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@gbiffle (Greg Biffle): Testing Nashville with the 16 team and can’t figure out why NW/Trucks don’t race here anymore?? Fun track

@CandiceSpencer: When @KevinHarvick was asked to describe the problems at Richard Childress Racing, he replied, “I don’t have enough time” #NASCAR

@bobpockrass: James Finch says he’s talking with Regan Smith and AJ Allmendinger about driving car. Said he’s focused right now on getting thru 2012.

@JennaFryer: Regarding Montreal: Promoter stunned #NASCAR by 1st demanding a Cup race, then saying it wanted to run Nationwide at 9 am on a Sunday

@odsteve (Steve O’Donnell): To be clear to the fans in Montreal, we had every intention of returning in 2013.

@nateryan: Earnhardt Ganassi president Steve Lauletta also was confident that No. 1 of Jamie McMurray will be fully sponsored for 2013 season. #nascar

@jeff_gluck: Wow… RT @JennaFryer: Remember the apology from KyBu yesterday? It was because he camethisclose to Toyota saying “Peace out, dude.”

@StacyStenhouse: Me and @StenhouseJr out last night! #bestbrotherever https://twitter.com/StacyStenhouse/status/254389096716308482/photo/1

@JennaFryer: Someone is pumped about that qualifying lap https://twitter.com/JennaFryer/status/254622261842178048/photo/1

@nateryan: Jimmie Johnson confirmed #nascar told drivers that 2013 qualifying will return to a provisional-style system with a random draw for order.

@nateryan: Jimmie Johnson prefers current format for quals order but said #nascar changed b/c random allows teams better management of tire allotment.

@DeLanaHarvick: #Godadgo http://img.ly/oaKw

@AJDinger: Really nice to be back at the track. Everyone was really nice. Thanks to all the fans for the well wishes on here and at the track

@jamiemcmurray: Watching the truck race and it seems like commercials equal cautions.

@DeLanaHarvick: And that my friends is 1 of many reasons why I’m happy we don’t own a team anymore… All I saw was $$$$ gettin torn all to hell! #tkskeelan

@keselowski: Congrats @pkligerman

@jim_utter: So Johnny Sauter said kligerman got “crapped on” .. he’s been a quote machine lately lol

@kaseykahne: Great @NASCAR_Trucks race. Wish they could have raced to the line, that would have been a hell of a show!

@gbiffle: Proud of my little piggy Emma she won first prize in the Halloween contest!!!! https://twitter.com/gbiffle/status/254763850350604288/photo/1

@WendyVenturini: Caleb trick-or-treating at daddy’s team driver @joeylogano who had Mars brand candy of course lol https://twitter.com/WendyVenturini/status/254770971976814592/photo/1

@mattkenseth: Congrats @RossKenseth and my @farmandfleet crew on winning the all American 400!!! #prouddad

@RossKenseth: Man this is awesome. Big thanks to @mattkenseth @FarmAndFleet and everyone who made this possible. Coolest place to win at

@pkligerman: Just finished all 175 txt messages… Craziness… Love to the people who made this possible. Much love to those who were audible. #NASCAR

@ericmcclure: Great news. Miranda is coming home! Still some rest/recovery ahead, but she’s made remarkable progress. Thx 2 everyone for all the support

@joeylogano: So this tweet might be PG 13. But look what I signed today https://twitter.com/joeylogano/status/254961157805309953/photo/1

@StewartHaasRcng: Another photo of @NewmanKrissie and @RyanNewman39 with the family @TalladegaSuperS https://twitter.com/StewartHaasRcng/status/255004549453082624/photo/1

@conniemontoya: the girls learning to change tires! @jpmontoya #nascar https://twitter.com/conniemontoya/status/255007284642590720/photo/1

@SummerBedgood: #NASCAR should just go ahead and hire Kevin James as the official grand marshal.

@BigEarl48 (Earl Barban): My view today https://twitter.com/BigEarl48/status/255009051811930114/photo/1

@miranda_mcclure: Glad to be home! Still have to take antibiotics (precautionary) and I can’t see the girls for a couple more days; but God is so good to me!!

@Writer_Amy (Amy Henderson): At most tracks, they have tearaway windshields. At Talladega, drivers need tearaway underwear… #NASCAR

@MartySmithESPN: Kurt Busch was saying on the radio before the wreck that he was out of gas. Then after he asks the team, “Guys, why am I out of gas?”

@jeff_gluck: Kurt Busch just took off with the safety workers leaning in the car. Team telling Kurt to stop, but he’s not listening.

@NASCARBowles (Tom Bowles): For @KurtBusch, sad but poetic way to end time with Phoenix Racing. Great effort + bad luck = rollercoaster ride that never worked. #NASCAR

@Writer_Amy: The issue with Kurt driving away is the safety workers were at his car-someone not in a roll cage could have been seriously hurt #NASCAR


@NASCAR_Realtime: Sad way to end such an entertaining race. #Nascar

@NewmanKrissie: Holy hell

@NewmanKrissie: Ryan finished 9th!!!

