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Dylan Smith Diary #3 – Results are coming


Dylan Smith notches his first top 10 of the season.
Photo by Yvonne Leonard

Week three of the Jack in the Box Summer Shootout saw Dylan Smith score his first top 10 finish of the season. Smith has been working toward making his car more and more competitive and being able to get to the front of the pack more quickly during his races. Round three saw Smith with more speed early and also saw him with a car he could drive anywhere, which came in handy when there were multiple caution periods during the main event.

Mike Neff: Tell us about scoring your first top 10 in a Summer Shootout race.

Dylan Smith: It was pretty good. The car was pretty good although we started in the back of the pack. We need to step up our qualifying and heat racing game. We have a good race car every night and we were just dodging wrecks pretty much. There were a lot of wrecks going on last week. We were right in front of it or it was right in front of us and we were able to weave our way through and end up with a top 10 so we were really pleased with that.

MN: You’ve been taking advantage of the outside on restarts quite a bit this summer, why has that been working for you?


Dylan Smith keeps in touch with the world through Social Media.
Photo by Yvonne Leonard

DS: Ryan Solomon, I’m not sure what he’s been doing for us, but he’s got it wound up on the outside so we’re able to hang on the outside longer than most everyone else. When the opportunity presents itself to jump to the outside I tend to take it because, if you can pin somebody down just right you can gain a spot and definitely not lose one so it is working out pretty good.

MN:We’re here for the Big Money 100 this week. You ran your heat race yesterday and came home fifth. Was that your first ever top 5 in a Legend car?


Fifth place in a heat was good but it should have been better.
Photo by Yvonne Leonard

DS: Yes, we should have been fourth. When we got back to the pits we realized the caster had been knocked out on it just a little bit so it made it a little tight, but the car was still good. Coming into our B-Main we were positive and we had a good run going before we got into a little skirmish on the track but you’ll have that in big time stock car racing. It is just part of the game.

MN: We’ll be back at it next Tuesday. You scored your first top 10 will we see your first top 5 before too long?


Smith is pleased with the progress of the team this season.
Photo by Yvonne Leonard

DS: Hopefully this Tuesday, if not a top three. We have a really strong car and I’m getting better every week. We’re starting to figure out where we need to be and I’m starting to figure out what I need the car to do. As long as we can have a little luck and stay out of the wrecks I think we can do it.

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