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Tweet ‘n’ Greet – 7/17/2012

@kadinger17: (Karen Allmendinger): One thing I can state without a doubt in my mind is that @AJDinger would never ever take an illegal drug #SupportAJ”

@MrsCrewChief (Dana Wilson): I’ve seen some very happy, relaxed photos of my friends @KevinHarvick & @delanaharvick. So very happy for you 2, can’t wait to meet Keelan.

@joeylogano: Today is officially my day in Middletown CT http://instagram.com/p/M8ZNh2olBV/

@shanamayfield: @kadinger17: We are thinking of you guys! Hang in there!

@AllWaltrip: (Darrell Waltrip) It’s amazing when NASCAR finds a rule violation whether on purpose or by accident it always seem to help the car not hurt the car!

@JennaFryer: NEWS: AJ’s business manager says AJ tested positive for a stimulant.

@JennaFryer: “AJ is collecting his medicines and supplemants for testing to determine whether an over the counter product” caused positive.

@JennaFryer: “Our understanding is that AJ’s test was slightly above the threshold.” They do not know when B test will take place.

@nateryan: Stimulants listed as prohibited substances in #nascar rulebook include amphetamine, methamphetamine, Ecstasy (MDMA), Eve (MDEA), MDA, PMA.

@nateryan: Also listed in #nascar rulebook under stimulants that are prohibited: Phentermine and other amphetamine derivatives and related compounds.

@shanamayfield: Zero tolerance means there is no threshold, any detection is automatic failure. That’s how it was explained to us.

@bobpockrass: For those asking about energy drinks, remember this: #NASCAR has never suspended anyone, as far as I know, for too much of an energy drink.

@Writer_Amy (Amy Henderson): Danica Patrick says she discusses every supplement or vitamin she takes with personal trainer.

@SherryPollex: We rent out her cleaning services…not sure how sanitary they are but she’s a good pre-rinse cycle :) https://twitter.com/SherryPollex/status/223783501751783424/photo/1

@DNewtonESPN (David Newton): #NASCAR @KevinHarvick said having baby was best moment of his life. Congrats. #nascar

@bobpockrass: Kevin: Said he took so long to get DeLana to the hospital that she could not get an epidural before giving birth. #nascar

@Ryan_Truex: The old man got it done at @NHMS back in the day https://twitter.com/Ryan_Truex/status/223786188656488448/photo/1

@nateryan: Kevin Harvick says he has reserved the Twitter account, website domains, etc., for his new son, Keelan. #nascar

@DNewtonESPN: #NASCAR @KevinHarvick says he drove @DelanaHarvick to hospital. “We didn’t make any real fast corners. … I didn’t get yelled at.”

@DNewtonESPN: #NASCAR @KevinHarvick said he was at home and prepared not to return to Daytona if it came down to it. He still beat @SamHornish to DIS.

@DeLanaHarvick: Happy Friday everyone! I’ve taken the week to snuggle, cuddle & love on Keelan… he’s such a blessing! Tks for all the love & support :)

@nateryan: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. disappointed to learn Army is ending its #nascar sponsorship but optimistic that National Guard will stay with 88 team.

@nateryan: Mission Control for Mike Mulhern at New Hampshire. He’s typed on both laptops simultaneously. #nascar http://twitpic.com/a75p4d

@DeLanaHarvick: #nodrugs tks 2 @KevinHarvick RT @nascarnation: Saying “dad waited 2 long to take @DeLanaHarvick 2 the hospital” #NASCAR

@shanamayfield: No RT @TuckDaddy48: @shanamayfield Was Jeremy afforded the same opportunity to have experts present at his B sample test that AJ was?

@ClaireBLang: Carl Edwards says drivers should get together and have their own testing grp to tandem test along w nascars test for extra insurance

@nateryan: Carl Edwards got randomly tested at Daytona last week. Says it can be an intimidating process walking into the room. #Nascar

@scottspeed: For it! RT @jeff_gluck: Carl Edwards calls for two different labs to do drug tests: One chosen by #NASCAR, one chosen by drivers as a group.

