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@AllWaltrip (Darrell Waltrip): today is a very tough day for my friend Rick Hendrick, he’s a man that can deal with triumph and tragedy with grace and style,God Bless Rick

@bobpockrass: Contribution to sport/teams/families still felt today. RT @DGodfatherMoody: Thinking of the Hendrick and HMS families today. Not forgotten.

@joelsuggs: Thinking of everyone @TeamHendrick today. Hard to believe it has been 8yrs.

@BrianLVickers: Many thanks for all the birthday wishes. Surrounded by great friends. Thinking of everyone at HMS today as well. Always in our hearts.

@bobpockrass: JR Motorsports announces Regan Smith will drive its No. 5 car next year. Full season in NNS. Will run Homestead this year as well. #nascar

@DeLanaHarvick: keelan is ooohhhhhhh so close to rolling over…. does it count if i push him the rest of the way over??? ;) #youcandoit

@AshleyStremme: Well that’s a first @DavidStremme just got asked by our waiter if he was Smoke #hehe

@DeLanaHarvick: Working on tummy time!

@bobpockrass: Dover reports that attendance of September’s Cup race was equal to June, down 1% from a year ago. #nascar

@ColeWhitt: Hey @ReganSmith welcome to @JRMotorsports it will be great working together #team

@ReganSmith: Also pumped to no longer have _ in my twitter handle lol! Thanks to the guys @JRMotorsports for making that happen!

@ReganSmith: Sure wish I could thank each of you individually for all the great messages since the announcement yesterday. Thank you all! #impumped

@bobpockrass: Brad Keselowski says the 2013 car handles so differently that testing at PIR (in a Ford no less) wouldn’t help much in couple of weeks….

@gbiffle (Greg Biffle): Nothing like being on the edge of a hurricane at the boat show!!! 30 mph winds

@Ashley_Crafton: I finally talked @matt_crafton into getting his flu shot! #scaredofneedles

@Matt_Crafton: Not very happy about this RT @ashley_crafton: I finally talked @matt_crafton into getting his flu (cont)

@EddieDHondt: In Petco this AM, lady’s dragging her dog down the aisle, she’s got no clue what he’s doing behind her.

@JamieLittleESPN: Adrenaline is way underrated. It’s all I have today. #SleeplessNewMommy

@ClintBowyer: Got home from an Elk hunt in Wyoming. 12 in of snow there and leaves falling here in NC. Sure is beautiful this ole country of ours!!!

@heymartysnider (Marty Snider): Thinking of my friend and colleague Bob Jenkins. His wife Pam just passed away after a long battle with cancer. Please pray for Bob.

@Ryan_Truex: Pretty sure I’m at the top of the tallest building in Martinsville #nascar

@DeLanaHarvick: just spent the last 20 minutes dancing with keelan… there’s nothing better than his sweet little hands holding me #luckiestgirlintheworld

@Mc_Driver (Michael McDowell): Twitter less Emma James has had too much excitement for today.

@JasonLeffler: Thinking about Bob Jenkins & his family. Sorry to hear about the loss of his wife Pam. #RIP

@ClaireBLang: Aric Almirola told me talks w RPM r getting “more in depth” and they’re “getting closer and closer to getting everything figured out.”

@Arlene_Martin: Thanks @PhotoCLT & @katrinachilders , lucky to be married to my best friend! 28 & counting!

@SSpakeESPN (Shannon Spake): I FOUND HIM #iwin

@AllWaltrip (Darrell Waltrip): Does anybody really know what time it is ?

@EmmaBlaney: I love seeing my dad and brother both in firesuits at the same track! #NASCAR

@WendyVenturini: Hubby worked w Smoke for years. I know ALL of his shenanigans!! @keselowski witnessed it, said impressed I kept my composure live

@HermieSadler: Got to officially meet @keelanharvick on pit road. Sad to tell @DeLanaHarvick that he is all Kevin.

RB_Mrs (Nicole Briscoe): @WendyVenturini @keselowski Bad words would have come out of my mouth! I was seriously impressed!!

@WendyVenturini: It was FUNNY. Tried to startle me w/ fire & failed! “@alpinenascar: what happened btwn @WendyVenturini & Tony Stewart?funny or serious?”

@JMorris_NP (John Morris): Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire. Poor @WendyVenturini takes heat from @StewartHaasRcng @NASCARonSPEED. #NASCAR

@MissJFish (Jordan Fish): Thanks everyone for all the happy birthday tweets!!! Xoxo

@Writer_Amy (Amy Henderson): #nascar trucks are rolling! @MartinsvilleSwy

@TheOrangeCone: The Romney/Ryan campaign sponsored #JWT because “at some point today we expect him to make a hard turn to the right.”

