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Tweet ‘n’ Greet 5/8/2012

@Rchildress3 (Richard Childress): Have you ever been in a situation when you really wanted to say something but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@KevinHarvick: Just finished the CPR class with this little guy! http://t.co/XKl7Yb3i

@nascarcasm: Really wish @KyleBusch would stop begging me for an RT JUST because it’s his birthday, sheesh… #nascar

@RickyCarmichael: Hey @DeLanaHarvick ol @KevinHarvick better enjoy these last few months of freedom and doing what he wants. #babylockdowniscoming

@ClintBowyer: It’s so sad to see this awesome facility just sitting here with nothing going on but testing. http://t.co/D1B9dbnG

@jeff_gluck: Want to see the reason for the debris cautions? A top #NASCARofficial calls people like that “a little needy” –> http://t.co/zWKhqNPP

@TheOrangeCone: All you dummies watching at home who want to see debris that causes cautions can keep wishing. It’s officially NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

@jeff_gluck: Personally, I would like to see the reason for every debris caution just so everyone knows it’s legit. But then again, I’m kind of needy.

@Tbayne21 (Trevor Bayne): Bout to swing some clubs with @StenhouseJr… No telling what’s guna happen! #foouurrr!!

@RyanNewman39: B’s first big catch! http://t.co/TC0t4b2a

@EmmaBlaney: Is @RyanBlaney10 off his high horse yet from this weekend? Yup, Mom made him do his Economics homework bright and early Monday morning.

@PPistone (Pete Pistone): Is #NASCAR perfect? Nope. But still better than that mess going on in #IndyCar right now.

@MrsDGilly (Michelle Gilliland): Went to Lowes w/ @DavidGilliland he ran into me w/cart and told me he was practicing bump drafting.

@RutledgeWood: Here’s today’s office on @KPCharityRide http://instagr.am/p/KIVNOtDApm/

@KPCharityRide: GORGEOUS! Million Dollar Highway! Thank you @FLUIDYNE for our riding gloves – going to be chilly in the mountains!

@landoncassill: it’s @echocassill birthday today and i’m trying to get her in trouble by calling her during class. happy bday sis

@JimmieJohnson: #HardToBelieve http://t.co/egY0KV9j

@DeLanaHarvick: hey @NewmanKrissie thanks for getting me stuck on sonic ice while i’m pregnant… baby otis insists on it! #pebbleice

@Andy__Rock (Andy Hillenburg): Wow remodeled bathrooms in the infield at @TalladegaSuperS (I notice stuff like that now) used to only look at cars

@JimmieJohnson: Video from the ride I gave Knaus in the @TORCOffRoad truck a few weeks ago. #goodtimes http://t.co/fhsN8PyK

@pkligerman (Parker Kligerman): Just RAN across entire CLT airport in under 5 min too make flight, in flip flops and with 2 bags. Need a shower. #travelikeaboss

@nascarcasm: Talladega and Kentucky Derby being run on same weekend confuses me. I begin wondering which horses are hanging in the back to avoid trouble.

@ClintBowyer: Ok……Think I’ve changed my opinion on Nashville! Right now, on this very minute. I hate it…

@PPistone: I respect those with complaints and criticisms to be sure but still believe that’s a vocal minority whether it’s racing, TV, or whatever

@dennyhamlin: Went to Tuscaloosa today for a home dedication to the Torres family whose home was destroyed during last years tornados. @fedexcares

@scottspeed: There is nothing I have ever done in my life that has given me more pleasure then watching my lil baby girl grow up…

@scottspeed: And for those who actually want a Racing related tweet lol we just pulling into Dega.. Raining… A lot.. lol

@AJDinger (AJ Allmendinger): Think she’ll be good this weekend…hopefully the other cars can keep wheels on in pitlane

@RB_Mrs (Nicole Briscoe): Random TV pet peeve: Taping. Hate it. Live is soooo much better!

