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Tweet ‘n’ Greet – 8/29/2012

@aric_almirola: Saw the replay of @55MarkMartin hit with pit wall. Damn I’m glad your ok. You deserve to sleep in, maybe hit the gym at 9 after that one.

@jeff_gluck: Two hours until Bristol drive begins. Planning to cover 11 of the final 13 races. Big push to the finish. #NASCAR #CrunchTime

@NASCAR_Realtime: Few fans wanted to blame the hard tires on the COT abusing the RF. Unacceptable by Goodyear! Takes the millions u earn & FIX IT! #Nascar

@NASCAR_Realtime: Instead of routine mystery cautions I’d prefer the tires be so soft that #Nascar has to throw cautions to blow the marbles off the track!

@SaraPeters17: Thanks for the congratulatory messages everyone! It was a great night for sure, we are so blessed! Victory lane pictures coming soon…

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): Bristol is badass. The facility, event and the racing. Unreal the track is under scrutiny given its character vs many of our other tracks

@TheOrangeCone: Hearing Ryan Hess, the recently suspended crew member busted for substance abuse, is hiring Tara Ragan to be his spokesperson.

@ClaireBLang: Dale Jr says Brad K is a really great race car driver and he wishes he’d just concentrate on that

@bobpockrass: Junior says on Keselowski: “He likes to talk a lot. His true skills (are) on the racetrack.” ..indicated he should concentrate on racing.

@MartySmithESPN: Above all, #DaleJr said he “respects the hell” out of Gordon and understands why he was pissed, “because I’ve been” in his position.

@AllWaltrip (Darrell Waltrip): crew chiefs use to go to work somewhere else, no chance to get him back, now just relocated in the company just in case you need him back!

@PPistone (Pete Pistone): So Jimmie talked a week after his Michigan issues – Kyle Busch two after his Glen problems for those keeping score at home #nascar

@AllWaltrip: it’s really quite simple, soft tires you run low, hard tires you run high, tires really dictate were you run on the track!

@jim_utter: Photo from helicopter crash scene => http://yfrog.com/o0n0hfrj

@jim_utter: From VA state police: The pilot was the only person on board the Food City owned helicopter. So far, the pilot has not been located.

@bobdillner: Thoughts and prayers from the Dillners to the family of the pilot in the tragic helicopter accident and everyone at Food City.

@StenhouseJr (Ricky Stenhouse Jr.): Finished 2nd for 2nd time w/ @NosEnergyDrink @bmsupdates need to get them a win in TX. Hated getting into the 2 car; would never do it on purpose

@CJMearsGang (Casey Mears): Good morning Bristol! Going to be nice looking out the windshield of the @GEICORacing #13 today.

@KeselowskiBrian (Brian Keselowski): I’m wondering if people really are believing all this hype about brad vs hendrick motorsports? If you do, you don’t know brad very well

@MattClarkMC: No matter your opinion about the racing, resurfacing or whatever.. @BMSupdates is a great place to catch a race #nascar http://lockerz.com/s/238316606

@JennaFryer: Matt Kenseth says his new team be announced “in the next 2 weeks” I’ll announce it for him … JGR

@DNewtonESPN (David Newton): Penske also said he may have a few rabbit in the hat for the 22, but from what I hear Logano is the frontrunner. #nascar

@nateryan: Roger Penske says after driver meeting no decision yet on 22 ride for 2013. Logano, Hornish and “couple of rabbits” are candidates. #nascar

@Riceman61 (Doug Rice): Here is our view from the @prnlive booth @bmsupdates #nascar https://twitter.com/Riceman61/status/239491843488899072/photo/1

@nateryan: Tony Stewart: “Hey, I’m Dale Earnhardt Jr. Have a good time tonight.” #nascar

@jeff_gluck: Denny Hamlin just did a FULL dance. Crowd went nuts.

@MikeDavis88: I truly believe if Michael Buffer did his “rumble” bit each morning at the NYSE, our economy would be doing just fine. #NASCAR

@pkligerman (Parker Kligerman): You want the old Bristol? Simple: Build it again. The bottom here is nothing like the old ones bottom lane #NASCAR #NSCS

@jim_utter: Once again, the best drivers in motorsports have adapted … as they always do.

