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@jim_utter: Not a bad sight line from Hollywood Casino http://twitpic.com/9br46q

@Matt_Crafton: Just landed in Kansas. Ready to get on track again.

@Matt_Crafton: Just walked back in and got a new rental car because the first one was green. Ashley said I’m strange.

@KevinHarvick: Well our plane took a crap so we are hitching a ride with@MartinTruexJr56 and some girl named hairy Sherry!!@SherryPollex

@jpmontoya (Juan Pablo Montoya): made it to Kansas speedway. having dinner with my dad just outside the track.

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): Got back to the bus and watching a movie. One thing for certain, no-one plays a crazy ex-girlfriend as well as Amanda Peet…

@KyleBusch: So this is the way @Samantha_Busch looks during turbulence. ROFLMAO �FLMAO #terrified http://t.co/iyQ9Bdvo

@DeLanaHarvick: OH MY…..felt a foot roll for the first time and it was freaky!!!!! Wasn’t expecting that at all. I’d much rather get a punch or a kick…

@MartinTruexJr56: Well the wind has followed us to kansas. My lord the motorhome is rockin!!!

@RickAllenRacing: It’s going to be a little chilly in Kansas this morning. Btw when did morning news start at 4:30 am? Is anyone else up?

@Amanda_Speed: What’s going on on 77 towards Charlotte??? Every bridge has people with American flags looking down over 77 South…

@Amanda_Speed: Here’s a shot of one of the bridges… http://t.co/85IgnGXq

@Amanda_Speed: Found out… Welcome home Corporal Garrett Carnes!!!!!! http://t.co/t0iwrnte

@ClintBowyer: Good day today, announced 5-hour on the car for remainder races! Car was a little off in the 1st prac but got a lot better in 2nd.

@ClintBowyer: Now on to the Royals game, throwing out the 1st pitch to CC Brian Pattie. What should I throw him?

@johnkingracing: Rough day at the office today, had to roll out the backup. My guys worked their butts of though and got us back goin.@RedHorseRacing

@KevinHamlin: Rental car escapades w/ @31n2Spotter. I shoulda brought my GoPro for this shiz.

@DNewtonESPN: Why so few wrecks in ’12?@Keselowski “Aerodynamics are taking over the sport & we can’t get close enough to each other to wreck each other.”

@JoeyLogano: We made some good progress today need just a little more. Going to have to start in the rear for the race because of the motor change

@mattkenseth: Yo @JimmieJohnson that car you’re driving makes my toilet car from Charlotte look good!

@keselowski: Been summoned to nascar trailer for Random drug test on 4/20. Hard to keep a straight face…

@jeff_gluck: They know how you “roll.” RT @keselowski: Been summoned to nascar trailer for Random drug test on 4/20. Hard to keep a straight face…

@JimmieJohnson: After looking at the data, I over drive turn 1 by 150 feet (3 semi trailers basically). Oops… #OverCommitted

@RCR31JeffBurton: I would like to apologize to all of our fans. I know it’s hard to watch. We will improve

@JimmieJohnson: Another solid day. #6pack

@KevinHarvick: Made some mistakes today but everyone kept it together for a solid finish! Cars are fast just have to keep pushing forward!

@gbiffle (Greg Biffle): Hard Day at the office, finished 5th not bad but we wanted to run better on the track

@JoeyLogano: Congrats to my team mate @dennyhamlin

@MartiTruexJr56: What a day. Dissapointed in 2nd but what an awesome race car we had. Our last set of tires were real loose for no reason at all.

@MartinTruexJr56: Very proud of chad and the whole team. We are going to win some races soon. @napaknowhow @MWRteam thank you so much.

@nascarcasm: Hey @keselowski – u know that tweeting-pics-from-the-track thing u do? I hear you’re about to destroy the track in a tank. SNAP AWAY, dude.

@jim_utter: I hope I don’t meet any of the folks trotting around with huge pieces of the track in the TSA line at airport

@nateryan: Brad Keselowski going about 30 mph – in a tank – at Kansas. #nascar http://t.co/FMNQOf1Y

@2Spotter (Joey Meier): Next time @keselowski tells Paul,”this thing drives like a tank”….he will NOW know what he’s talking about.

@KristineC48 (Kristine Curley): Don’t see this very often on pit road http://t.co/gskEl0V4

@keselowski: Just riding in this tank http://t.co/vNiBKvMC

@T_Hosh (Tony Hirschman): Congrats 2 my roomie & good bud @3widemiddle on the big win today! U got me 2-1-and I thought u were high maintenance before! #oneweekbreak

@3WideMiddle (Chris Lambert): Well…THAT. WAS. FUN!! #STP400 #winnerwinner #NASCAR

@dennyhamlin: “@mw55: My golfing bud edged my driver bud” sorry man.. I know it would have meant a lot to ya

@dennyhamlin: Great win for our FedEx team! Hung around until it counted at the end. Good battle with @MartinTruexJr56 the last 40 laps. Proud of everyone

@scottspeed: Today was a great day! @Amanda_Speed and I are so excited!!! But@BostonReid said I couldn’t talk about it till tomorrow ;) he he

@SherryPollex: Thank you guys for all the kind messages!!! It means a lot to @MartinTruexJr56 and I. He has the best fans…thanks for sticking by him!

@JeffGordonWeb: Still can’t believe what happened today. Hard to believe the way our season is going also. Looking forward to Richmond though.

@ClintBowyer: When it rains it pours!!! Headed down to MWR for comp meeting and just broke down. #FML

@kaseykahne: “@JimmieJohnson: It seems like crashing to most is more important then racing… #sucks” They should have just watched me early in the year

@GZipadelli (Greg Zippadelli): I am packing now headed to Nashville in the am to do some testing with @DanicaPatrick looking forward to it.

@nascarcasm: Anyone else receive a rather impressive reassurance mailer from Kentucky Speedway? http://t.co/zTZu1IdO

@nascarcasm: The Kentucky Speedway mailers were actually mailed in January – it just took the USPS driver forever to get out of there… #kidding

@JimmieJohnson: Influential… Sweet! Thanks for the honor @forbes.

@keselowski: The easiest way to tell where the most talent exists in any form, is to look at the desire of the elite talent to stay where they are at.

@keselowski: Elite qbs don’t quit super bowl winning teams & elite championship NASCAR drivers don’t go to F1 for a reason They compete against the best

@2Spotter: I have cell phone numbers, address, texting, home phone numbers….Yet the easiest place to get a hold of my boss is on Twitter…

@keselowski: One more point on nascar vs F1 I strongly believe that if Marcos Ambrose got a quality ride in F1, he’d clean house.

@PPistone (Pete Pistone): A bit startling that even a five-time champion is lobbing out ideas on how to make the sport better in his opinion #nascar

@joeylogano: My view for the next couple days http://t.co/h32TlenV

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