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Tweet ‘n’ Greet – 5/22/2012

@nascarcasm: And upon hearing in-car audio from Saturday, Kurt’s sports psychologist lets out a sigh, phones his secretary, and says “Clear my schedule.”

@Amanda_Speed: Love when I know that @scottspeed is gonna be home racing for the next 2 weeks. Not sure how long I will like that, but for now I do… LOL

@landoncassill: Wanna see my Darlington pit road speed report? Shows how fast I went down pit road in each stop. 50.01 is speeding.http://t.co/bwPDBJW0

@BrianLVickers: That’s pretty cool… http://t.co/9HnNL3GR

@BrianLVickers: I can’t believe this thing is still standing! http://t.co/tBs17RnF

@Rchildress3 (Richard Childress): Great honor being put in the NMPA Hall of Fame with Ricky Rudd , Ricky won RCR’s first cup race in 1983 !

@JimmieJohnson: I love our All-star/600 look. http://t.co/xM8EiB9O

@Josh_Wise: Just leaving our competition meeting @FrontRowNASCAR and found out we will be RACING the Sprint Showdown this weekend! #cantwait

@RB_Mrs (Nicole Briscoe): If that’s not the face of a happy boy? http://t.co/K1L1KzWT

@KevinHarvick: Worked out first thing this am now headed to check on baby Otis and his momma at the Dr for their check up.

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): Big S/O to all of y’all coming in to Charlotte these next two weeks. Enjoy our city and all the cool things and racing events

@MartinTruexJr56: u dont say! “@DNewtonespn: Junior is the favorite to win the fan vote. If it doesn’t happen it will be biggest upset of year @benogden0421”

@Samantha_Busch: Getting fitted for my seat for the pit crew challenge! I love my 18 boys they even got my signature on the car! http://t.co/sYtBJyBn

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): With regards to the Allstar race. No gimmick will make the drivers race any harder up front. We already are! It’s just tougher than ever b4

@Samantha_Busch: Kb n the puppy watching a movie, too cute!! http://instagr.am/p/KthNpKy6mk/

@bobdillner: After v-lane champagne shower fr @JimmieJohnson boys last night I’m glad I didn’t get pulled over on way home. @NASCARonSPEED #sprintallstar

@mattkenseth: Let me cheque….. Both! RT @barndoor17: @mattkenseth is there a trophy or just the big cheque?

@31n2Spotter: My view from the office is better than yours! #nascar #holla http://t.co/wnCFQqBW

@bubbawallace: Made it. Waiting to unload! http://t.co/tQHzO4IG

@nascarcasm: Reminder to Kasey Kahne: During All-Star Weekend, you don’t demolish your car until the victory burnout. #nascar #carl

@bscottracing (Brian Scott): Enjoying a glass of wine here in Iowa and decompressing from the last week. Hitting the reset button for the race this weekend. R2G

@Samantha_Busch: Lol so kb n I watched days of thunder few nights ago n I asked him if he did good to say max speeeed on the radio n he did! Love it! @NASCAR

@MandiHamlin: Date night on the spotters stand. :) http://t.co/LQHP3R1v

@odsteve (Steve O’Donnell): Race control tonight for Trucks 134 Laps Green 8:20 live on SPEED #NASCAR http://t.co/bou2igFE

@odsteve: Great news about our new partnership with #Twitter awesome to be working together on some cool new programs! #NASCAR

@NelsonPiquet: Waiting for my turn to be introduced to the public here at Lowes motor speedway! http://t.co/BHgnXD57

@chaseelliott: Here in the mountains of newton Iowa! Just got done w a radio show here @iowaspeedway. Going to grab some dinner.

@KurtBusch: Great to see my bro @KyleBusch take the pole. Proud of you

@RickAllenRacing: Welcome to the broadcast! RT @giucanbera: @RickAllenracing We re here in Brazil watching it!! GO PALUDO, GO PIQUET.. hehehe

@nascarcasm: Upon sight of Ross Chastain’s truck, a LIVID Rep. Betty McCollum authors legislation prohibiting wasteful watermelon spending in #NASCAR.

@Samantha_Busch: Having a great time w both kyles! I seriously love this lil kid! http://t.co/0814EoPV

@ericmcclure: The @HeftyReynolds14 red, white, & blue car looks awesome! Bummed I can’t drive it this week, but glad we are able to Support Our Troops!

@Kris_Buescher: We WILL take the good with the bad. I know my husband is amazing and will keep digging!

@Kris_Buescher: Pretty extensive damage… http://t.co/p4TnGDCX

@DeLanaHarvick: Holy hell, @DierksBentley just got @KevinHarvick on stage to sing #5150!!!!

