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Tweet ‘n’ Greet – 5/15/2012

@CJMearsGang:This make me laugh every time I see it! http://instagr.am/p/KiOTXHBKiR/

@TBayne21 (Trevor Bayne): Waiting out the storm under the 77 bridge… #cloudywithachanceofmonsoon http://t.co/LcLuwOGj

@JeffGordonWeb: I know we haven’t gotten the results we’ve deserved this year but I’m still excited about Darlington. #nevergiveup

@Rchildress3 (Richard Childress): Talladega not too kind to RCR. all cars were fast but it was Talladega. win some you lose some to the crashes! Smoke is my hero !!

@mrscrewchief (Dana Wilson): Guess where I am… http://t.co/YsjbxW5b

@kaseykahne: Check out this van. http://t.co/Iqh1Ja36

@KyleBusch: Really? #1 fan huh? Find that hard to believe. J/k RT @biggestjjfan: @KyleBusch u doing appear durin the 600 please answer i am your #1 fan.

@kaseykahne: Excited for @TooToughToTame this weekend. Unbelievable track to race each year

@joeylogano: Just seen a pretty cool truck going down the highway http://t.co/OhJeEKi7

@JennaFryer: Filing a police report — someone vandalized my car by putting “Vote for Hinch” stickers all over it. @HinchCampaign

@Samantha_Busch: I just passed by defense of my thesis!!! Completed my entire masters program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology!!!!

@AllWaltrip (Darrell Waltrip): 17 was my number, I drove the K Mart car they wanted 66, Mark Martin ask if I’d let Matt have the #17, I couldn’t use it, let Matt have it!

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): I’m more worried about this than who marries who http://t.co/YtwBhFy2

@DanicaPatrick: Oh so many races on this go-kart track inside of Charlotte motor speedway! http://t.co/JkWevInS

@EmmaBlaney: @RyanBlaney10 was in the USA Today! http://pic.twitter.com/rHEknUOj

@ESPNMcGee (Ryan McGee): Dear 7-lb 8-oz Baby Jesus thank you for a day that began w/seeing a squirrel get thrown thru the air by my trick bird feeder

@ESPNMcGee: Danica announces marketing deal with Coca-Cola. Thank goodness. Someone who can finally help her get some camera time.

@TheMiniChad: Good to see Danica finally got another big time sponsor w/ her Coke deal. Between her & Carl Edwards there may not be any sponsors left.

@AllWaltrip: I always look forward to going to Darlington, no other track represents our sport like Darlington, our past and present rolled into one!

@jeff_gluck: Danica just drove up and gave Mike Joy a Coke Zero (she’s now a Coke driver). http://t.co/MRWLrMJh

@Kris_Buescher: Check out @JamesBuescher getting his workout on! http://t.co/V0rEzDh7

@DanicaPatrick: Thank you @cokezero!!! I can’t wait to start this partnership!

@RyanBlaney10: We have arrived http://t.co/55NYWLwv

@KevinHarvick: Afternoon run is much better here then on a treadmill!! http://t.co/YAz30ROx

@Elliott_Sadler: I want to welcome @DanicaPatrick to the @CocaColaRacing family… Great company and great people!!! I been there 12 years Loved every minute

@joeylogano: Working out watching last weeks nw race. Always more fun to workout and watching a win

@ClintBowyer: Gotta love country living! http://t.co/cVrFu7wA

@DanicaPatrick: Lift off to “the lady in black”. http://t.co/MKvoSreE

@DanicaPatrick: “hello mizzz lady!” http://t.co/m7YL72NV

@pkligerman (Parker Kligerman): You know u spent too long in the gym when all the lights are off in the place! #spooky http://t.co/fQuqS8BD

@pkligerman: I’ve walked in this front door @penskeracing since I was 18 yrs old. Not a day passes that I’m not thankful as can B http://t.co/lsRHJgst

@KevinHarvick: might be the rudest lady you ever meet… “@DanicaPatrick: “hello mizzz lady!” http://img.ly/i5qE”

@31n2Spotter: If we gotta work a 14 hour day I can’t think of a better place to do it! #Darlington

@KevinHamlin: The Lady in Black sure is pretty in the morning. http://t.co/ZZdGxJzL

@ericmcclure: And among the good things this week; the fan support. Thank you all again. I never dreamed that many people would reach out. Thankful

@ericmcclure: Really great opportunity to talk to motorsports media this am. They work hard and do great things for the sport

@bobpockrass: No missing Travis Pastrana motorhome. #nascar http://t.co/REtTbmvA

@EarnhardtKelley (Kelley Earnhardt): Looks who’s visiting JRM today! http://t.co/FGhtLMhU