@NewmanKrissie: Well I won’t be shopping at Target this week!!! Wtf Juan

@shanamayfield: How can someone like that keep a job? Ridiculous… Zero professionalism…Weapon on the racetrack….driving erratically every week

@KimBurton31: Why Chip allows this every week I do not know!! Ruins innocent people’s hard work every time. #overit

@StewartHaasRcng: That accident made no sense. The No. 39 car in no way resembles a Jet Dryer.

@Beth_Frntstrtch (Beth Lunkenheimer): After sitting here wondering, I finally figured out the #lap236 thing. Gotta love a sarcastic driver! #NASCR

@JennaFryer: Get ready, it’s almost #Lap236. It’s on during that very lap.

@PPistone: Those not on the lead lap of the joke – Tony Stewart said he’d be able to tell by lap 236 about the changes at Bristol #sarcasm

@KimBurton31: At #bristol usually the people who start the wreck don’t get the worst of it. Its the people behind who do. Sorry but I’m #overit

@jeff_gluck: #LAP236!!!! THE MOMENT OF TRUTH!!! Everyone tweet it!

@DGodfatherMoody: Lap 236 was like Y2K. Nothin’…

@nateryan: That was Lap 236. Smoke = Ninth. #nascar

@StewartHaasRcng: That. Was. Awesome.

@jeff_gluck: Gahhhhhhh….Tony was right! We can tell if the changes worked or not. It’s so obvious, I don’t even have to tell you whether they did….

@ESPNMcGee (Ryan McGee): Crushing for Ryan Newman. They had this weekend circled as when they could make a big wild card move. #NASCAR

@NASCAR_Wonka: A DM from Rusty: I am flat-pissed off that Keselowski wrecked in my paint scheme. #NASCAR #ItsBristolBaby

@JennaFryer: It’s so loud outside @keselowski came inside to do media https://twitter.com/JennaFryer/status/239538408144392193/photo/1

@JennaFryer: Whoops. Smoke and Kenseth just wrecked while racing for the lead

@MartySmithESPN: Bristol just happened.

@StenhouseJr: Hey @jeff_gluck sittin in ur desk in the @bmsupdates media center u takin the night off? https://twitter.com/StenhouseJr/status/239542176458100736/photo/1

@jeff_gluck: Tony Stewart just threw his helmet at Kenseth!!!!

@Kenny_Wallace: Yesssss! That’s Bristol Baby :)

@JennaFryer: Smoke just threw his helmet at Kenseth,. And then waved to the crowd. And it wasn’t lap 236.

@scottspeed: We are throwing helmets again!! Awesome! Ha ha

@chaseelliott: The helmet throw was epic.

@NASCAR_Realtime: That would have sucked if the helmet had bounced back in Stewarts face… Like… Really sucked! #Nascar

@TheOrangeCone: Hint to @mattkenseth – walk from garage to coach lot with your helmet on.

@jeff_gluck: Are we having fun yet?

@DNewtonESPN: Maybe Smoke was just mad because he realized @DanicaPatrick (19th) is going to finish ahead of him. #nascar

@MartySmithESPN: Incidentally, I put Smoke in the care center wall while exiting the building. I apologized profusely. “It’s okay, man. You’re good!”

@SamanthaBusch: Watching this race like I do horror movies, with my hands over my eyes peeking thru my fingers #NASCAR

@MikeDavis88: Tony is back on the track. Didn’t think I’d have to do this, but just a reminder that he is NOT Dale Earnhardt Jr.

@StewartHaasRcng: Hey Montreal shoe thrower, that’s how you do it. #NASCAR

@nateryan: In case you missed, Smoke on Kenseth: “I’m going to run over him every chance I’ve got from now ‘til the end of the year.” #nascar

@tomjense100: Instead of five 1.5-mile tracks in the Chase, there should be five short tracks.

