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@KevinHarvick: Part that amazes me is how far the stuff flys all over the place after it hits the wall..

@MikeDavis88: SAFER barriers are no longer new, but I remain in awe of their effectiveness in absorbing high-speed impact.

@JLogano (Joey Logano): Watching the truck race from the spotters stand. I don’t give spotters enough credit. Idk how they can see anything

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): Fire! My view http://pic.twitter.com/RWn3xMn6

@CrewChief6NNS (Mike Kelley): Ok Bruton how you gonna top this?

@KevinHamlin: So Georgetown blasted Notre Dame tonight. Probably going to be the lead story on @SportsCenter I’d guess. #justkidding

@JimmieJohnson: It’s amazing what can happen over the course of a plane flight… I’m happy to hear everyone is ok.

@AndyLally: Yesterday the Daytona 500 was rained out, today the Daytona 500
was burned out.

@odsteve (Steve O’Donnell): Thanks to @MISpeedway worker Dwayne Barnes. Driver of jet dryer. Word from him is that he is doing fine-just being evaluated #thankful

@AndyLally: Juan, I want you to go out there & hit the jet dryer!–Hit the jet dryer??– Youve hit every other thing out there I want you to be perfect!

@AndyLally: Ha!!! RT @RyanEversley How many colombians does it take to stop the #DAYTONA500? Just Juan!

@bscottracing Brian Scott): Wow…. @keselowski has gained over 55,000 twitter followers since the #Daytona500 red flag started. That’s crazy! Congrats to him though!

@keselowski: Time to get back racing, thank you for following!

@Kenny_Wallace: I just looked at Brad K’s followers, he went from 80 thousand to 168 thousand in that ONE hour!..WOW!..TV is power!

@joeycoulter: “Thanks to the exploding jet dryer I think @miguelpaludo and I lost our highlight spots on @SportsCenter #whataweekend @DISupdates”

@keselowski: “My friendly #nascar official Says we r close #DAYTONA500http://pic.twitter.com/rSANOw2i”

@DeLanaHarvick: “In less than 30 mins it’s our 11 yr anniversary RT @jim_utter: Folks this race will end on TUESDAY”

@jpmontoya: “I’m glad I made it home in one piece. What a freak accident. Wanna thanks everybody for the messages!!! Now we move to phoenix.”

@keselowski: “Nothing we could do there… Never saw the wreck till we were windshield deep. #DAYTONA500”

@Kenny_Wallace: “In ALL my @NASCAR years I have NEVER seen SO many wrecks in Speedweeks for the #Daytona500 for ALL series, Trucks, NNS, Cup!..”

@keselowski: “Jammie says something broke on his car #1 Maybe the same as Juan.”

@JimmieJohnson: “I didn’t think our sport was a form of endurance racing until yesterday/today.”

@JimmieJohnson: “Biffle took teammate to a whole new level. Congrats@matt_kenseth17!”

@AndyLally: “Wow.. unreal. THAT may be the hardest thing Biffle has ever done. He rode the brake that entire last lap. That is a commited teammate.”

@BradCColeman: “GREG, Y U NO TRY AT END OF RACE?!”

@keselowski: “On our way out of @DISupdates Can’t help but think of what might have been… Congrats to @matt_kenseth17 He is under-rated”

@KevinHarvick: “Well it was a pretty solid day we always want to win but just couldn’t get anything going over the last 2 laps…”

@JLogano: “What a weird race. I had a lot of close calls. I just wasn’t position where I wanted to be at the end to win”

@dennyhamlin: “Now believe it or not I can’t go home.. Fogged in . Yet another night in Daytona”

@KevinHarvick: “It is like the week that won’t ever end now we are stuck in Daytona because of fog at home…”

@MartinTruexJr56: “And as if we havent been here long enough, we have to stay here@DISupdates again tonight because the weather is bad at home.”

@DanicaPatrick: “1st-I want to thank and apologize to my fans for crashing early. 2nd-I am having a eggs and a beer for dinner. 3rd-flight leaves in 4 hours”

@DeLanaHarvick: “But at least we’re together baby! :) RT @KevinHarvick Its like the week that won’t ever end now we r stuck in Daytona because of fog at home”

@JLogano: “So we are grounded for the night there is too much fog at home to land #DaytonaHostageCrises2012 continues”

@KevinHarvick: “No hotel bus is gone so we wait on @AverageAir to give us clearance clarance…”

@jamiemcmurray: “After getting the car back to the garage it appears the LR tire was going down and finally blew out. Congrats to @mattkenseth”

@JeffGordonWeb: “Hey @MartySmithESPN I’m hearing that @Jpmontoya broke trailing arms in rear of car caused freak accident. Anyone else know cause?”

@mattkenseth: “I’m never leaving! http://t.co/TtGwtKMk”

@gbiffle: “Not really sure why people think I wouldn’t pass @matt_kenseth17 for the win but I never lifted or touched the brakes for the last 2 laps!!”

@JLogano: “Victims of the #DaytonaHostageCrises2012 http://t.co/5NOxCEvn”

@gbiffle: “I have never met a driver that wanted to finish 2nd!! 2nd is the 1st looser and so are the people who think i touched the brakes last 2 laps”

@jpmontoya: “I’m glad everybody is ok from yesterday. Heading out with the wife to lunch.”

@Tymwr: “Fog delayed team flt home til 6:30, landed at 8 am, str8 to shop nd so much energy here it has kept me awake. #dedicatedemployees”

@Regan_Smith_: “Not sure if we would ever consider running other Monday night races or weeknight races again, but I would be all for it.”

@mattkenseth: “Bling http://t.co/bh9W35vP”

@odsteve: “Just confirming, not sure where rumors came from-no penalities for Brad, thought he was awesome during the red flag!”

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