@nascarcasm: Someone please keep an eye on Bruton and Humpy, and if you happen to hear “Hold my teeth,” step in because it’s about to get ugly. #nascar

@mw55 (Michael Waltrip): Costly putt @dennyhamlin http://t.co/i9DNUXGW

@dennyhamlin: @mw55 for you yes it was. Sorry buddy

@ESPNMcGee (Ryan McGee): You know you’re at a gas station near the racetrack when… http://t.co/W3q3xztE

@Kenny_Wallace: I have not been in the @NASCAR_NNS car for 2 races and crew members are coming up to me like I’ve been gone a year! I love you all too :)

@Kenny_Wallace: I just entered the @NASCAR_NNS hauler and seen these “Not Approved” Dodge noses! Oh My Not again! 2 weeks in a row. http://t.co/LjW6BHJY

@SteveLetarte: Racetrack here we come http://t.co/XhhiswtC

@DNewtonESPN (Dave Newton): Alabama paint scheme and Bama helmet? You finally can feel like a champion @ClintBowyer. #NASCAR #CFB #RollTide

@Elliott_Sadler: Note to self…. Don’t leave phone unattended or unlocked around my bunch!!!

@DeLanaHarvick: bebe, a.k.a. the “turd burglar” isn’t too happy with my babies r us find today! #nomorekittypoosnacks http://t.co/4ULwsTz9

@nascarcasm: This morning, Dale Jr. woke up, walked to the bathroom, grabbed a razor, and said, “Here comes today’s top news story…” #nascar

@nascarcasm: This could be the coolest supermarket display of all time. #IndyCar http://t.co/9N8GE9mo

@AllWaltrip (Darrell Waltrip): This is how the garage looks right now, I’ll give you a look in a little while when the haulers arrive http://t.co/fWG83Miz

@Kenny_Wallace: The Motor Home is gonna be easy to explain, Next to sell is my Home in Concord N,C….We are moving back to St.Louis :)

@Andy__Rock: Being at a racetrack is like being in a giant force field to me. I truly love this stuff. Wish you guys were ALL here!!! #NASCAR

@KurtBusch: “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” http://t.co/U3Vy5t2s

@RyanTruex: I just tried to eat my cereal with a fork.. I’m up too early

@ClintBowyer: Going to be interesting to see how tough it’ll be to manage temps being that it is a lot hotter than it was in February.

@bobpockrass: When I watched the 48 go through tech, it appeared officials took a little longer on the c-posts before they moved on. #nascar

@KevinHarvick: Went for a jog through the Talladega infield learned it is pretty warm outside and I was the only one without a beer in my hand…

@jamiemcmurray: Happy with the car today. I think keeping the cars cool enough is going to be a challenge on Sunday.

@Kenny_Wallace: Congrats to @SPEED tv analyst @LarryMac28 on his Boy “Brandon McReynolds” Winning the Talladega ARCA race! BIG WIN :)

@joeylogano: Congrats to my good buddy @franchize28 on that arca win. Wish I could have seen it but with AIDB kids. @NASCARonSPEED

@J_Allgaier (Justin Allgaier): Can’t think everyone at @SPEED and @RickAllenracing and@philparsons98 for letting me commentate. Had a blast

@SeveLetarte: Won’t be at the track tomorrow. Going home for my sons first communion! Thanks to everyone and their hard work for letting me do this.

@Kenny_Wallace: I must say the Fans in Talladega Alabama are Awesome :) I stopped at a store and they attacked me! I Love Alabama! Whoooo! Earnhardt!

@bscottracing (Brian Scott): Well I cruised @TalladegaSuperS #blvd and I saw some things that, quite frankly, I wish I could un-see. Still a sight to see though!

@DanicaPatrick: Even more fun! @StenhouseJr http://t.co/F1uwdgxm

@franchize28 (Brandon McReynolds): woke up this morning as a Talladega winner! #Hard to believe

@scottspeed: I just woke up… My hair is pretty awesome! ;) http://t.co/5U64m3dT

@DanicaPatrick: I have to say talladega blvd is a damn good party and it was fun to see! Here was my final bead shot. -1, I give too. http://t.co/X5LO9zSj

@DanicaPatrick: Go to @godaddy to find out how I got them. Hehe

@TBayne21: Really excited to have Camping World and Good Sam Club back on board for 4 more races!! http://woodbrothersracing.com/?p=3851 @campingworld @thegoodsamclub

@jeff_gluck: Carl Edwards just stopped and had a conversation with this girl, who happened to win @odsteve’s contest this week. http://t.co/zntGPIFp

@jeff_gluck: After Carl and the girl took the photo, he invited her to walk with him down pit road to his car. Pretty cool.

