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Tweet ‘n’ Greet – 8/8/2012

@JimmieJohnson: Carl? https://twitter.com/JimmieJohnson/status/230634733070061568/photo/1

@jeff_gluck: Reading material in @mikedavis88’s office. https://twitter.com/jeff_gluck/status/230683103520256000/photo/1

@bobpockrass: Allmendinger has been released by Penske Racing. #nascar

@bobpockrass: Penske: “The decision to dismiss him is consistent with how we would treat any other Penske Racing team member under similar circumstances.”

@bobpockrass: Allmendinger: “I apologize for the distraction, embarrassment, and difficulties that my current suspension from NASCAR has provided.”

@TimCindric: AJ fans: I respect ur passion/disappointment n decision.I also want 2 c AJ succeed. We must now put our energy twd supporting his next steps.

@TheOrangeCone: What Cindric really meant: “dont let the door hit your ass on the way out. Oh, and don’t call me sobbing anymore.”

@bobpockrass: Penske said Sunday he has had constant contact w/ AJ but was out of country; wanted to sit down face-to-face w/AJ before deciding fate.

@DNewtonESPN (David Newton): #NASCAR Brad @Keselowski was right at New Hampshire when he said Allmendinger’s failed drug test was a “death sentence.”

@DGodfatherMoody (Dave Moody): The good news is that we are a society (and a sport) that believes in second chances. @AJDinger WILL make the most of his.

@TheOrangeCone: Is AJ ‘#nascar poison’? I dont believe so. Other athletes have been busted and returned to prominence and multi-million $ endorsements.

@NelsonPiquet: My biggest mistake since I moved to the US was getting a @att line!! God they’re terrible! Have to walk to the main road to make a phone call!

@landoncassill: What’s more important than anything is there are two precious girls missing in iowa. Running a sticker on my racecar and praying for them

@pkligerman: This is a serious FAIL…in spelling. Haha… #NASCAR https://twitter.com/pkligerman/status/231041622580813824/photo/1

@KevinHarvick: Well it’s official @KeelanHarvick has his first racing suit!! Thanks @sparcoofficial !! https://twitter.com/KevinHarvick/status/231043848174960643/photo/1

@DeLanaHarvick: Now he REALLY does wear the firesuit in the family! RT @KevinHarvick @KeelanHarvick has his 1st suit Tks @sparcoofficial

@AllWaltrip (Darrell Waltrip): old habits are hard to break, I was packing my suitcase , Stevie says, what are you doing, I’m going to Pocono, you’re not working this week

@kaseykahne: Todd Bodine may wanna watch the replay on that one. #needanewhelmet

@jeff_gluck: After watching Todd Bodine incident, I’m going to go rear-end a car and then get out and throw something at them for daring to be there.

@KevinHarvick: Uh no I wasn’t good enough to do that when he drove for KHI. “@busasquatch: Is that @KevinHarvick coaching Nelson Piquet Jr in the #30?

@austindillon3: Man that’s awesome congrats to @joeycoulter what a guy that is so awesome great job bro you to double H

@55MarkMartin: The ice cream truck keeps driving up and down the motorhome lot here. I’m contemplating cheating a little on today’s nutrition plan lol

@jeff_gluck: Joey Coulter’s mom yelled, “Oh, I love Pocono!” as her son crossed finish line. #neverheardthatbefore

@bobpockrass: Bodine was summoned to the #NASCAR hauler after the race … I asked Todd if he had gotten his helmet back. He said. “They can have it.”

@DeLanaHarvick: Too bad you aren’t here, Keelan would be happy to help u kill some time!

@ChadH58 (Chad Hackenbracht): Chad Hackenbracht ‏@ChadH58

@Elliott_Sadler: Thanks for all the tweets guys!! New track record pretty cool.. 3rd pole in a row here and 4th of year.. Need to turn it into a win!!

@bobpockrass: Looks like Danica got back by Whitt … she’s told “nice job” by her team. … Obviously team judges her some by comparing her to Whitt.

@JimmieJohnson: Some of you can dream up what ever you want, I had a flat RR tire. #truth

@JimmieJohnson: See what I have to deal with… Really? “@rshull86: clearly you had plenty of grip and chose to turn into him ruining your chance at a win.

@JimmieJohnson: And then there is this. Haha! “@dolphinsfan2: Sure, Flat my Butt. You ran out of Talent and Skill @JimmieJohnson”

@JimmieJohnson: Even better! “@dylansnider1: @jimmiejohnson yea and my uncles santa claus and his not bringing you anything for christmas”

@JaritJohnson: You suck @JimmieJohnson

@JimmieJohnson: Ha, even my own brother! @JaritJohnson: You suck @JimmieJohnson”

@JaritJohnson:@JimmieJohnson HaHa. Had to Bro. That was a bad ass save !!!!! 8 tires are better then 4

@JimmieJohnson: Good night everyone, even all of you with your head stuck in your ass.

