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Tweet ‘n’ Greet – 7-25-2012

@TimothyPeters17: Waiting in the lobby before @SaraPeters17 and I are called to the back to find out if it’s a boy or girl! #exciting #nervous

@DeLanaHarvick: There is nothing better than snuggling keelan and looking into his eyes… ❤❤❤

@Patricia_AFF (Patricia Driscoll): #kurtBusch deep sea fishing in Sitka Alaska http://instagram.com/p/NOknvupTCx/

@JeffGordonWeb: Amazing day in Rwanda celebrating Butaro Cancer Center of Excellence opening. Thank u @agnesbinagwaho @ClintonTweet @PIH 4 the opportunity.

@NewmanKrissie: Thank you for your Congrats. Ashlyn is such a little blessing. We are both doing well and Brooklyn is a great big sister

@KurtBusch: We are in Sitka b/c @Patricia_AFF loves “The Proposal”. We found out the day before we left that the movie was shot in Rockport, MA- DANG

@KimBurton31: @DeLanaHarvick snuggle hard and long. You will blink and he will be grown up. :). Enjoy.

@TheOrangeCone: To remind themselves of the old days, Cup drivers doing double duty @ims will take helicopters back and forth to NNS garage nxt wknd #nascar

@nateryan: Presented without comment: Rep. Steve Palazzo says he heard #nascar fans are up to 70 million, “and that might be a low number.”

@bobpockrass: Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.) talks about suspension on military vehicles helped with technology from Joe Gibbs Racing. #nascar

@MartySmithESPN: Rep. Bill Posey from Melbourne Fla. calls em out for “micromanaging” as it pertains to the NASCAR military sponsorships. Word!

@Amanda_Speed: So Jules sits like this all the time. No feet or hands on the ground, balancing act… LOL http://lockerz.com/s/226206604

@TimothyPeters17: Very excited about @SaraPeters17 and I expecting our baby BOY in December

@BrianLVickers: As someone who helped bring Army to #NASCAR years ago- really hope this amendment does NOT pass. We are all huge supporters of military!!

@AmberAngelaCope: Ok @KevinHarvick #NASCAR #nns give me reason to appologize…u bet on the wrong pony!!

@DeLanaHarvick: thoughts & prayers go out to the victims & their families in CO shooting… i just can’t comprehend why something like this happens.

@pkligerman (Parker Kligerman): Woah! Who’s this guy? I think he’s taller in person tho…. #NASCAR #NCWTS http://t.co/aq7P8ty5

@DeLanaHarvick: As I look at my precious, sweet, innocent baby I wonder how it can go so wrong for some people… #heartbreaking #hurtinginnocentpplsucks

@NewmanKrissie (Krissie Newman): At the baby doc for Ms Ashlyn’s first check up…

@DeLanaHarvick: how can one little guy create so much laundry and dirty dishes!! i’m spending every waking moment in the laundry room & cleaning bottles! :)

@DeLanaHarvick: Watching keelan smile and laugh as @KevinHarvick “tries” to rap to him is priceless!! Even at almost 2 weeks old he knows dad has no skillz.

@Elliott_Sadler: Getting fluids in the infield care center..Getting my body ready for tomorrow.. But actually feel better after being in the car!! It’s fast

@newmanKrissie: Having a nice eve at home with family and some friends. Ashlyn and Brooklyn are doing great and B is such a good big sister! #blessed

@WendyVenturini: Aww thank you DAD for the words in Victory Lane…Jarrad & I wished we were there too!!

@WendyVenturini: My 18-month-old son was SO excited to see Grandpa in Victory Lane interview on @NASCARonSPEED! He kept pointing & laughing “Papa! Papa!”

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): At crew chief Paul Wolfe’s wedding tonight, Looking for updates of @NASCAR_Trucks from Chicago on @SPEED Any helpers!

@Kris_Buescher: No matter what I am so proud of @JamesBuescher and his amazing team! They will overcome this no matter what.

@Beth_Frntstrtch (Beth Lunkenheimer): Did @SPEED really have @Brendan62’s name spelled wrong? Looked to me like they had Gaughn…shame on them! #NASCAR

@keselowski: Thank u everyone for the @NASCAR_Trucks updates I’m 3 miller lites in and feeling pretty good about our chances.

