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@ivandebosch (Ingrid Vandebosch): 6 years ago today I married the love of my life! The best thing that ever happened to me :)

@NASCAR_Realtime: Appears the exit polls show a correlation w #NASCAR’s declining ratings. Vast majority of Obama supporters are young, educated or a minority

@NASCAR_Realtime: Those r the same demographics #NASCAR has seen sharp declines in (young & college grads) or has never been able to engage (minorities).

@JeffGordonWeb: Amazing life amazing wife @ivandebosch! 6 wonderful yrs! 2 beautiful, healthy children and a lot of great memories. Happy Anniversary!

@truckpits (Ray Dunlap): 4 different race team GM’s tell me that the election results squash potential sponsorship deals for 2013. That’s bad news….

@dcaraviello (David Caraviello): Dates are set for #NASCAR Preseason Thunder testing at Daytona: Jan. 10-12, with cars on track (weather permitting) from 9 am-5 pm each day.

@Amanda_Speed: Totally just caught @scottspeed singing on camera……. Lmao!!!!!!!

@stevearpin: Had a big list of sponsors to follow up on if Romney got elected last night, guess I’ll slip that book away and keep digging! #fb

@Ryan_Truex: Ill be going in circles competitively “@mechmax: @Ryan_Truex Can you posssibly tell us your 2013 plans yet ? thank you.”

@DanicaPatrick: So wonderful and exciting to hear @DrBobParsons say I was going to be in both @GoDaddy Super Bowl spots! How lucky am I?!!!

@MStall41 (Matt Stalknecht): Rumor Alert: #NASCAR may ditch the planned low downforce package for the 2013 cars and is looking at a high downfoce package and 100 less HP

@JamieLittleESPN: Someone is realllly excited to go to his first race! @NASCARESPN

@MartySmithESPN: .@JimmieJohnson: “I want to be considered the greatest driver ever to sit in a stock car.”

@tomjensen100: ESPN reporting @kevinharvick moving to @stewarthaasrcng in 2014.

@Kenny_Wallace: BIG Congrats @bscottracing That was a WIN I was Happy to see :)

@jaywpennell: Same thing ruined @Elliott_Sadler’s title hopes last year, sent him to a backup today & ruined his title hopes today. Tough deal. #NASCAR

@ClintBowyer: I’m absolutely sick for my buddy @Elliott_Sadler!!!!!!!!!!

@StacyStenhouse: @StenhouseJr finishes 3rd he will have to finish 16th or better in Miami to clench the championship! #proudsister way to go @CrewChief6NNS

@keselowski: Big thanks to the 22 @DiscountTire nationwide team for a great season. Wishing @RyanBlaney22 the best as he closes out the year next week.

@Elliott_Sadler: No tweet can express my thoughts..but love my team and their hearts..headed to Homestead with open more battle

@Elliott_Sadler: Also want to thank @Brendan62 on how he raced me today… HE is a good teammate and I wish him all the best next year…

@Team_Onion (Todd Bodine): My nephew Matt is a physician in the Army. Todds Dad was in the Army and my Dad the Marine Cor. Thanks to ALL Military Past and Present

@DeLanaHarvick: Thank you to all the veterans for all the sacrifices you’ve made for me and our great country!

@jeff_gluck: Funny story: @pops1981 got tackled to the ground by security at Richmond after Clint won…they thought he was a fan trying to get on track.

@jeff_gluck: The other spotters laughed at Bowyer’s dad for getting tackled and the only people who vouched for him were Roger Penske and Rob Kauffman.

@mattkenseth: A big thanks to all our veterans! #freedom

@mattkenseth: I just got to the drivers meeting, I wonder what the points would be if the race ended now?

@bobpockrass: Sam Hornish Jr is signed to do full Nationwide season in 2013 for Penske, Roger Penske says. #nascar

@CrewChief6NNS (Mike Kelley): Toughest part of my job, is points racing w a driver as aggressive and fast as @StenhouseJr . Love when we can turn him loose! #hesbadass!