@EmmaBlaney: Looks like someone already earned their stripe! #darlington http://t.co/03hTW5Le

@jeff_gluck: Denny Hamlin shares his media availability w/a NASCAR Hall of Famer. http://t.co/WtrYLvM4

@JimmieJonson: The Lady in Black said hello today. #DarlingtonStripe http://t.co/w6rykrZQ

@JimmieJohnson: I’m sad to hear about the passing of Carroll Shelby. I’ve always respected him and his love for the automobile. #respect

@AshleyStremme: It’s a great feeling when you here the words “we’re in” swear I could just about vomit week in and week out. #stressesmeOUT

@DanicaPatrick: My rookie stripe….. Here we go. http://t.co/oamPMJYf

@bscottracing (Brian Scott): Saddened by the death of Carroll Shelby. Racing is where it is today due in large part to him. He will always be a legend. RIP

@nateryan: No cheering in the media center … unless it’s for the Bojangles rep offering a possible biscuits hookup for breakfast. #Nascar

@31n2Spotter: If I were a racecar driver and my name was Jamie Dick. I would 100% change my name. I mean who wants to be called Jamie.

@Patricia_AFF (Patricia Driscoll): Check out @KurtBusch and our mini monster houston http://t.co/AKzCIDwQ

@Regan_Smith_: My new parking spot @TooToughToTame … http://t.co/lW2SEmsZ

@pkligerman: My view tonight! My first time ever on the pitbox. Usually up top with @2Spotter …. http://t.co/a68joSCe

@nascarcasm: For Carl, tonight will be the opposite of last year. If his microphone conks out, he’ll leave the booth immediately and head to a race car.

@ericmcclure: Watching cars on pace laps and the @NASCARESPN feed from pit box. Sad seeing my car go by, BUT I will be supporting my friend Jeff Green!

@jeff_gluck: USA! USA! USA! http://t.co/5bNqYtWJ

@EmmaBlaney: That sucked. This place is a huge challenge though. He’s gotta keep his head up. He will get em next time.

@nascarcasm: Quick – ask Carl if fresh tires are vital to winning a race at Darlington. It’ll be hilarious. And awkward. #ReganSmith

@Samantha_Busch: Here’s the blown tire, not pretty http://t.co/fFCclVzr

@SluggerLabbe: Loganodinger. Same deal. I’m sorry didn’t mean to do that, I’ll call u tomorrow #driving over my head

@gbiffle (Greg Biffle): Feel bad for @Elliott_Sadler that sucks to get wrecked leading

@mattkenseth: Excited for my team mates today, @gbiffle on the pole and Carl looks really nice in that suit.

@nascarcasm: Carl having to explain the field line-up procedure – like having Regan Smith explain how you can’t pass below the yellow line at Talladega.

@jeff_gluck: Leader Greg Biffle about to put Danica two laps down. And before you get mad at me for mentioning her name, what else is there to tweet?

@nascarcasm: Just saw that driver in the #Darlington print ad wearing boxing gloves politely pull over and let Biffle and JJ go by. #nascar

@wood_brothers21 (Gregory Howe): The Lady In Black plays a mean game of tag. #nascar #NSCS

@JesseMedford: If it wasn’t for @GoDaddy, I could have some respect for #DanicaPatrick. But that sleazy company seals the deal. #NASCAR

@jeff_gluck: I know people get mad for mentioning attendance, but this race appears to have been far from a sellout. My guess is 80 pct full.

@LewisFranck: RT If Bruton Smith isn’t there, you’re safe. @jim_utter: Saw a backhoe in the infield. I hope they don’t plan to start digging up the track.

@Kenny_Wallace: My View Point: There are NO MORE cautions at the 2 oldest tracks in Nascar “Darlington and Martinsville” It’s NOT the tracks!

@nascarcasm: 100+ green-flag laps. If Bruton owned this track, he’d be installing high-powered magnets into the outer walls right now. #darlington

@EmmaBlaney: Dad just wanted to take @TheOrangeCone for a little ride through pit road..

@nascarcasm: Is it technically “racing under the lights” if the race is over before the sun sets? #Darlington #nascar #GreenFlag

@Brendan62: Ice first, then heat… Trust me RT @TheOrangeCone Few cobwebs BG. Not gonna lie.

@jim_utter: How about cover the 16 cars still on the lead lap before you begin the features on the 2-lap down cars

@nascarcasm: Just in: Several drivers’ mothers have been kicked out after being seen trying to throw their bouquets onto the track to bring out a caution

@nascarcasm: People consider it bad luck to walk under a ladder. Ladders consider it bad luck when Jeff Gordon climbs up them. #nascar #Darlington

@LewisFranck: @jim_utter Did you hear a two-time Daytona 500 winner say “she earning respect.?” And he or his brother rate her A+ smh 3 laps down really?