@nascarcasm: If I’m the Romney/Ryan campaign, I’m keeping all money in presidential race. The worst I can potentially finish THERE is second. #Townley

@bobdillner: For those who asked Tony Stewart is NOT buying Lanier Nat’l Speedway in GA. I talked to Tony today. It’s a false rumor. @speed51dotcom

@RCR31JeffBurton (Jeff Burton): Sorry @55MarkMartin ,I just ate a Martinsville hot dog. Can’t mess with a Va. tradition

11mommalou (Mary Lou Hamlin): Last to first! That’s my boy!

@Kris_Buescher: Awesome job @JamesBuescher! Way to never give up! Now come home and put your costume on for the Halloween party!

@MNeffShortTrack: Just another Martinsville Truck race. Over half of the field is pissed off at somebody. Only one driver is really happy. #NASCAR

@KevinHarvick: Well dang flat tire ruined our chances but that’s racing!!!

@jim_utter: Hamlin said he couldn’t afford to give up 15 minutes of Cup practice to go to Truck drivers meeting.

@MissJFish (Jordan Fish): Now that’s a happy birthday! Victory lane celebration!!

@MNeffShortTrack: Denny Hamlin was asked how he felt when Matt Crafton stuck his head in the window after the race. Hamlin said he was scared. #NASCAR

@SummerBedgood: Personally, as long as no one wrecks anyone on track I don’t care. I don’t blame Crafton for being upset but that’s how it goes. #NASCAR

@SummerBedgood: Also, Piquet was racing hard at the END OF THE RACE. You’re supposed to fight for position. Brian Scott should have too. #NASCAR

@SummerBedgood: One final thought: This Truck Series points battle will more than likely come down to Homestead. The way it should be. #NASCAR

@MikeCalinoff: S/O to @bscottracing for having a wealthy family.

@bscottracing: Eat a cheeseburger bud, im sorry my family is successful & it bothers u RT @MikeCalinoff: S/O to @bscottracing for having a wealthy family.

@RB_Mrs: Trying to convince husband, brother, & neighbor to forgo football tomorrow & watch Countdown instead. I’m not winning :-(

@AllWaltrip: you can change tires a lot quicker on a short track, the tires are much lighter because you don’t have inner liners, easier to handle

@NASCAR_Wonka: Starting tomorrow, all JGR drivers will be required to take a “How Not To Speed On Pit Road” class. #DH #JL #NASCAR

@bobdillner: .@dennyhamlin championship hopes are going down the drain – gotta feel for the entire 11 team. @NASCARonSPEED #NASCAR

@mikemulhern: MARTINSVILLE: need a new battery for your street car? be glad you dont need one of these Cup batteries: $2500 each, & each car carries 2!

@DeLanaHarvick: Mother function… 29 guys had really worked their butts off all day. Dropping like a rock…

@bobpockrass: Looks like Carl got tagged and Dale Jr spun. Light tap to wall. #nascar

@MNeffShortTrack: Legion of rednecks heading west to take over Missouri. #NASCAR

@dcaraviello (David Caraviello): BK finishes sixth, so didn’t really lose anything by staying out. What we don’t know, though, is how much he might have gained on new tires.

@KristineC48 (Kristine Curley): Point leader by a whisker (+2 unofficially)

@bscottracing: What a heartbreaker for @DennyHamlin. Unbelievable that he can drive to the front twice at a place like Martinsville. Sux it ended like that

@dcaraviello: Wonder if BK would’ve been able to maintain sixth had race stayed green final 20 laps. In hindsight, final caution was probably a big help.

@MartinTruexJr56: Another frustrating martinsville. We had a good car and i screwed up a restart and got a drive thru penalty.

@StewartHaasRcng: One BIG detail now: @TeamChevy clinched its 10th consecutive #NASCAR Sprint Cup Series manufacturers’ championship & 36th overall. Congrats.

@bobpockrass: Carl said Newman came up to him and said for Carl not to be mad at Hornish because Newman had hit Hornish. #NASCAR

@bobpockrass: Darian said the master control switch broke and shorted out. Said not sure if bad part or if internal control issue. #NASCAR

@AllWaltrip: 2 key moments in the #Martinsville race today, #JimmieJohnson adjusted his line with about a 100 to go and Chad grabbing 2 tires late

@SummerBedgood: You can pretty much SEE the defeat in Denny’s eyes. Apparently Hamlin will have to lose at least two to win one. #NASCAR

@TravisKvapil: Dang… I had a pretty good car, but we burned up a plug wire and lost a bunch of laps fixing it.

@RCR31JeffBurton: Struggled early. Got back 2 14th. Had to pit for loose lug nut. Came back for 22nd. Can’t b upset with my guys,they have been good all year

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): WE can do this! #NASCAR

@dennyhamlin: Sorry to all my fans. This is a tough one to swallow but we will move on and grow from it. Thank everyone for there support this year.

@KevinHamlin: I’ll take it. Fun race! #P3

@TJmajors: Just a victim of the position we were in. Looking forward to Texas. Congrats to the 48!

@ClintBowyer: Well shit…Had a fast car, led laps, gained spot in points, and still bummed out.

@MartinTruexJr56: We will race again. More importantly i hope all the people back home stay safe with the big storm approaching.

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