@RB_Mrs (Nicole Briscoe): Heartbroken for the fans & families in Pocono today… Just tragic.

@NASCARBowles (Tom Bowles): Home & seeing @poconoraceway make the top story of NBC News in Philly for the 1st time in 6 years…for horrible reasons. So tragic. #NASCAR

@jamiemcmurray: I cant believe the news about the fans struck by lightening. I will be praying for all of those involved.

@JimmieJohnson: I’m so sorry to hear about the fans in Pocono. My thoughts and prayers for all involved.

@bobpockrass: On plane to CLT. After sad Pocono, the fact I have rain-damaged tape recorder, blackberry & unreadable receipts doesn’t seem to matter.

@Team_Onion (Todd Bodine): Saw the replay of the wreck, need to apologize to @NelsonPiquet, my fault for sure. Sorry to all for acting like an ass!!

@jeff_gluck: Still feeling quite saddened at what happened at Pocono yesterday. Can’t get it out of my mind. Hard to believe how that all went down.

@AllWaltrip: Good Morning America, twitterville friends around the world, praying for the fans that have to deal with tragedy after the race, so sad.

@jeff_gluck: A NASCAR call to the stop race before it rains would be controversial bc of affecting outcome. However, it’s what must be done from now on.

@DeLanaHarvick: My day has been made…@KevinHarvick got to experience first hand a big Keelan blowout!!!

@BlakeKochRacing: do we look alike? pic.twitter.com/H7Evzwl6

@BlakeKochRacing: people told me to be ready to miss some sleep, didn’t realize i was going to miss almost ALL sleep!

@DeLanaHarvick: I see how it is, one blow out & you’re out! RT @KevinHarvick @RCRStore has me busy signing cars this morning!!

@pkligerman (Parker Kligerman): The sky’s still blue, the grass still green. Fresh water is still clean. What does it all mean? all will work out, always has, always will

@bobpockrass: According to the coroner, fan killed was standing by his vehicle with the back hatch open. The vehicle was struck by lightning.

@31n2Spotter(Brett Griffin): Go back green or dont go back green? Evacuate or dont evacuate? Evacuate while you’re still racing? Does n e of it change outcome? IDK

@nateryan: Monday’s quiet track pic of Sprint Cup garage in a half-mast tribute. http://twitpic.com/agbfzs

@keselowski: Somedays I swear I’m living in the movie “the money pit” Anyone else live in a house where something breaks every day?

@CJMearsGang: (RT) 6:55 mark, RM hands off wheel, JJ looks like he’s starting to pray! #Classic #NASCAR @CJMearsGang @JimmieJohnson youtube.com/watch?v=-TErqO…

@DNewtonESPN: Sources tell ESPN’s @MartySmithESPN that Dodge is pulling out of #NASCAR after this season.

@jeff_gluck: Wow, there’s a ton of you who claim to have bought a car due to seeing it in NASCAR or supporting a driver. Even I’m surprised at how many.

@MartySmithESPN: NEWS: AJ Allmendinger tells me in exclusive interview he tested positive for prescription Adderall. Details soon on http://ESPN.com.

@nascarcasm: A new version of Adderall must be developed – one that gives users enough attention span to not forget to tell #NASCAR they’re on Adderall.

@TheOrangeCone: I like @ajdinger. I buy his story. However, how incredibly dumb is it to take a random pill from a “friend” when you know the consequences?

@MartySmithESPN: A NASCAR official tells me NASCAR does not dispute AJA story — because it is information the sanctioning body does not have (more)

@MartySmithESPN: Very telling: Gilles said Roger Penske’s decision to move to Ford in 2013 “kind of caught us by surprise and we never really recovered.”

@DavidRagan: Sad to hear about Dodge leaving #NASCAR. I can remember just several years ago when everyone was excited Dodge was coming back!!

@NASCARBowles: 1 more: My observations, at-track & on radio in May/June were that AJ was more stressed than I’d ever seen him in #NASCAR. He verified that.

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): Hey @Tjmajors you want half of this energy pill I got? #smdh #NASCAR #rufkm

@SummerBedgood: My take on the ‘Dinger situation? We’ve all made “bad judgment calls” in our life. It just wasn’t on display for everyone to judge. #NASCAR

@SummerBedgood: I’m not defending him. He should have known better. But we all have moments like that. Unfortunately, we can’t go back and change. #NASCAR

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