@nascarcasm: I respect Danica, but if Mikey Waltrip thinks she deserves an A+ for tonight’s performance, then I wish I had him as a professor in college.

@AllWaltrip: I just don’t know how these guys control there tempers the way they do today, not too long ago there would be a fight right after this race!

@31n2Spotter: That was heartbreaking. Glad Joey could smile about it.

@Brendan62 (Brendan Gaughan): I remember when @JimmieJohnson and I used to call each other after each win… I finally started calling when he didn’t, it was easier

@Kenny_Wallace: DRAMA! At it’s Best, And Kurt Busch to the rescue just when @Nascar needed DRAMA, Thank You Kurt the sport needed the “Almost Fight” :)

@KristineC48 (Kristine Curley): Smoke makes a visit http://t.co/h8sQ001O

@MartinTruexJr56: Thanks @MWRteam for an awesome car. Im cooled off now, if it had went green chad woulda looked like a hero. Im behind my team 100%

@MartinTruexJr56: The frustration was just me seeing another potential win slip away. Got to focus on the big picture. I promise everyone we will win soon.

@2Spotter (Joey Meier): For those asking..SOFT WALLS is just a term. And the Lady has to reminds us of that occasionally. Top 15 was a win.

@CrewChief6NNS (Mike Kelley): Cautions, crashes, and a pit fight! Thanks #TooToughToTame! #nascars Back!

@KevinHamlin: Fun night, was cool to lead some laps. Track position was everything. Thanks for having me, @kaseykahne & the 5 team.

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): So proud of the 2 team tonight @TooToughToTame They never gave up after I put her in the fence. Kept digging on the car and brought home 15

@31n2Spotter: I’ll tell you who impressed me on restarts…. @DanicaPatrick. She drove a great race for her first time at darlington.’

@chaseelliott: Heck yeah! The 48 got the win at darlington and we won at gresham! @aaronssports @hendrickcars hope mom has a good mothers day!

@JimmieJohnson: I’m so happy for Rick, Linda & @TeamHendrick. Props to the #48 guys for an awesome car and great stops tonight. #200 #6pack @LowesRacing

@JaritJohnson: I’m so proud of @JimmieJohnson I’m baking cookies.

@JaritJohnson: !!!!!!!!!!!! http://t.co/Pn9T1TDk

@KevinHarvick: The pieces are there we just have to put them in the right places…it was a 7th or 8th kind of night up until the last couple runs.

@KevinHarvick: Put in another 150 or so miles driving home. Lots of time to think about the things we need to do better. Good cool down period..

@JimmieJohnson: 200! http://t.co/3YM0gJc7

@Rchildress3: Yes ! We have some work to do not acceptable !! We will fix it ! Got to win !

@keselowski: Co hosting @SPEEDWindTunnel It’s a wrap for me! http://t.co/Auw7F380

@keselowski: One of the perks of being on Dave’s show #BobbleHead http://t.co/l3EFKddz

@DanicaPatrick: Great Sunday-went out for breakfast,shopping, golf,pedicure,dinner with friends. Now, on a plane to la. My how Monday’s change everything.

@nascarcasm: The Pit-Crew Challenge format will, as usual, require teams to change 4 tires, add 2 cans of fuel, and keep their gas man from killing a guy

@nascarcasm: Sounds like Fifth Third Bank will be sponsoring Matt Kenseth, coincidental, as this is RFR’s 53rd sponsor of the 2012 season. #nascar

@ericmcclure: Just left Dr office. Didn’t get answer I was hoping for. Trusting in God that this trial will soon pass and I will be better bc of it.

@MikeCalinoff: I bet @FifthThird picked Indy as one of their races because there’s not a lot banking in the corners. #fb

@joeylogano: The darlington winner http://t.co/qHFxDyDy

@ClintBowyer: Not so nice day at sea! http://t.co/j4CqMW8N

@keselowski: My dad always told me u have to wake up pretty early in the morning to beat the competition. I hate it when he’s right… #GoodMorning

@keselowski: To be a man, u gotta get back up on ur feet & face the challenge again. For me, Today is that day. #RoadAtlanta http://t.co/t4lLHDCe

@NewmanKrissie (Krissie Newman): Stopped by SHR this am, and got fitted into the Pit Crew comp car…pretty excited I still fit and that the guys still wanted me to steer!

@keselowski: Made it home from road Atlanta test in one piece and w/fast race car intact. Good work @penskeracing Now- #itsmillertime

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