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@jim_utter: Rule cited in @keselowski penalty in rulebook received in January

@jim_utter: “Nothing we’ve seen from Brad violates any current rules pertaining to the use of social media during races.” – NASCAR, Feb. 28, 2012

@patisouzapaludo (Patricia Paludo): Best news of the day! Oli’s levels are the same as a person withouth diabetes! A1C 7.4!! Soooo happy! Proud mama! Tears in my eyes! #WDD

@MartySmithESPN: #DaleJr helmet would give my daughter nightmares…

@MaryeveDufault: Turned down @Playboy cover. It can be flattering for a model, but for me it’s all about racing.#Nascar #Playboy #RacingSuit Don’t work together

@dcaraviello (David Caraviello): Joey Logano says he reached out to Jeff Gordon for an apology re: Phx “and didn’t get one. Got hung up on.” Said Gordon texted him later.

@Team_Onion (Todd and Janet Bodine): There is no one that will tell me different @Team_Onion is the best in the business. Even through all this bad luck. Love him.

@AllWaltrip (Darrell Waltrip): We complement each other very well, @AllWaltrip has hindsight, @mikejoy500 has foresight and @LarryMac28 has insight, got you covered!

@Brett_Griff (Brett Griffin): Attention #NASCAR fans… “Rubbin is racin” someone please give @JeffGordonWeb that memo. It’s what brought us fans. It’s what will keep em

@Brett_Griff: Reading those quotes is a joke. 3 wide pisses him off. Touching him pisses him off. Hell lets play flag football this Sunday. #SMDH

@Beth_Frntstrtch (Beth Lunkenheimer): Confirmed for 2013: Sauter and Crafton will return with ThorSport Racing. #NASCAR

@LarryMac28 (Larry McReynolds): Being in the booth doing anything is like being with my family @mikejoy500 and @AllWaltrip Hope we ‘re together as long as we can make it!

@JeffGordonWeb: From my understanding, media didn’t tweet full @joeylogano quote. There’s his side, my side…and truth is somewhere in between.”

@jeff_gluck: Damn. That was a big hit for Blaney. Can’t really blame either Larson or Dillon…they were both just going for it, IMO.

@TheOrangeCone: Ty saw the chance at the championship slipping. Larson saw a win. Both needed that ground. Hard racing.

@mattkenseth: That was a big wreck, feel bad for those guys. They were putting on a heck of a show. #NASCAR

@RyanTruex: I think your thinking of a different Ryan “@JustxJessica: I hate it for @ryan_truex was hoping he would get a good finish”

@kaseykahne: Glad everyone is ok after that. Man they were all putting on a great race.

@EmmaBlaney: Just saw Ry. He is okay! Might be a little sore in the morning!

@mattkenseth: Wow!


@AshleyAllgaier: HUGE congratulations to @JamesBuescher & @Kris_Buescher! A well deserved championship!

@jim_utter: Margin of victory: 0.014 seconds.

@PPistone: 9 first time winners, 16 different winners in 22 races this season – insane! #nascar

@kaseykahne: Congrats @jamesbuescher and @TurnerMotorspts on the Truck Championship #NASCAR

@SamanthaBusch: Not a scratch on the truck racing hard n clean with other drivers all night. Then Cale gets to Kyle n does this to win

@BubbaWallace (Darrell Wallace, Jr.): I just called my mom to see if putting her in the wall to win my 1st race was okay.. She said heck yea then told me to go to bed!

@SamanthaBusch: 2 more races til 2012 race season is over, halleulujah! Proud of KBs interview n all the hard work the boys put into this program! Nite all!

@KyleLarsonRacin: Watched the replay of the wreck. Feel REALLY bad for @tydillon. I definitely would never wreck someone on purpose. I just drove over my head

@KyleLarsonRacin: Also would never do that to help a teammate out. Can’t really express how bad I feel about it all.

@RyanBlaney22: Well that hurt. I appreciate all the support everyone gave me tonight. Means a lot. Looking forward to tomorrow.