@Kris_Buescher: And that right there is why @JamesBuescher is amazing and God is GOOD!!!!

@NelsonPiquet: When things happens like tonight there is NO worse feeling and pain in the world for me as a driver! Its hard to pick yourself up after this

@JamesBuescher: We. Never. Quit. Came back from 2 laps down! Incredible. #winning http://lockerz.com/s/227191087

@scottspeed: <----- this guy just ran a sub 1h10m sprint tri!! First try ;) so damn pumped pretty sure I finished 29th overall out of 300 @nascarcasm: PIC: When you win the pole on a windy day, the backdrop blows down. Don't win the pole on a windy day... #nascar http://twitpic.com/aakaoh @keselowski: Fully recovered from last nights party and ready to watch nationwide race from @ChicagolndSpdwy Cheering on @penskeracing #nascar @joeylogano: Just watched the special make a wish with @KyleBusch on espn really cool. That is the best of part being a race car driver @DeLanaHarvick: poor keelan, dad thinks it's funny 2 blame him when he burps/toots. i'd b quite concerned if noises like that came out of something so small @AmberAngelaCope: Angela: hoping to raise $100k for the charlotte race so I can be in good equipment with a leased motor!! @keselowski: Just thinking, 5 years ago this weekend I got my big break to drive the #88 navy car for Dale jr. What a ride it's been... #nascar @Elliott_Sadler: Don't know where to start with all the emotions I got right now.... Thanks to all you guys for the support and the tweets!! You fans rock @Brendan62 (Brendan Gaughan): Well, almost had a great weekend. Came up just a little short... Did you know that we can't see our hoodpins while sitting in our seat? @KyleBusch: No @espn interview cause I got wrecked on the straightaway. Pretty sure Ray Charles saw that. Tough day again... 8th week and counting. @Brendan62: I just heard @kylebusch 's motor and he got turned, knew it wasn't his fault. Be willing to bet he has never looked for his hood pins also @Brendan62: My @RCRracing teammates say that a better excuse would have been that he was trying to text. Each excuse is just about as lame @nascarcasm: Update: Penalized $122 for speeding. Will be setting up Cope-style GoFundMe page so you can help me pay it, and I can show my true skills. @Elliott_Sadler: One awesome pic!!!! https://twitter.com/Elliott_Sadler/status/227219160768327680/photo/1 @J_Allgaier (Justin Allgaier): For the record..#1 I am happy to finish 3rd today! I wanted to win more than anyone I can promise that #2 I may have too much energy but... @SherryPollex: What a perfect lazy Sunday. We did nothing but lay by the pool, lay on the couch, watch racing & eat! Is this what normal ppl do? #awesome @NASCAR_REALTIME: A friend owns some gas stations. He recieved these from Fuel in a Bottle this weekend. #Nascar @Elliott_Sadler: @J_Allgaier One last tweet before bed... Gotta give a big thanks to Justin for the push... I owe you one @J_Allgaier: I only accept large bills!! Lol RT @Elliott_Sadler: @J_Allgaier One last tweet.Gotta give a big thanks to Justin for the push..I owe you one @jeff_gluck: NASCAR estimated yesterday’s Chicagoland Nationwide race attendance at 25,000, FWIW. @TheMiniChad: NASCAR estimated yesterday’s Chicagoland Nationwide race attendance at 25,000. (Note to self, don't ask NASCAR to do my taxes) @Kenny_Wallace: Honestly all it takes to run GOOD is a "LOT OF Money Honey" ha ha ha! To do what we did yesterday cost 100 Thousand Dollars. Others 150. @DeLanaHarvick: Diaper=clean, keelan=fed...why so fussy?? Where's the owner's manual for this little dude? @DeLanaharvick: ahhhhh... thank you musical swing. you've made mom and dad AND keelan happy! @Regan_Smith_: I am so ready to be at Indy! Off weekends are great but I wanna get back racing! @AmberAngelaCope: Help & Donate to stick up for all those who have been at the hands of unwarrented sexist comment. I just want to run. @NewmanKrissie: Can't believe it was a week ago today we welcomed baby Ashlyn