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Top Ten Things Regan Smith Thought When Hendrick Motorsports Called Last Week


“What do you _mean_, just grab Jimmie’s horseshoe and pull and it’ll come right out?!”

*10.* I’ve got teammates! I’ve got teammates! I’ve got teammates!

*9.* Ah, it’s probably just another telemarketer..

*8.* Hey, this Amp stuff is pretty good! I feel like I could run laps around the shop! I feel like I could run laps around Jimmie and Chad! Wheeeeee!

*7.* Whoa — they actually have my number?

*6.* Who says doctors can’t be bribed?

*5.* “Hey Mr. Finch, that’s a pretty good Rick Hendrick imitation!”

*4.* Which one of my friends is pranking me?

*3.* I wonder if I can grow a beard as fugly as Jimmie’s in time for the race…

*2.* Dang! I shoulda dared Junior to smash those beer cans on his head a long time ago!

*1.* At least _my_ old team didn’t put a giant smiley face on the hood!

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