or in this case a finger/tweet/etc.

@MikeCalinoff: So you think that we should have just let him go and follow him for the rest of the run?

@DonRohr: @MikeCalinoff yes. with that many laps left, the tire fall off, and the chance to possibly run back down.. sure why not. 22 point difference

@MikeCalinoff: I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be idiots.

@jaywpennell: @BrianLVickers say it’s not right to blame him for all the cautions @ms1947. Regrets timing of last incident w/ Kenseth sbn.to/sX1VPf

@KurtBusch22: Damage from yesterday’s race. yfrog.com/hsco7zrj yfrog.com/ntc86qj yfrog.com/kkncewtj

@nateryan: This will mark first season since 2005 Jimmie Johnson hasn’t won a short-track race. Came this close to making it six straight years. #Nascar

@NASCARBowles: A jackman for the No. 38 team,Sean Irvan, was treated/released from a M’Ville hospital today after being hit by Mark Martin on pit road #NASCAR

@NASCARBowles: Irvan lost consciousness briefly and suffered a concussion, neck strain and MCL strain in his right knee. #NASCAR

@Elliott_Sadler: I hope NASCAR keeps 2 races at Martinsville for a long time… By far one of the best races of the year with all the ups and downs…

@matt_kenseth17: Not the highlight reels I wanted to be on. Feel bad I let my fans and team down. Sorry guys, hope next week is better.

@KyleBusch: Oh well. That’s racing. Great car and was gonna b a great day… No difference in only running cup on weekends. Time for all 3 n TX!!

@BrianKez29 (Brian Keselowski): Hope my buddy shawn is ok after getting hit on pitroad today. He sounds pretty banged up. He does all the electrical at frontrow next door.

@KevinHarvick: Solid finish but was some rough racing… I like it!!

@dennyhamlin: Sorry fans. Frustrating not getting a win with a car that good but just got stuck on every restart.. #movingforward

@keselowski: Certainly a disappointing day for the 2 team. Looked like we had a 6th or better run going until on the final yellows we got the bad lanes.

@keselowski: Not sure what to say about all the wrecks today. As a whole, us drivers sure didn’t make a case for being the best 43…

@keselowski: Seems like we have rules/procedural package in the sport that makes demo derbies on short track a near certainty (lucky dog, d-file restart)

@kaseykahne: Well that didn’t go as planned! Demolition Derby

@kaseykahne: The chase is getting exciting. Best part of my day was watching all the chase guys fight for points. It was changing all day. Good stuff!!

@Regan_Smith_: probably the craziest race i’ve ever been involved in… glad we ended up 13 after the way it started

@keselowski: we agree on something! :) “@dustinlong: #NASCAR … Edwards told he’s the points leader … “That’s just unbelievable good luck.””

@Tjmajors: Saw some good short track racing and I also saw some stupid a$$ $h?!

@KevinHamlin (Clint Bowyer’s Spotter): Sometimes I love Martinsville, and sometimes I hate it. Today was a little of both. More of the latter tho.

@KevinHamlin: Oh, and to the 14 people scanning us: Sorry about the couple of s & f-bombs. Frustrated today and I’m normally not like that.

@jaywpennell: Stewart calls on #NASCAR to make drivers show more respect: “Let them get their butt kicked, because that’s what happened in the old days.”

@KrissieNewman: Don’t see to many cars on track without damage. Lots of sheet metal for charity.

@SherryPollex: I think the 83 needs to park it. Haha. Holy crap, he’s been in like 40 wrecks today :-p Is this race ever gonna end??? #icantfeelmyfingers

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