@jim_utter: Sure sounded like Carl Edwards advocated the creation of a driver’s union #NASCAR

@shanamayfield: Well maybe now that one of their “cash cows” suggest it they will now listen RT @MerrilyBullard: “@jeff_gluck: Edwards calls for two different labs to do drug tests: One chosen by #NASCAR, one chosen by drivers as a group.@shanamayfield

@jeff_gluck: Tony Stewart says Army’s decision to leave team was “a little bit of a surprise,” but knew it was a possibility. #NASCAR

@AllWaltrip: we all want to think the best but, cars are illegal and test results are actuate, never had anyone admit they were wrong, plenty of excuses!

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): IMO True success in any form of athletics should not be achieved from taking supplements but from skill, heart & work ethic to win.

@Lindyhornaday: Ron getting ready to make another run https://twitter.com/Lindyhornaday/status/223924379636088833/photo/1

@keselowski: last point about drug testing- I’m against performance enhancing supplements in sports. Not to be confused with modern meds, Dr.s etc.

@KevinHarvick: scrabble!! “@Ms5tyme: @kevinharvick, how did u and @delanaharvick come up with the name keelan?”

@KevinHarvick: yes he was actually!! He’s been a big help! “@HHinsonPhoto: Giving Dad advice? @JimmieJohnson @KevinHarvick http://pic.twitter.com/3XbNhstL”

@DNewtonESPN: Just ran into Bruton Smith at restaurant. Must be a nice place. #NASCAR

@nascarcasm: @DNewtonespn Or he wants to change the menu entirely.

@CharlieDaniels: I have it on excellent authority that the National Guard’s sponsorship of Nascar has been very effective in recruiting. IT SHOULD CONTINUE

@shanmayfield: According to an article written by David Geier, “keselowski took Motrin to help ease the pain and doctors even drained fluid from his foot during a delay in the race.’

@shanamayfield: They need to be..RT @mikemulhern @jeff_gluck these drivers here are nervous, very, very nervous. dont know what the aj deal really is, & they dont either. they’re nervous

@jim_utter: This whole supplement deal is going to look really silly one day soon. #truth

@heymartysnider (Marty Snider): Looks like I will not be in NH this Sun. Sitting in the hospital in ALT. Been struggling with a fever that spiked at 105 last night. Not fun

@KellyBires: We’re in!!!! So many ppl to thank for this opportunity! Long hard week of work paid off by everyone at @GoGreenRacing. First Cup start! ‪#fb‬

jim_utter: “Not having access to the test, I would only be speculating as to whether it made (Allmendinger’s) test positive.” In other words garbage

@DGodfatherMoody (Dave Moody): @jim_utter So sorry I dont measure up to your lofty standards, Jim. Does your phone work? Or is speaking in person beneath you?

@TravisPastrana: Thanks @jimmiejohnson for always going above & beyond. Drawing examples of what I needed to do differently tomorrow.. https://twitter.com/TravisPastrana/status/223974907791413248/photo/1

@DeLanaHarvick: everything happens 4 a reason; except epidural! RT @bobpockrass: Kevin Harvick was ready to miss race last wk for birth

@TimCindric: 4 those who inquired about @penskeracing using @SamHornish’s name on the 22 car, this is consistent w/ @he3lio tax situation a few yrs ago

@AlexBRacing (Alex Bowman): Up and getting ready to head to the track! Can’t thank everybody enough for the kind words. Was awesome to have Mannats on board and @StJude

@StewartHaasRcng: Final NASCAH Sprint Cup practice is undahway at New Hampsha.Tuning up for 301 miles tomorrow at the Magic Mile. Watch it LIVE on @SPEED.

@JesseMedford: Gotta tell ya, I don’t hold anything against someone that accidentally takes a #stimulant banned by #NASCAR. I hope #sponsors are forgiving.

@StewartHaasRcng: To do on July 14: Practice Sprint Cup cah at New Hampsha, watch Mahd Toah race, storm Bastille, grab some dinnah (labstah!), sleep.

@AllWaltrip: my new favorite song is “here’s my number, call me maybe”, you can’t go wrong with Carly Rae!

@heymartysnider: Hey friends, fever much better today. They still can’t figure out the headaches, still much to learn. Thx for the prayers.

