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Tweet ‘n’ Greet- 3/27/2012

@scottspeed: Regarding socks and flip flops ;) there is a time and a place to look good! And be comfortable… At 8:30am I’m choosing comfy every time ;)

@JimmieJohnson: It’s so cool to watch your child grow and advance. Swim class made the crossover today. It went from WTH are we doing here to fun time.

@JimmieJohnson: I can only imagine… “@briscoe48: @JimmieJohnson just wait till she wants to barrow the car. Scarey stuff”

@dennyhamlin: The Saints.. OUCH!! i guess theres always appeals right?? LOL

@Brendan62 (Brendan Gaughan): Really bummed about the news from @BMSupdates I blame most of the impulsive media trying to blame the track for the empty seats! How about

@Brendan62: looking at the hard, never wearing out Goodyear tire? Or maybe the exorbitant gouging hotel prices or fuel costs?

@nascarcasm: Night Ranger will peform pre-race show & anthem at Auto Club Speedway race, which will apparently take place Sunday, March 25, 1983. #nascar

@Tymwr (Ty Norris): Why does everyone want to bitch about Bristol becase we didn’t tear up half the field in crashes? Everyone bitched then it was 1 groove

@JLogano (Joey Logano): Just got a last minute call to go to American idol tonight. I’m pretty pump I heard it was billy joel night too

@LarryMac28 (Larry McReynolds): Once I land in Ontario you guessed it straight to In N Out Burger for a little lunch!

@RB_Mrs (Nicole Briscoe): Dog ate my homework or this…dog at my wallet. Little sh$@! Is gonna be the death of me!

@MikeCalinoff: If Bruton feels the need to spend money fixing a racetrack, he should put progressive banking at NHMS.

@ClintBowyer: As usual for out here. Wide awake at 5am stared at the ceiling for couple hrs before u finally just give up. This is where twitter comes in.

@jamiemcmurray: Packing my bag for California. I can’t wait for the 3 hour time difference. Nothing like being up at 2 or 3 in the morning.

@Kenny_Wallace: My BIG brother Rusty Wallace just called, BIG News! He said I’ve had enough I am coming out of retirement..WOW!

@Samantha_Busch: @KyleBusch n I causing trouble @MonsterEnergy HQ today! http://twitpic.com/90052e

@DanicaPatrick: Here’s a little peek into my awesome day shooting for @tissot! http://t.co/LtG94oZC

@Mother_Function: Only n LA can 2 people have sex in a bathroom stall @ Staple Center & everyone just continues w/ their business. DeLana & I were speechless!

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): @Mother_Function you and DeLana were in a bathroom together? Smh

@DeLanaHarvick: @Mother_Function & I were waiting for the bathroom and “heard” the show… Carts please hurry up!

@TheOrangeCone: Tomorrow is @danicapatrick’s b-day. No other birthday is allowed to be celebrated or else Dr. Bob Parsons will shoot an elephant.

@nascarcasm: Careful, Bruton. It starts with “I just want Bristol back where it was a few years ago,” and next thing you know, it looks like Joan Rivers.

@JimmieJohnson: I’m ready to watch my friends in the #IndyCar series this weekend. #HeavyHearts

@MartySmithESPN: Helton says Middlebrook pragmatic approach to biz and relationships w teams is why he was chosen. Says faith in him hasn’t changed.

@AllWaltrip (Darrell Waltrip): it’s important to remember, 48’s penalty was reduced, not completely over turned, the 100,000 grand still stood, in line with the infraction!

@TheOrangeCone: Just saw female fan w botched boob job. Fined her $100k and suspended her 6 weeks for “not looking right.”

@bobpockrass: Is Middlebrook biased toward GM teams in #nascar appeals? Before deciding, Google: Middlebrook General Motors lawsuit pension benefits

@austindillon3: Been watching cup practice from the infield I’ve never seen so many bicycles in my entire life crazy beach cruisers

@nascarcasm: “There is no immediate need to reconfigure Auto Club Speedway,” says spokesman for United Giant-Empty-Seat-Covering Tarp Makers of America.

@RyanMcGeeESPN: 3 Stooges are #NASCAR grand marshals this wkd. I guess that’s better than Hunger Games people there shooting fans w/arrows.

@RB_Mrs: It’s crazy how just a wee 3 hour time difference can totally mess with ya! That or I’m getting old!

@Kenny_Wallace: OMG, I had to 2 tell you all this, the movie “The Hunger Games” the 1st part is all about getting SPONSORS, True!