into the world- #lifeisgood so to celebrate I am having cake for lunch-lol @Brendan62: You know it's been too long when, while watching the replay of the truck race, @speed spells your name wrong! #gaughan not #gaughn @Kenny_Wallace: PRESS RELEASE: Just got a call from "Jim Cassidy" from NASCAR, I am NOT eligible for "Dash For Cash" I will eXplain through neXt tweet. @Kenny_Wallace: My race team @RAB_Racing filed a LATE entry for the Chicago race for car #09! Therefore you DO NOT receive Points. I am OK with it :) @Kenny_Wallace: Sooooo! Congrats to Michael Annett who will get in the "Dash For Cash" on default. I just wanted to run INDY, NO DRAMA for ME :) The END. @Brendan62: @JamesBuescher called me out about the slow restart in Victory lane, & did a great job explaining it.Nice comeback,I won't do that again:-) @Kenny_Wallace: I Kinda like being a "Outlaw Racer" I don't race for points! Ha ha! I just show up and Race BECA-- USE I am a Racer! Let's RACE this Race :) @TravisPastrana: Getting ready with @jayleno. https://twitter.com/TravisPastrana/status/227529297009704960/photo/1 @BubbaWallace: (Darrell Wallace, Jr.): Can't tell you how pumped I am to climb back in the @NASCAR_NNS car w/ @JoeGibbsRacing at @iowaspeedway in 2 wks! Going for top 5 this time! @KellyBires: Finally back at the house after being in about 7 different states the last 3 days. It's what racers do! @aric_almirola: ready to tour the new born section of the hospital @JaniceAlmirola plans to deliver at. #shitsgettinreal @JennaFryer: Umm, I'm back ... We have a mechanical issue and have returned to the gate. What would KuBu call this? @AmberAngelaCope: Ok folks just poured second glass of wine let's talk ab racing #NASCAR against @KevinHarvick. Give me sum good questions? @AmberAngelaCope: U know.....lots of people saying I m trying to get attention over this @KevinHarvick thing...dah @MartySmithESPN: AJ Allmendinger B Sample test occurs this morning at 8a CDT (9ET) at Aegis Lab in Nashville, TN. @MartySmithESPN: Expected within 48 hours. Possibly much sooner. RT @Drive32: @MartySmithESPN how long do we wait for the results? @jeff_Gluck: Official Indy race title (no joke): "Crown Royal Presents the Curtiss Shaver 400 at the Brickyard Powered by http://BigMachineRecords.com" #NASCAR @jeff_gluck: I dunno about you, but I prefer calling it the "Brickyard 400." #NASCAR @jamiemcmurray: I have been at the shop all morning preparing for Indy. Big weekend for Juan and I getting to run both the Grand Am and Cup cars. @jeff_gluck: All those panicked tweeters asking about Hendrick “announcement,” fear not. Announcement was about team’s new app. @nascarcasm: The Hendrick app is significantly more user-friendly than the John Wes Townley app, which just repeatedly crashes your IPhone. #nascar @nascarcasm: Best feature of the Hendrick Motorsports app by far is the addictive Dale-Jr.-based game, "Angry Beards." #nascar @StewartHaasRcng (Stewart Haas Racing): DYK? #TonyStewart's grandfather, Gaylord Marshall, was a deliveryman for Mobil. Check out his pic: http://yfrog.com/obueqdij @PPistone: ESPN VP reports "not everyone is on board" with side by side race coverage #nascar @bobpockrass: Not making this up. Kansas Pieroguys Pierogies named the Official Pierogie of Kansas Speedway. #nascar @DGodfatherMoody: When you think Kansas, you think pierogies. @jim_utter: Attendance was down at #NASCAR Nationwide race at Chicagoland, but ESPN rating was up 57 percent over last year (which was a night race) @Amanda_Speed: Had a rough day today... Thank goodness for insurance... @Amanda_Speed: RT @t0759: @Amanda_Speed What happened? -- lost my main diamond on my engagement ring. Gone! :( @Kenny_Wallace: My official quote on Chicago Penalty: "The Penalty does NOT affect ME, I feel bad for @RAB_Racing for the 10 thousand dollar fine" @Kenny_Wallace: My Quote on Chicago Penalty: I LOve @NASCAR because it's my life but this fine has Nothing to do with ME, I LOve you ALL :)