@NelsonPiquet: These feelings are one of the worst ones imaginable…. Specially when your well in the championship and when the team does a perfect job

@KeselowskiBrian (Brian Keselowski): Cmon brad, get better restarts and dont get run over. Sheesh

@keselowski: Well that was a fun night, our truck was good! Sry tv aired some choice words, NOT sorry I said them. I won’t let any1 push my teams around

@JamesBuescher: Not the way we had planned this race to play out, but you have to take the good with the bad! We got back on the lead lap! On to the next 1

@keselowski: Every man lives his life by some code, intentional wrecking ain’t in mine Not preventing a wreck can be. Several times I saved Ron #NeverAgain

@jim_utter: OMG the new #NASCAR media parking at Charlotte is SOOOO far away http://yfrog.com/kgeypnnj Smh

@TimothyPeters17: Wishing my beautiful bride @SaraPeters17 a Happy 5th Anniversary today! Proud of my @RedHorseRacing guys last night! Feel a win soon!

@jeff_gluck: Just showed up 8.5 hours before Sprint Showdown green flag and @bobpockrass STILL beat me here. http://t.co/o2Foq47t

@Kenny_Wallace: This is @kylepetty in his normal environment and YES that’s his motorcycle :) http://t.co/8dWGEHpv

@joeylogano: “@kvelez432: @joeylogano Just curious as to why you always come out of the car holding the steering wheel after a win?” Because its cool Ha

@nascarcasm: Back from behind-the-scenes at Indianapolis Zoo. This particular sea lion celebrates like @austindillon3. #NASCAR http://t.co/1Q2Pq74F

@RCR31JeffBurton: Today is @KimBurton31 birthday. Shes getting old but still hot as hell

@NewmanKrissie (Krissie Newman): Hello CMS http://t.co/ggVem9u7

@RB_Mrs: This view makes me realize just how fast fast really is! http://t.co/mm2A05Ih

@EmmaBlaney: @RyanBlaney10 getting ready for qualifying! http://t.co/uVlsraV2

@Amanda_Speed: @scottspeed getting suited with his girl… http://t.co/3IdciHKB

@bobpockrass: Bobby Labonte’s team was planning on skipping this race and he convinced them to run it. He wins the fan vote. #nascar

@RB_Mrs: Sun going down at @ims. Been a pretty cool day here :-) http://t.co/u5G6vIIq

@TheOrangeCone: Looks like Carl’s Fastenal Fusion blew to smithereens. But until then it was getting excellent fuel mileage just like on the street.

@EarnhardtKelley (Kelley Earnhardt): It’s amazing you can hear the crowd through the television! Go brother go!!!

@JamesBuescher: I would never take the time to get my helmet off before getting out of the car with that big of a fire! #nascar

@queers4gears: if Mr. Hendrick stays on there that car will never fit the template

@JoelEdmonds: That was 0 fun..

@Samantha_Busch: last thing.Loved format but think it’d b cool if all teams had 2 do 4 tire stop @ end 2 c how that chargened strategies n pit rd exit order

@stevewallace66: I get on twitter once a week it’s all bullshit anyway half the stuff people write makes me laugh just being honest

@nascarcasm: Rick Hendrick determined to keep Jimmie Johnson’s recent stroke of luck going. Step one: Keep Jeff Gordon away from Jimmie Johnson. #NASCAR

@TJmajors: Format is pretty cool. Need to make it a mandatory 4 tire stop for ALL with 10 to go.

@jeff_gluck: According to Forbes, Jimmie Johnson made $21 million last year. So his $1 million prize tonight is only like 2 1/2 weeks’ salary. #NASCAR

@BigEarl48 (Earl Barban): This is victory lane baby http://t.co/hK8PRs63

@dennyhamlin: Well I warned ya that tonight could be ugly.. Car was a handful all night . We will come back next week with a new plan

@KristineC48: Here is Dale Jr in victory lane with @JimmieJohnson http://t.co/IyOczGko

@keithrodden: Our car wasn’t right but it had some speed. Can’t believe we lost that segment by 0.006. We will be ready thursday

@MonteDutton: #NASCAR I believe the crowd estimate (132,000) includes all insects on the property, as well.

@MikeDavis88: Very enthused driver on way home. He can’t wait for the 600. Stevie & the #DewCrew are quite good. #DaleJr #nascar

@mattkenseth: Congrats @JimmieJohnson , I guess we can stop feeling bad for you guys and your “slump” now! I wish my slumps were like that… #5time

@2Spotter (Joey Meier): I’m betting Bruton was getting worried…1 more spot and he’d only have a week to reconfigure Charlotte. …

@JimmieJohnson: Dollah-Dollah Billz http://t.co/UHT7XK6Q

@AJDinger (AJ Allmendinger): Most fun I have ever had in a cup car. Pennzoil Dodge was so fast. Felt good. Thank u to all the fans who voted for me. Thank u to my team.