@kaseykahne The spot where I have done majority of my interviews over the years at Talladega. http://t.co/Rb7IsLXm

@KevinHarvick: That’s Talladega… I’m all good looked like it was just too many cars going for one spot. #thatsracing

@DeLanaHarvick: @KevinHarvick is ok… Made my heart stop for a moment. Prayers for the 14 and all others that were involved.

@JeffGordonWeb: Very thankful of safer barriers. As bad as that was it wud have been much worse without them. Not sure why tires weren’t locked up though?

@jeff_gluck: Everyone on pit road watches as helicopter carrying Eric McClure takes off. http://t.co/y78tm9Sm

@JeffGordonWeb: Just seeing the car on TV & seeing the steering column tells how big of impact that was. Wow! Really hope he’s ok.

@jeff_gluck: This is as close as NASCAR would let me get to McClure’s car. Just tremendous damage. http://t.co/M60aigDM

@nascarcasm: One of those races where your only thought is, “Thank God that’s over.” #nascar

@nateryan: Nationwide Series director Joe Balash said no drivers were called to the Nationwide hauler after the race. #Nascar

@jim_utter: Apparently there was one more free pass given out after the race by#NASCAR

@kaseykahne: Sure was an exciting finish today! Fun watching from the couch every once in awhile.

@nascarcasm: Kyle Busch now planning on bringing a wig with long, black hair with him into the car, just in case. #NewPrecedent #Danica #Nascar

@DavidStremme: Maybe it’s just girls can have at it

@skiprec (Ray Evernham): Glad to hear good news that Eric McClure has been alert . What these guys do is dangerous. We must never take driver safety lightly

@joeylogano: Got the hardware woooo what a fun race. Thoughts and prayers are with Eric McClure http://t.co/F9dSJ2Mp

@3widemiddle (Chris Lambert): I guess Hornish didn’t get the memo about giving Danica ALL the room she needs/wants!

@joeylogano: Eating a burger with pops and @LarryMac28. Crazy celebration ha @NASCARonSPEED #NASCAR http://t.co/H9xdXhkm

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): And for all of the fans bitching saying u want more wrecks I hope you watched today!!

@odseve (Steve O’Donnell): HIPPA laws require patient/family member to “ok” release of any information-same policy for me or you and we comply with this at all times

@TimmyHillRacer: Thanks everyone for the wishes & prayers! I am doing better now! I been having flu like symptoms all day & played it safe with a driver swap

@DanicaPatrick: Just talked to @SamHornish and we are all good! He told me he had a flat right front which explains both incidences

@FrontRowJoe87 (Joe Nemechek): I’m looking at a top 3 and then… It does not get much tougher than it did today! :(

@KevinHarvick: Congratulations to my sister and her husband on the birth of their new baby boy Wyatt!!! #happyuncle

@Kris_Buescher: Please keep my family and I in your prayers..tire blew out on the motorhome. Everyone is okay! Thank you lord!

@Kris_Buescher: Everyone is okay…Gracie got stitches, James nothing, my mom cuts, and I cut a flip and hit my head. Just had a ct scan.

@jeff_gluck: LOLOLOLOL…Kurt Busch is reciting the Ricky Bobby dinner speech word-by-word.

@jeff_gluck: Kurt Busch just thanked the tiny, infant baby Jesus and the new flavor of Mountain Dew mentioned in the movie.

@PPistone: I don’t think Talladega Nights got this much attention when it was released like 5 years ago did it?

@KurtBusch: Driver intros just got pushed back and hr. that idea is about as good as a velvet painting of a whale & a dolphin gettin it on

@NASCAR_WXMAN (Brian Neudorff): I blame @rainonraceday for it raining, the person behind the account is ACTUALLY @TalladegaSuperS that’s bad joojoo

@RutledgeWood: Respect the nap time folks! @JimmieJohnson means quiet ! pic.twitter.com/MJdpC8VG

@jeff_gluck: Just saw like a 5-year-old kid wearing a wife beater, camo shorts and a Dale Jr. hat. TALLADEGA!!!

@ClintBowyer: I’ll be Damned if I don’t have blisters on my feet…And matching 2 1/2 inch blisters on “BOTH” ass cheeks. Can’t help but laugh! #FML

@SherryPollex: Hearing “4 wide, you’re on the top” is not what I’d like to hear on MT’s radio. Seriously?!! It’s lap 20.

@Kris_Buescher No Disney trip for us…we are headed back HOME! I don’t think I will ever ride in a motorhome again!