@scottspeed: U stay classy Jeff Gordon!!!! Good lord

@Brett_Griff (Brett Griffin): If you’re gonna be an ass in the car stand up and be one outside of it. That’s all Ima say about it. Be a man…

@TheOrangeCone: New 5-Hour Energy commercial: “5-Hour Energy, when you need to kick Jeff Gordon’s ass.”

@AlexBRacing (Alex Bowman): 5 hour energy, when I need to run down Jeff Gordon. -Clint Bowyer

@RutledgeWood: I have a feeling that Jeff Gordon fans love him more than ever, and Clint Bowyer just became a whole lot of people’s NEW driver

@jim_Utter: kudos to the camera guy who kept up with Clint Bowyer through the garage

@Mc_Driver (Michael McDowell): All I know @5HourEnergyGuy must work because @ClintBowyer had some steam left in him even after a long race day. At least a 7 min mile pace

@AJDinger (AJ Allmendinger): Might want to get some tv cameras at the airport just in case they arrive there at the same time. Lol

@JamesBuescher: Should had thrown the caution there… Big wreck because of a small one…

@Mother_Function: Bad ass!!!

@AJDinger: Can we just take half the money that was spent on that last lap and carry it over to @PhoenixRacing51 for next year and go racing please!

@JennaFryer: “Who won the fight? I mean the race?” Hamlin asks.

@mw55 (Michael Waltrip): Tough day.

@Elliott_Sadler: That’s why some people respect @JimmieJohnson .. Gave an honest and great interview after the frustrating day he had.. #greatrespect

@CandiceSpencer: ‘@Keselowski is furious with the double standard that drivers say he has a death wish and others go out and wreck the field #NASACR

@jeff_gluck: The NASCAR head honchos just walked into the hauler where Bowyer and Gordon are inside. They should high-five them for the publicity.

@jeff_gluck: NASCAR explaining why it didn’t call caution: We didn’t see any fluid at the time. Easy to look back now.

@kaseykahne: Sounded like I missed a brawl. Congrats @KevinHarvick on the win!

@jelledge81 (Jimmy Elledge): I have seen Jeff Gordon start 3 fights with his helmet and Hans still on. At least @ClintBowyer was ready to brawl!!

@Patricia_AFF (Patricia Driscoll): Spoke w/ #outlaw and he’s sore and got the wind knocked out of him but is ok!!! He said he just kept going to the finish line:) #thankGod

@DeLanaHarvick: Keelan finally got to go to victory lane!!! Haha!! He was in his PJs & I was in sweat pants for the long flight home… #keepinitreal

@Brett_Griff: I can confirm @ClintBowyer has been invited to compete in the 4 x 100 men’s relay.

@Brett_Griff: And all you jackasses replying Clint deserved it… You don’t try and kill somebody because you made contact racing hard. Again, lame.

@joeylogano: When I was young I thought @JeffGordonWeb was the best driver. Now I’ve lost a lot of respect for him. #verydumb

@dennyhamlin: Great turnaround week for our FedEx team.. 1 more to go! On another note. The 24 should be parked! He took out 5 cars in that BS!

@ivandebosch (Ingrid Vandebosch): @dennyhamlin BTW it was CB that started the BS

@dennyhamlin: “@ivandebosch: “@dennyhamlin BTW it was CB that started the BS” love ya Ingrid but your man was wrong. He wrecked trying to wreck 15 first

@JeffGordonWeb: I’ll say the same thing I told @NASCAR & media. Reached my limit, tired of getting run into by 15. Sorry to the other guys involved.

@JimmieJohnson: Well damn… not the day we wanted. On to Homestead and anything can happen down there. #6pack

@JamieLittleESPN: Remember I’m only 13 weeks removed from having a baby! I haven’t sprinted like that in a long time! Outta breath…hahaha!!