@RB_Mrs: Getting ready for front row pics. Been here before, but never on the far right :-) http://t.co/6NfkwvOA

@AJDinger: Reason we took 4 tires was cause the other 3 segment winners already had fresher tires than we did and were going to start infront of us

@AJDinger: We werent going to win like that anyway. So why not take a chance get 4 tires see if a big wreck happens on the start and have a chance for

@AJDinger: The win. In the All star race nothing else matters but the win. Had to try something. In the 600 for points we would have stayed out

@JeffGordonWeb: My idea of a Sunday drive with the kids. Thx @CLTMotorSpdwy! http://t.co/AWrofPQK

@ClintBowyer: Saw this in the infield last night. Somebody should go over there and check on them! #holyheadache http://t.co/SVOM18zs

@nascarcasm: Bummer for Danica. Based on her Talladega press conference, she’ll likely tell you that earning beads is more fun than melting them. #nns

@Patricia_AFF: @KurtBusch says “car has a chemical imbalance at the beginning of the run”:)

@bobdillner: Been interviewing this guy a lot lately on @NASCARonSPEED @JimmieJohnson #NASCAR http://t.co/CpGnOR1i

@KevinHarvick: I hear from the other side of the house “Kevin get in here” & I think oh shit where is the hospital. D “you hear that water?”uh it’s rain

@SluggerLabbe: It’s weird watching Indy car qualifying cars wreck hard and they can actually repair them & race, with a COT it ends up in the dumpster?

@MonteDutton: #NASCAR Stop tinkering. The sport is tricked up enough already. Fix the racing, not the rules.

@AllenBestwick: 3:10 AM, just walked into my house from Iowa. Some days are easier than others…

@Amanda_Speed: Just have to say that @scottspeed is so damn sexy! I am so lucky to have him

@scottspeed: Aww thanks baby lmao RT @Amanda_Speed: Just have to say that @scottspeed is so damn sexy! I am so lucky to have him

@Amanda_Speed: Wth? I let @scottspeed borrow my phone and look what happens… Look, ur already n the doghouse. Keep it up and u’ll b stayin w/ a friend…

@TravisPastrana: Just another day at the office! http://t.co/absQrBsJ

@StenhouseJr (Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.): Headed to play in the Hendrick charity golf tournament @JimmieJohnson hope ur ready

@ClintBowyer: If your motorcycle breaks down this much… Maybe it’s time for a new one! http://t.co/TKt7z7zN

@EyeInTheSky14 (Bob Jeffrey): Please put a seat belt on the roof of the golf cart that @JimmieJohnson uses in the Hendrick charity event today n case he rides on the roof

@JennaFryer: Weird: @RB_Mrs interviewing @Ryan_Briscoe. #nascar? #IndyCar? http://t.co/rlBSGAj2

@MartySmithESPN: #NiceBody http://t.co/rqauNChi

@KrisJohnson_NI: Learned again for the umpteenth time: the thrill of #nascar often comes without any speed involved. http://t.co/41YWWPoo

@SteveLetarte: Zero damage on all star car. We are gonna bring that one back for 600.

@joeylogano: Got to take my buddy Gavin around @JoeGibbsRacing yesterday http://t.co/6wTqIGOW

@bscottracing: At Little Rock today testing. Nothing beats driving a race car all day! Then Headed to panthers stadium tonight for a MDA event.

@NelsonPiquet: I wake up this morning and guess what I see!? @keselowski car is parked here filming a commercial! I love where I live http://t.co/1cNvQLEZ

@ClintBowyer: Here at TRD for the unveiling of the #2013NASCARCamry Always wanted to just hang a truck on the wall… Pretty cool http://t.co/0ZQUnkcD

@BubbaWallace: Well @Sergio_Pena1 lost on the twitter verification. Beat him to the punch! It’s official now!

@jeff_gluck: First look at the new Toyota http://t.co/HXooqv0q

@keselowski: Just finished up the new #NASCAR commercial for @ESPN Can’t wait till it comes out! #Funny

@joeylogano: My old man tried to relive Dover http://t.co/u8BK5RbR

@dennyhamlin: Anyone have any aloe? http://t.co/aDz0N7Tu

@dennyhamlin: Haha good makeup job by the Espn commercial shoot.. Fooled all y’all

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