@AllenBestwick: I have vivid memories of hearing the unique rumble of NASCAR Modifieds as I walked across parking lots towards tracks. Exciting. Still!

@KevinHamlin: I wonder if these guys are tweeting each other? http://twitpic.com/a7kv30

@Patricia_AFF: Uncle @KyleBusch playing with Houston last night. They make me smile:) https://twitter.com/Patricia_AFF/status/224190096910450688/photo/1

@heymartysnider: Hey friends. Thx for the nice notes. Looks like a combo of exhaustion, dehydration and a virus. Fever today is abt 101. Hope to be home Mon.

@Kenny_Wallace: WE DID I! WE WON the 2012 @SummerNationals Championship, Thank You to Tony Stewart for flying me to “Oak Shade” Speedway!

@Kenny_Wallace: Here is a picture of our 2012 Summer National Championship… pic.twitter.com/pme5S9Zv”

@Kenny_Wallace: When I Die, But I will sleep 3 Days this week….. RT “@RCR31JeffBurton: @Kenny_Wallace just wondering, do u ever sleep?”

@Kenny_Wallace: THANK YOU ALL for the nice words on our 2012 @SummerNationals Modified Championship, I am Happy “The Day After” HUGE effort by my team

@nascarcasm: My dead #NASCAR-viewing friend never showed up. Stiffed again.

@SamanthaBusch: Everyones all set to go racing! http://twitpic.com/a7mbqy

@shanamayfield: His attorney needs to be there through the process, wish we had been given that opportunity. RT @cobra640 @shanamayfield im sure he will have his attorney close by when the result comes back.

@Writer_Amy: Here’s a stat for you. Despite 4 DNF’s in 8 races, @Kenny_Wallace still has a better average finish than Travis Pastrana this year.

@JeffGordonWeb: Watching NNS race. Pretty good sign of what we’ll be dealing with tomorrow. Very tough to pass!

@TheKBShow: I’m going to look for pennies on tails, and break a mirror. Role reversal on the luck thing. If it works tomorrow, u can thank me then.

@JeffGordonWeb: Well unless lap cars almost run u into the infield like they just did with @KevinHarvick!

@DeLanaHarvick: Grrr… RT @JeffGordonWeb Well unless lap cars almost run u into the infield like they just did with @KevinHarvick!

@Riceman61: Amber has been a lot for the leaders to cope with today @nhms

@NASCAR_Realtime: Folks… She lost 33 laps ON THE RACE TRACK. She never went behind the wall. Amber Cope. ‪#nascar‬

@JeffGordonWeb: I’ll b sure to ask @KevinHarvick not to take out his frustrations from today on the “24” tomorrow.

@nascarcasm: Despite her assistance, don’t expect Brad to thank Amber Cope. As he clearly stated yesterday, he doesn’t think drivers should be enhanced.

@Regan_Smith_: If I was in @KevinHarvick shoes I’m not sure that I woulda kept my cool that well in the interview.

@DeLanaHarvick: New daddy patience ? RT @Regan_Smith_ If I was in @KevinHarvick shoes I’m not sure that I woulda kept my cool that well in the interview.

@StacyStenhouse:” Brother is okay he’s been sick and heat doesnt mix. he is alert taking him to infield care center to get him probably some fluids! Love you

@JoelEdmonds: Something’s just don’t belong …….

@dennyhamlin: Hey @SamHornish, how do you make your hair look so good after wearing a helmet for 3 hours??

@ClintBowyer: Man, maybe I’ll have another water or two tonight. Some Crappie Floppin going on after the Nationwide race!!!

@maxpapis: It looks like @austindillon3 will pay dinner as he won the dash for cash ….

@JenJoCobb: 2 #JJCR trucks in the show!!! Yep, the girls r crying as if we won. Oops… Maybe a few tears for the guys too! We have been through so much

@DNewtonESPN: #NASCAR @TimCindric said @Keselowski’s comment that Allmendinger had basically “death sentence” regardless of B test result was “harsh.”

@DNewtonESPN: #NASCAR @TimCindric said the phone at Penske Racing from prospective drivers has lit up since Allmendinger was suspended.