@ClintBowyer: LMAO! There is a line of NASCAR officials and race teams 50ft long standing outside in-n-out…I’m not talking any marathon runners either!

@Kenny_Wallace: Unless you see “Hunger Games” for yourself you won’t believe it, They needed Sponsors and a Parachutes to survive, Like me:) ha ha!

@PPistone (Pete Pistone): According to @SBJSBD the average age of Daytona 500 viewer was nearly 51 years old-don’t knock any attempt to get a younger#NASCAR fan

@JeffGordonWeb: One of my favorite things about Twitter is knowing my followers r just as upset as I am when we qualify bad. #refusetolose

@MikeCalinoff: It’d be nice of the National Weather Service to say that there’s a 95% chance of rain Sunday instead of 100% — just to give us some hope.

@PPistone: Based on this “celebrity” list for tomorrow’s race I can’t tell if they’re racing near Hollywood or Peoria

@nascarcasm: Tomorrow’s starter will be Kristy Swanson. Just searched her name on IMDB, and it returned a “HTTP ERROR 404: WHO THE HELL IS THAT?” error.

@Kenny_Wallace: DO NOT complain a whole bunch about the price of YOUR Gas, Look at this in Caleeefornia :( http://yfrog.com/odzk9pjj

@BJewkes (Brett Jewkes): Always cool to see first-time visitors to the garage freak out with excitement when one of the cars fires the engine. #NASCAR

@KeselowskiBrian: You know watching this race makes me wonder why we dont return to some of the old school tracks. The attendance would be the same at worse

@Kenny_Wallace: I am more excited about passing Kyle Busch 4 wide on the apron than I am finishing 7th today!

@KevinHamlin: Not the end of the race we wanted. And I left my rain boots, jacket and sweatshirt on the stand. FML.

@JLogano: Wooooooooooooo

@pkligerman (Parker Kligerman): Now that was an awesome @NASCAR_NNS race this evening. I think your seeing this track really coming into its own. #NASCAR #realtalk

@Elliott_Sadler: Last caution killed us…. But proud of my guys.. Worked really hard all weekend…. Little time off next few weeks..

@jeff_gluck: Mr. @RBINDYCAR taking a bunch of media people out to dinner. First day I’ve ever met this guy and at dinner. Can’t believe the access here!

@JamesBuescher: Gambled our tire strategy towards the end…12th place not bad! Looking forward to a couple days of relaxing with @Kris_Buescher

@DNewtonESPN (Dave Newton): Maybe @DennyHamlin could do a “Dougie” rain dance. #nascar

@JimmieJohnson: Anyone have a few quarts of oil I can borrow?

@kaseykahne: Pissed I ran bad. Happy my car is in one piece.

@MartySmithESPN: Makeshift victory lane… http://t.co/KBQSoy2l

@JeffGordonWeb: No one wanted race restarted more than me but it’s pouring right now so @NASCAR made right decision.

@EmmaBlaney: Well, it will feel really good knowing that dad is locked in for next weekend. Now, we don’t have to completely dread qualifying days.

@dennyhamlin: Boy it that suck or what.. Unless you a Tony fan that is. Never seen a race called at 2pm before. 1st time for everything. Strong weekend

@ClintBowyer: It’s a humbling sport this auto racing. Had a good car all weekend, just went the wrong way today. Nice to call 13th a bad day!

@mattkenseth: Frustrating and disappointing day. Ran bad, then pitted at the end hoping for sunshine. Off to my favorite track…..

@gbiffle (Greg Biffle): Well another descent day but not happy unless we’re winning!!!! To tight and didn’t adjust on it enough coming on at the end!!

@gbiffle: Decent !!!!! Love my phone

@ClintBowyer: Probably going to get shot tomorrow! I’ll be the one guy in NC head to toe in KU… #braggingrights

@JLogano: Just found out I was speeding on pit road yesterday by 0.05 mph. Tough to swallow

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): .006 here. #goodtimes What sector? @JLogano: Just found out I was speeding on pit road yesterday by 0.05 mph. Tough to swallow”

@Samantha_Busch: Going to @DancingABC tonight!!!! Beyond excited! Ha maybe some1 there will like my dancing w the stars n 1 super fan idea lol #DWTS

@DanicaPatrick: Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes yesterday! It was a great day and I am really looking forward to my 30’s!

@TravisPastrana: Finally driving American! Let’s do this @Dodge http://t.co/76XOwKt5

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