@KimBurton31: Omg. Please tell me it is really over. That is so horrible to watch.

@Writer_Amy: What i hate about that is the guys who race clean ALL day and got caught in that. #NASCAR This kind of racing is BS.

@NewmanKrissie: HATE these places!!!!“@EarnhardtKelley: No way this was gonna end up good. Always this way at plate races.”

@CandiceSpencer: What did @Gbiffle see? “If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me, it was the craziest thing I’ve ever been involved in in my life” P5 #NASCAR

@LorraP (Lorra Podsiadlo): I honestly wish the fans knew what that feels like!!!!!! It’s the worst feeling in the world!!!!

@jim_utter: Smoke takes 100 percent of blame. “I was trying to win the race”

@SSpakeESPN (Shannon Spake): This garage is littered with wrecked race cars. Scary end to the race.

@CitizenKBA: You won’t hear this, oh, ever again, but Tony Stewart ruined Michael Waltrip’s day.

@jeff_gluck: All through the garage, you can hear the sound of saws cutting torn sheet metal from cars. Damaged cars everywhere like disaster movie.

@ClintBowyer: Shit!!! Was where I wanted to be and it just wasn’t meant to be. I will say I love Matt Kenseth but he should’ve been penalized for blocking

@JimmieJohnson: We finished a plate race!! #6pack

@KevinHarvick: Run up front all day and wreck coming to the checked running 3rd… Welcome to 2012 and thank god it’s almost over..

@keselowski: Someone needs to make a t-shirt that says, “I survived Talladega Guaranteed at-least 43 customers. #nascar

@dcaraviello: Johnson on ride back with Dale Jr.: “He stopped for me, and I said, ‘Man, I’ll steal a ride.’ Then he was hauling ass. I was like, come on!”

@Regan_Smith_: Glad to walk away from FRR with a top 5… win would’ve been cooler but we didn’t have fuel pressure before that last green flag, had to pit

@Regan_Smith_: Excited to hop in the 51 Phoenix Chevy next week, good group of guys. Going to miss all the 78 guys as well.

@SummerBedgood: Reading drivers say fans liked the crash pisses me off. There were hardly any wrecks the entire day and fans loved it. #NASCAR

@twoninereyes: Attn if u area of Anniston airport roush plane just took off w cargo door open. Luggage everywhere. #lookmomnewcrewshirt”

@MikeCalinoff: Leaving Talladega. My seatbelt is on, my tray table is up, my electronic devices are (almost) off and my luggage is still on the plane.

@DeLanaHarvick: Best feeling ever… ❤ http://img.ly/oee0

@JimmieJohnson: Thanks for the lift Jr http://instagram.com/p/QgK2sLkpQz/

@KevinHarvick: All this talk about Dega this morning cracks me up… This race has been this way since restricter plates were put on. #oldnews

@2Spotter: There’s a misconception here: Big packs don’t CA– USE big wrecks. Drivers do.Then there’s a big wreck. Equal cars go equal speed= big packs

@2Spotter: Removing the plates WILL NOT get rid of big packs ….just make the packs faster…See previous tweet. Equal cars go same speed =big pack

@NASCARBowles: For those saying #NASCAR fans are loving this stuff – attendance at ‘Dega Sunday was 88,000. It was 155,000 for that race just 5 years ago.

@KevinHarvick: Here’s the deal people gripe about tandems, packs, & they will gripe about the plates off..Its Daytona & Talladega no matter the rules.

@KevinHarvick: They don’t hate it just like to bitch any chance they get. “@Adamh2988: @KevinHarvick I love the plate racing why does everyone else hate it

@SamanthaBusch: Pic w Snoop he said to make sure Kyle gives him a ride in the race car one day! http://instagram.com/p/Qim8ItS6ic/

@WendyVenturini: Proof!! Pole! It was close! https://twitter.com/WendyVenturini/status/255460713567514624/photo/1

@gbiffle: That was one of the craziest wrecks I’ve ever seen out my windshield!!!! Glad everyone was ok and just amazing I was able to get through it

@BubbaWallace: Just so evrybody knows, I will NOT b back in a NNS car this year. I had 4, tried to my best every race. I have 2 East races left, that’s it.

@Beth_Frntstrtch (Beth Lunkenheimer): Hard to believe today is 2 years since @ShaneHmiel’s nasty wreck. I remember the fear that day and the pride I’ve had watching his recovery.

@BubbaWallace: And by all means didn’t mean 4 that tweet 2 sound like I’m giving up…shoot no! The man upstairs has the controller. I’m just sittin back!

@jim_utter: #NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Talladega received a 3.7 rating on ESPN, down 5 percent from last season. Average audience 5.1 million

@MartySmithESPN: NASCAR just told me there will be no additional penalties for Kurt Busch regarding the incident Sunday at Talladega Superspeedway.

@NASCAR_Wonka: Kurt won’t be further penalized because he’s known to drive without using his head,so driving without a helmet is really nothing new #NASCAR

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