@KevinHarvick: Everyone did a great job today unfortunate that it came down to a lap car costing us the race… #thatsracing

@AmberAngelaCope: Angela: getting ready to leave track wow….what a day!

@jim_utter: Stenhouse is fine, released from care center. #NASCAR

@Ryan_Truex: Hey @KevinHarvick https://twitter.com/Ryan_Truex/status/224271905534906369/photo/1

@DeLanaHarvick: nothing can turn @KevinHarvick frown upside down after losing a race better than facetime where he watched keelan get his first bath!

@ariejr (Arie Luyendyk, Jr.): Just booked my flight to Indy to watch the ‪#Brickyard400‬, my first @Nascar race @IMS… Exciting!

@bobpockrass: Inspection done for Nationwide race. All cars clear and no issues. And everybody who works on the 3 car can breathe again. #nascar

@keselowski: Wow, what a day in Loudon! Got our cup car fast, won the pole with Nationwide car & the race. #sweet thank you everyone that supports us :)

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): @AmberAngelaCope wtf is your spotter telling you? And is it in Enlish?? #NASCAR

@AmberAngelaCope: Just bc u say it does not make it right!!! mr @kevinharvick…where should I go? I will take the apologies Monday! ASS! http://lockerz.com/s/225105380

@pkligerman (Parker Kligerman): Just frustrates me to see such an awesome crowd, such passionate fans and we give them racing like this… #NASCAR

@nascarcasm: Reports that weather is headed toward track. It’s in Penske’s jet, and it’s trying to get there as fast as possible. #NASCAR #Hornish

@mattkenseth: Man were you fast @dennyhamlin, it must have been the little race car soap! ‪#Zest

@DennyHamlin: @mattkenseth I only washed my ass with it

@JennaFryer: New crew chief, Chad Norris, for Carl Edwards. Bob Osborne becoming “senior member of organization’s management team and steering committee”

@bobpockrass: Ryan Blaney to run some races in the Penske No. 22 Nationwide car this year. First start will be Iowa in August. #nascar

@kaseykahne: “@SSpistol: @kaseykahne Did you eat the giant lobster and ring the bell with all the staff?” Not yet but we will. Can’t wait

@KevinHarvick: Not a whole lot going on around here.. Going to get a good couple weeks at home with @KeelanHarvick & @DeLanaHarvick! #diaperduty

@pkligerman: Greatest thing about our sport, there is no set path to the top. Wit drive, good work ethic and talent you can go far. C u there #NASCAR

@jim_utter: From AJ’s biz folks: “We have elected to have a designated independent toxicologist present on AJ’s behalf. ” #NASCAR

@JennaFryer: Partial answer to “Why so long?” because in electing to bring his own toxicologist, he had to find one, hire one, coordinate a test date.

@DeLanaHarvick: Man I thought @KevinHarvick drove slow before Keelan!! We’re out and about today and an old lady just blew by us!!! #pickupthepacepops

@AmberAngelaCope: We appreciate all the support from our fans, Amber learned a lot on the track and off. We will see you all at our next NNS race. #NASCAR

@DGodfatherMoody: The point of testing a driver’s “B” sample is not to do it fast. It’s to do it RIGHT! With a career at stake, we can wait another week

@TheOrangeCone: If you need proof that hashtags are better when they aren’t “curated” with their own “algorithm” go check out #ChadNorrisFacts

@JennaFryer: Asked on Sirius why the AJ process is taking so long, @TimCindric compares AJ’s situation to “being down to the last pitch.” #NASCAR

@ivandebosch: I did not go on the Rwanda this time, I stayed home with Ella and Leo. I have a rendez vous with Papa in the south of France in a few day’s.

@ivandebosch (Ingrid Vandebosch): So proud of my husband for all the good he is doing in the world! He is an amazing man with a heart of gold.

@nateryan: One nugget in Allmendinger story: #nascar confirmed he could appeal an indefinite suspension to the National Stock Car Racing Appeals Panel.

@bobpockrass: Just took closeup look at @55MarkMartin avatar & realized it’s his upcoming Cup schedule … guess he gets asked that a lot. #nascar

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