@bobpockrass: For all those asking, I don’t believe Tony will get a penalty for helmet toss. Bodine did same thing 3 weeks ago and no penalty. #nascar

@NewmanKrissie: Not the greatest night for SHR-dang! Home watching the end of the race feeling bummed for the guys. #thatsracin

@tomjensen100: Caution for Danica Patrick crash. “It’s done.”

@jeff_gluck: Regan Smith apologizes: “Tell her spotter sorry. I know it’s no consolation. That’s all I can say right now.” #NASCAR

@MartySmithESPN: Danica gets out and shakes a finger at Regan Smith.

@ESPNMcGee: Paging the Stewart Haas Racing fabrication department… #NASCAR

@nateryan: Danica Patrick takes her helmet off but leaves it in her hand unlike team owner. Just wags finger at Regan Smith as he passes. #nascar

@Writer_Amy (Amy Henderson): I think David Ragan and Regan Smith are having a contest to see who can wreck the most cars …#NASCAR

@SamanthaBusch: Raise ur hand if u wish she woulda thrown the helmet?! Bristol brings out the emotions!

@KristineC48 (Kristine Curley): And we apparently clinch.

@11mommalou (Mary Lou Hamlin): Did I tell you…that’s my Boy!! https://twitter.com/11mommalou/status/239559888316010496/photo/1

@Riceman61: Kenseth says he is confused why Tony is mad, said Tony ran him off the track #nascar

@tomjensen100: Denny Hamlin is the 11th different winner in the last 11 #nascar sprint cup races. @speed @bmsupdates

@nateryan: Statistics presented w/o comment: Estimated Bristol attendance in #nascar box score: 145,000. Last year: 156,000. Grandstand cap.: 160,000.

@nateryan: Interesting observation from Jeff Gordon: Says high line being preferred meant bump and run is gone, replaced by slide jobs to pass. #nascar

@MartySmithESPN: Talked to Kyle Busch. Said the 18 has lost something, maybe his feedback to team. Was super slow in corners. Happy 2b in Chase w 2 to go

@MissJFish (Jordan Fish): Ahhh!!!! Victory lane!!!!!!!!! https://twitter.com/MissJFish/status/239562714018639873/photo/1

@MartySmithESPN: Bristol. http://instagram.com/p/Oxq0ZPgo1X/

@bobpockrass: Kenseth: “I told him after Indy I was going to race him the way he raced me. I did the exact same thing down there that he did down there.”

@JennaFryer: Looks like Newman wreck hurts him in wild card. He slips, Kahne and KyBu currently holding down 2 spots with 2 to go

@mattkenseth: Man, tough weekend. Sitting here thinking about kaylin singing the national anthem tonight with a big smile on my face…. #prouddad

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): Tony and Matt are badasses. Not sure why Tony wrecked himself though. Perfect 10 on the helmet toss. #goldmedal

@StewartHaasRcng: …Stewart was headed to talk to Coach tonight, but quickly realized he doesn’t have to do that anymore.

@JennaFryer: 3 things I just learned from JD Gibbs. On Logano, “we had a plan and the 22 screwed it all up.” Announcement coming in 2 weeks and ….

@MikeCalinoff: Everyone is going for the same prize. We race everyone the way they race us. #NASCAR

@StewartHaasRcng: Our results may have been the equivalent of lumps of coal, but on Twitter, tonight was #TwitterGold.

@dennyhamlin: Finally home.. What a great night. Thanks to all for the congrats

@dariangrubb: Congrats and thanks to the entire JGR team and especially the FedEx crew. Awesome win at an awesome track!

@dariangrubb: Not to mention the awesome wheel man @dennyhamlin who could not be denied tonight! #trophydelivered

@DavidRagan: And by the way a great tire GoodYear had plus the “new groove” made for some great racing. Please don’t change anything now!! @HawkSMI

@KimBurton31: Good am! New day. Lesson learned last nite. Watched @RCR31JeffBurton interview & @55MarkMartin from last week. Will choose my words carefully

@conniemontoya: #isaac has arrived! Its blowing VERY hard!!! pic.twitter.com/ibPEpgjF

@dennyhamlin: Still smiling from last night

@RB_Mrs: Bristol to Sonoma completed just in time for the green flag! RB has no idea I’m here

@RB_Mrs: Victory Lane!!!!!! https://twitter.com/RB_Mrs/status/239859437559508992/photo/1

@Amanda_Speed: Just looked at the weather for the race n Atlanta this weekend and it looks like it might rain again. I think I may cry! :(

@3widemiddle (Chris Lambert): A final”Thnx” for all the”Congrats” messages! Saturday was the most”fun” I’ve ever had spotting! What a car & DH drove his ass off! Thanks!

