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@bobpockrass: Penske’s Tim Cindric said he asked Gibbs last year when Kurt Busch was released to see if Logano was available. #nascar

@bobpockrass: Cindric said they will evaluate whether Todd Gordon remains as crew chief … could go either way. #nascar

@bobpockrass: Cindric also said they considered other drivers, their driving ability and obviously sensitive to someone w/good character after issues w/22

@jeff_gluck: Joey Logano says Brad Keselowski is involved with many day-to-day decisions at Penske and has a big role in the company’s direction.

@dcaraviello (David Carviello): Logano says Keselowski “called me and said, ‘You might want to talk about this. This is a great opportunity for you.’ That means a lot.”

@WendyVenturini: Headed to decorate for @McDzFamily baby shower! Baby GIRL McDowell will be here next month!

@JennaFryer: Ryan Newman says today about future @StewartHaasRcng: “We pretty much have everything wrapped up.” #NASCAR

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): As the athlete debate continues in racing, it always amazes me what people say. IMO Sports require a true balance of mental & phys. strength

@keselowski: Many people are mystified by race car drivers position as athletes. Most likely because of the emphasis on mental over physical strength.

@TheOrangeCone: BREAKING: with no other rides open except a JGR Nationwide car, Ryan Newman wisely decides to stay right where he is. #nailedit

@WendyVenturini: One final baby note. I’ve been to more Wednesday night baby showers this year than most ppl in a lifetime. #NASCAR #WednesdaysAreWeekends

@RCR31JeffBurton: Thanks to my guys for a great effort tonight

@SherryPollex: 2012 Chase contenders!!!! Wahoo!! @MWRteam https://twitter.com/SherryPollex/status/244679891516276736/photo/1

@RCR31JeffBurton: Happy for @ClintBowyer. Way to go man!

@KristineC48 (Kristine Curley): Chit chatting. By the way it is late. https://twitter.com/KristineC48/status/244680896421167104/photo/1

@Mother_function: I know I am tired, but are we in Homestead? #saveit http://twitpic.com/asoel8

@JeffGordonWeb (Jeff Gordon): The 2012 #NASCAR Chase field. #Team24 https://twitter.com/JeffGordonWeb/status/244681108099309568/photo/1

@DavidRagan: The only place open after this long race… @TacoBell finally got the car better at the end, it was to late. Going home https://twitter.com/DavidRagan/status/244681307353923584/photo/1

@tomjensen100: “It sucks to not have Kyle in the Chase.” — @dennyhamlin

@WendyVenturini: I can’t keep up with these awesome photos! #nascar #champagnespray https://twitter.com/WendyVenturini/status/244684007869124609/photo/1

@WendyVenturini: Greg Biffle goes after Junior with the champagne #nascar https://twitter.com/WendyVenturini/status/244684198143721472/photo/1

@JeffGordonWeb: What a night! So proud of this team! We never gave up and now we’re ready to battle for this championship.

@jeff_gluck: Dale Jr. thinks the Hendrick team debriefs will get a lot shorter during Chase…thinks guys won’t share as much info. They got all four in.

@joeylogano: Not much good things to say about that

@mattkenseth: Really proud of my team tonight, great effort. Looking forward to Chicago! @bestbuy #nascar

@MikeCalinoff: You did okay yourself. RT @mattkenseth: Really proud of my team tonight, great effort. Looking forward to Chicago! @bestbuy #nascar

@mattkenseth: Congrats @ClintBowyer on the win, and @JeffGordonWeb for the amazing comeback..

@JMorris_NP (John Morris): Epic pic as @mw55’s @ClintBowyer gets fresh w/ @kaseykahne. Hmmm @LorraP. #toomuchchampagne #cheese #nascar http://twitpic.com/asonq4

@JennaFryer: Dave Rogers on seeing Kyle after race: “We were both speechless … looked at each other and nodded at each other. Both of us are hurting.”

@JennaFryer: Gibbs: “I didn’t really talk to Kyle much. Dave, I was up there with him just sharing the disappointment.” #NASCAR

@KevinHarvick: Another solid night even though we didn’t come out on the good side of the rain gamble.. Thanks for sticking with us! It ain’t over yet!!!

@JennaFryer: Gibbs: “We love Dave Rogers. I think he’s one of the brightest and the best. If we have a tough night, we all have a tough night together.”

@JennaFryer: Rogers: “Kyle did a good job of keeping his composure and took it on the chin like a man and went back to his bus.” #NASCAR

@DNewtonESPN: Just enough time to run by hotel, pack bag, get to airport for 6 am flight. Race winner @ClintBowyer needs to give me 5-Hour Energy. #nascar

@MartinTruexJr56: What a day for @MWRteam ! We had a fast car again. Cant wait for the chase.

@DNewtonESPN: #NASCAR http://mypict.me/nmPLR how they clean @JeffGordonWeb Victory Lane mess At 310 am.

@LorraP (Lorra Podsiadlo): What an awesome night! Thanks for all your kind words! So proud of cb, bp and the entire #15 team!!