@Rocky_Ryan (JGR Spotter): I wonder, should we take off before or after @JeffGordonWeb and @ClintBowyer ‘s planes?

@ivandebosch: I am not saying it is right to wreck someone! That is not OK! It is also NOT ok to push people aside and disrespect them.

@KyleBusch: Tough ending, I had a really fast car today n wanted to win it for my guys. Crazy end of the race. Always better to watch when it’s not u.

@HermieSadler: As a parent of a special needs child, I don’t like the word retard, but I’m smart enough to know the context in which @ClintBowyer meant it

@KevinHarvick: Yep that just happened!! We win!!

@Brett_Griff: We pour our hearts and souls into our jobs and this sport. We work endless hours and weekends. Emotion sometimes trumps all. Wheels up!

@dennyhamlin: if you guys and gals don’t like my OPINION you are more than welcome to unfollow. I only follow ppl I like. You should do the same

@keselowski: Hmm Don’t recall that. You might wanna Check transcript. @dennyhamlin: hey 24 fans.. @keselowski said worse things than me… go get em

@joeylogano: To all the 24 fans. I’m not disrespecting a 4 time champ, A 4 time champ disrespected me today

@Elliott_Sadler: Fans always want drivers to speak their mind… So be careful to criticize what we say just because it doesn’t support your favorite driver

@Elliott_Sadler: Twitter is so cool for all fans to be able to read the raw emotion of your favorite or least favorite driver… Think it brings fans closer

@AllWaltrip (Darrell Waltrip): folks, don’t criticize these guys, this is a very emotional sport, it’s been a long season, you’re running on adrenaline, things happen

@dennyhamlin: On another note.. I’m on a plane with a 2-time daytona 500 champ, 2 time superbowl winning coach, and a player with a superbowl ring as well

@bobpockrass: Gordon fined $100,000 and penalized 25 pts .. .Pattie fined $25,000 … Keselowski fined $25,000 for having cell phone in car. #nascar

@Kerry_Tharp: .#NASCAR communicated to drivers and teams after Daytona 500 that they were not to have cell phones in cars while on race track

@dcaraviello: Penalty will drop Jeff Gordon to 11th place in Sprint Cup standings, 115 behind the leader. Martin Truex Jr. will move up to 10th.

@2Spotter: A true SMH moment…….

@Writer_Amy (Amy Henderson): Plenty of drivers have posted photos/video from cell phones in their cars this year with no fine. @keselowski only one fined for it…hmmmmm

@darrenrovell: If NASCAR has arrived, garnering cheap attention w/fights isn’t worth much. Having a twitter friendly champion (@keselowski)? worth more.

@AllWaltrip: I really think #JeffGordon was lucky, thought they would park him, don’t get all revved up, intentionally wrecked #ClintBowyer, he said so!

@DeLanaHarvick: Man o man there’s a lotta drama and controversy in nascarland today…Pretty stoked it has nothing to do with @KevinHarvick at all! #hotdamn

@JennaFryer: Mid-Ohio marks #NASCAR’s return to Ohio for first time since Trucks were at Mansfield in 2008. Nationwide sched is 33 races.

@jeff_gluck: Next season will be the first time since 2004 that the Nationwide Series will have all of its races in the United States. #NASCAR

@dcaraviello: Mid-Ohio is new #NASCAR Nationwide venue for 2013. It’s a 2.4-mile, 15-turn course with a wicked fast main straight feeding into a hairpin.

@odsteve (Steve O’Donnell): Lots of ? About cell phones-after Daytona we told teams not to carry in car per rule book-We have most liberal social media policy in sports

@odsteve: Fine was not about tweeting-was about device in car. Hope Brad tweets away-just outside car on pit road if we are red flagged

@odsteve: Will send some tweets/photos from Miami this week-Thanks for the follows and all the comments this year. Great to get fans input! #NASCAR

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