@MissJFish: Had an amazing time last night @RR_Birkdale! Thank u to all our friends/family that came to share with us! #itsagirl https://twitter.com/MissJFish/status/240158030963027969/photo/1

@SamanthaBusch: Oh ya baby!!! Kyle’s running all 3 races this weekend!! Woop woop I’m pumped!! How about all of u??

@SamHornish: Daddy daughter fun night. The kids will play while moms away, and by kids I mean me! https://twitter.com/SamHornish/status/240227019357556736/photo/1

@DeLanaHarvick: We didn’t start this morning by peeing on the wall, pooping on mommy and needing a bath unlike yesterday… #success

@Andy__Rock (Andy Hillenburg): Just got word of NMPA 2nd quarter award. WOW. I am very humbled. Thank you race fans. I got the credit but it is for The Rock and our fans!!

@Andy__Rock: I LOVE @RockinghamSpeed and I am so happy that you love it to. #NASCAR Thank You :)

@CJMearsGang (Casey Mears): So we had a good time at Bristol. We were sitting 12th with not to many Laps to go and got a flat LR. Strong run for @GEICORacing.

@Regan_Smith_: I dont think we’re in Kansas anymore… this track is completely different. Tire testing for the next two days.

@JennaFryer: Look out @mattkenseth!! https://twitter.com/JennaFryer/status/240490869470425088/photo/1

@DNewtonESPN (David Newton): #NASCAR http://mypict.me/nkWAA Stewart checking out the treads on WWII Tank.

@NASCAR_Wonka: A DM from JWT: No matter what Tony does in that tank, he’ll never be able to create as much carnage as I do in a truck. #NASCAR #CWTS

@StewartHaasRcng: Your chosen ride for #TonyStewart in the Mobil 1 #ChooseTonysRide: The @FormulaDrift Chevy Camaro. http://yfrog.com/kjourwcj

@ClaireBLang: Holy crap now Tony is going to drift. Media is all behind bunker

@ClaireBLang: Here is where we are safely watching. This should b fun @SiriusXMNACAR http://via.me/-4j20a4w

@heymartysnyder (Marty Snyder): Now successfully drifting. https://twitter.com/heymartysnider/status/240500588671037441/photo/1

@dcaraviello (David Caraviello): Drift pro just screeched arnd course w/ Stewart as passenger. Now it’s Tony’s turn. Needless to say, we’re huddling behind concrete barrier.

@jeff_gluck: Here’s Tony trying to drift. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wcdK-S4PDw&feature=youtube_gdata_player

@dcaraviello: Now Stewart is climbing up into the tank, which is an M-36 Jackson. Surely he is hoping to avoid a Michael Dukakis moment.

@bobpockrass: Tony on top of tank. #nascar https://twitter.com/bobpockrass/status/240503352541204480/photo/1

@ClaireBLang: Tony heads out in tank @SiriusXMNASCAR http://via.me/-4j2dryg

@Ryan_Truex: Very excited for the future! @GrimeBoss #nascar

@CandiceSpencer: #TonyStewart on @mattkenseth: Its not our intention to seek him out #nascar

@JennaFryer: Tony says no drama between him and Kenseth, notes helmet throw “wasn’t too bad for a 41 year old who doesn’t work out.”

@ClaireBLang: I asked Tony Stewart if he knew helmet toss was not going to get him penalty. He said no and he wishes nascar provided a list

@JennaFryer: All your helmet questions answered here: Smoke does not have the helmet back yet, and it can’t be used again for safety reasons.

@jeff_gluck: Side note on Tony Stewart: He joked he was “disappointed” he got #Lap236 wrong. “I can’t believe I missed it by that much,” he said

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