@RodneyAtkins: Congratulations @mw55 & your boys @clintbowyer & @martintruexjr56 on making it in the chase & the big win

@OneMenz (Joe Menzer): You know it’s been long night (and morning) of work when you get back to hotel and run into people hustling out to catch early-morn flights

@dcaraviello: After RIR races, media used to grill burgers and drink beer in parking lot. Now such an ass-kicker of a work weekend no one has the energy.

@landoncassill: Another one down. Great run. My ears have been ringing more than usual. Hope that goes away. Goodnight!

@ClintBowyer: Well, guess I run outta friends to celebrate with….Damn it…Suppose I’ll turn it in for the night. #wahoo

@WendyVenturini: Got to bed around 445am after work. Husband @TRDTuner & I are on the road. Glad not on #airNASCAR this AM. Sunglasses on. Limited convo

@JimmieJohnson: I’m sipping coffee this morning thinking how cool it is to have all 4 @TeamHendrick cars in the Chase.

@kaseykahne: Man I’m happy to make the chase! Really cool that all 4 HMS car are in. Thanks to all the hard work by everyone involved

@KevinHarvick: Right now I feel like I have been run over by a truck… Long night. #tired

@blakeshelton: Oh shit!!! And congrats to my boy @ClintBowyer on a HUGE win lastnight!!!! I’ve taught you to race well my son.. I’ve taught you well..

@JeffGordonWeb: Woke up today still pumped about last night and still amazed at how that race went. #chaseherewecome

@JeffGordonWeb: So as many of u may have heard, I made a statement that if we made the Chase I wud bring back the stache. I’m a man of my word.

@WendyVenturini: some1 asked me if @ClintBowyer was drunk in VicLane interview live w/ me. Folks, it was 30mins post race..he’s not exactly a lightweight lol

@MNeffShortTrack: Cannot wait to see @JeffGordonWeb rocking the early 90s porn ‘stache! This is going to be EPIC!!!!

@dennyhamlin: AHH so bummed about last night for a lot of reasons. Shoulda had ourselves 3 straight. Sad for our teammates who didn’t make it. #GAMETIME

@ivandebosch (Ingrid Vandebosch): Not toi happy about the stache but he is a man of his word!

@EddieDHondt: Never, Ever, Never give up ! A lap down 148 laps in, scratch & claw our way back to finish 2nd & get in Chase by 1 point – “Epic”

@keselowski: Feeling well rested and ready for the chase to start. ;) #LetsDoIt #nascar

@JeffGordonWeb: This is going to get interesting! I have a whole week of sponsor appearances and @NASCAR/Sprint media while growing #thestache

@KevinHarvick: The uni has to come with it! @JeffGordonWeb: I made a statement that if we made the Chase I wud bring back the stache. I’m a man of my word.

@JeffGordonWeb: Hmmm decisions decisions. Help me out? https://twitter.com/JeffGordonWeb/status/244871418599321600/photo/1

@kaseykahne: Nice profile pic @ClintBowyer #bromance

@rchilders55 (Rodney Childers): Hope everyone realizes what @55MarkMartin still does.. He got his 1st pole at RIR in 1981. Got another and almost a win there 31 years later

@rchilders55: No one else could have ever done that. That’s why everyone @MWRteam are so honored for him to drive our car.. Dedicated and driven person..

@SummerBedgood: Has everyone recovered from Richmond yet? #NASCAR

@HigNASCAR (David Higdon): Pretty cool that #NASCAR drivers, the most patriotic athletes in sports, will be reaching out to fans for #ChaseAcrossAmerica on 9/11 #proud

@tomjensen100: Remembering the heroes of 9/11 this morning and the resolve of so many men and women. #letsroll

@MikeDavis88: Another day w/ the greatest job in the world. Before it starts, I pray for the victims & families of 9/11. And for our country.

@JimmieJohnson: It sucks to think about all the hatred in the world. 9/11 #NeverForget

@ClintBowyer: Now this is my kinda recliner!!! https://twitter.com/ClintBowyer/status/245540849063165952/photo/1

@Brett_Griff (Brett Griffin): Just signed on with @ClintBowyer and @mw55. Looking forward to the Chase! Thx @Tymwr 4 ur help. Good peeps https://twitter.com/Brett_Griff/status/245553976249028608/photo/1

@ClintBowyer: They just had me talk to 5,000 high school kids at @TXmotorspeedway. I hope they didn’t listen to my advice! Haha

@aric_almirola: Sorry you all for the lack of writing. Twitter has kind of taken a back seat to Alex. Free time has been either spent with him or sleeping

@paulieharraka: Forever in my memory: Mrs. Peto’s English Class. Mom picked me up from school early that day, and I will #NeverForget the mushroom cloud…

@paulieharraka: …of smoke when we got over the hill and saw the NYC Skyline. Remembering all whose lives were forever changed. #911 #NeverForget

@bobpockrass: Sprint Cup race at RIR won night on TV. 3.3 rating w/rain delays, 5.07 million viewers. 3.7 (no rain delays) in 2011, 3.1 in 2010 #nascar

@dennyhamlin: In our Hotel rooms for chase guys NASCAR has left us plenty of hangover remedies. What are they trying to say?

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