@JimmieJohnson: A view of the race I would rather not have… Oh well, let’s go @TeamHendrick! #200 http://pic.twitter.com/kmpMiSAG

@Regan_Smith_: For those wondering our engine never got hot before it blew up. It was something else internal

@SherryPollex: Pretty sure we’re junk. What the hell happened back there?? Geez. Come on ppl. http://t.co/QvYKUaHW

@landoncassill: Ugh. Looks like some folks missed their fuel mileage numbers. Headed to the care center. I’m fine.

@SherryPollex: I wonder if everyone that was complaining that there weren’t enough wrecks in the last few races, are happy now?

@MrsDGilly: I asked our car chief to hold my hand. He thought I was joking until they wrecked.. I grabbed him. He just moved lol!!

@Samantha_Busch: @MrsDGilly I do death grips on our engineers arm too lol

@queers4gears: what the cameras didn’t show: when @keselowski had his hand out the window at the restart…. he was tweeting a pic

@MartinTruexJr56: Holy crap people relax. All i said was the 24 hit me when i went spinning down the track i had no control. Never said it was anyones fault

@dennyhamlin: Man what a bad ending.. I thought the 22 knew I was already there but I guess not. That’s speedway racing. Sorry to all involved

@gbiffle (Greg Biffle): Had a good run today just wish @mattkenseth and I could have stayed hooked up we would have been gone!!! Another nice job by the team

@KyleBusch: Proud of the effort by my guys, gave me a good car, just wish I could have stuck to @keselowski and made a run to the line. Good weekend.

@Tymwr (Ty Norris): Holy hell .. Glad that’s over. I love dega, just friggin hard to spot and tell ur driver everything. On to Lady in Black

@KurtBusch: Damn- I hate this for @PhoenixRacing51 @SupportAFF@Patricia_AFF they deserved @ least a top 5 today. Wish I could brought it home.

@keselowski: Wooop woop I love plate racing!

@TimmyHillRacer: Just want 2 let everyone know that I feel a lot better today! I have been able to eat & drink fluids! My energy is also just about all back!

@nateryan: If this #nascar thing doesn’t work out, Tony Stewart might have a future in standup comedy. It’s best deadpan since Steven Wright’s heyday.

@JennaFryer: You know what sucks? When @55MarkMartin tweets about his workouts. He should consider more butter, french fries and chocolate cake.

@nascarcasm: Smoke’s quip about turning Talladega into a figure-8 and running it backwards was a joke – sorry to disappoint you, Travis Pastrana.#nascar

@2spotter (Joey Meier): Back @TalladegaSuperS enjoying the last few hours at track b4 they dig it up for the figure 8 redesign ……

@HigNASCAR (David Higdon): #TonyStewart’s comments were not disparaging given the context in which he delivered them nor were they a direct shot at the sport.#NASCAR

@keselowski: Leaving post apocalyptic @TalladegaSuperS First ones in, last ones out. Good work team! Hard work= Results http://t.co/aStDGLwF

@FrontRowJoe87: Still amazing we can go from planning for the win to being out in an instant. Racing! Now focus on Darlington. Thanks to all! #nascar #fb

@keselowski: Thank u sir, May I have another? #NASCAR http://t.co/7Svrpxdk

@nascarcasm: #NASCAR has said that Smoke will not be fined for his comments after the Talladega race, which is good. Wait…were they being sarcastic?

@ericmcclure: MIranda & I would like to say thank you to everyone for the thoughts & prayers the past few days. The outpouring of concern & support from

@ericcmclure: the motorsports community, its participants and, most importantly, the fans is overwhelming and humbling. It’s something I’ll never forget

@ericmcclure: There will be continued updates as needed and I look forward to talking with everyone very soon. Thank you again to each of you..

@keselowski: Wow Just saw my car for @CLTMotorSpdwy memorial day weekend.#Sweet Here it is —> http://t.co/SRKeFBbK

@rchilders55 (Rodney Childers): Yeah, quite a few rule changes just came out from NASCAR… Some of them are going to change some things up big time with setup stuff..

@rchilders55: Effective May 16th.. So we can have a week to get things changed around and get ready for it.

@rchilders55: Biggest thing that will affect the teams is a new minimum side skirt height for all tracks. 1.5″ higher left side and 1″ higher right side.

@rchilders55: One thing on shocks, one thing on crush panels, shark and deck lid fins at tracks 2mi and longer, that was about it.

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