@Kris_Buescher: Congrats to my sweet husband!! And thanks to all of the amazing @JamesBuescher fans! #nascar

@Rchilders55 (Rodney Childers): I want to say thanks to @NASCAR and all of the officials that makes this happen each week.. It’s been a fun year and we really appreciate it

@ClintBowyer: Great piece on @SPEED about @keselowski and his parents. It’s a long hard ole road to get here and it’s awesome to see it pay off for people

@MStall41 (Matt Stallknecht): Johnson has what appears to be a terminal motor issue. Pretty much wraps things up for Keselowski #NASCAR

@KyleLarsonRacin: That’s such a lame way for the chase to end. Happy for @keselowski but was shaping up to be a good finish

@SamanthaBusch: Peace out 2012 race season I’m not sad at all to see you go!! What doesn’t kill u makes u stronger so watch out in 2013 Kyle n crew r comin!

@queers4gears: And to think, some people (including me) thought Gordon should have been parked for this race

@2Spotter: Huh…that worked out well…..#NASCAR

@KristineC48: JJ congratulating the champions.

@Brett_Griff: What a fun Chase that was. Hauled ass every week! 2nd in the standings. Thanks @mw55 @ClintBowyer and 15 team.

@dennyhamlin: Thanks also to all of my fans who come on here each week and wish me luck. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

@nascarcasm: Congrats to @ClintBowyer – we found out last week he was a runner, but today, he became runner-up. #phoenix #nascar #chase

@joeylogano: And that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Thanks to all of @JoeGibbsRacing for 7 great years

@dennyhamlin: Big congrats to @keselowski and Roger Penske on a job well done. They executed this chase nearly perfect! Well deserved first time champ!

@TheOrangeCone: A week after a profane tirade in the media center, Brad is now drunk on SportsCenter. Dude is bad ass!

@JimmieJohnson: Congrats @keselowski, Paul Wolf, Roger Penske an all of Penske on your championship. It was a lot of fun battling with you!

@JimmieJohnson: We had a chance… Thanks to my entire team and all of @TeamHendrick. #team48

@ivandebosch (Ingrid Vandebosch): Thanks everyone for your support! So happy for Jeff to end the season with a win!

@keselowski: Thank you 2 each & every fan 4 the words of support this week & after the race. Special thanks to the @JimmieJohnson Fans for the congrats

@MonteDutton: I have a strong suspicion that Brad Keselowski really believes in his corporate sponsor. #NASCAR

@keselowski:New twitter profile pic! #NASCAR #championship #thankyou every1

@dnicholas (Dawn Nicholas): “@keselowski: We did it! #NASCAR” You sure did! I couldn’t be prouder of you baby bro

@dnicholas: Just want to say thanks to all you great fans who support my brother. It really means so much to us! What a day

@mattkenseth: Thanks everyone at @roushfenway for 15 great years. I will miss racing with you guys!

@2Spotter: Just read the last 10 hours of tweets. I’m thrilled,honored, humbled. Thanks EVERYONE for all the kind words. This is SPECIAL!! I get it!

@ClaireBLang: Headed to airport. Check out Ella Gordon playing by dads race car in Vic Lane while Leo hangs with papa

@PPistone: #espn generated a 2.7 overnight rating for Sunday’s Cup finale, down from the 3.7 last year which was the network’s most viewed race ever

@JeffGordonWeb: Headed back to CLT after a fun night of celebrating. Thanks to everyone for the congrats wishes & all the support this year. #Team24

@ClintBowyer: Does anyone else have trouble getting their “give a shit” level off of zero on Mondays?

@JimmieJohnson: Must be my fault. @JennaFryer: ESPN’s telecast of yesterdays #NASCAR race drew a 2.7 overnight rating, down from 3.7. last year’s race.

@KyleBusch: Anyone else hate the chase as much as I do!?! Coulda shoulda woulda been Vegas bound.

@Elliott_Sadler: Wow.. Come back from playing in pool with Wyatt and see the news is out.. Yep As of 145pm sat. I became the newest driver at JGR! Awesome!!

@Elliott_Sadler: Can’t thank Coach and JD enough for this great opportunity…my family and I are ecstatic…thank you guys for all the tweets and congrats.

@RutledgeWood: This is my friend Jake..he’s the camera man that jogged along w/ clintbowyer in PHX Great guy w/a great dad

@JohannaLong: As promised @kris_buescher .. Me in a dress.. LOL

@RayEvernham: Just saw my friend and Crew Chief Scott Fisher take his first unaided steps since 9/10/11 sprint car accident. Very emotional but awesome

@StacyStenhouse: #2inarow #champion #brother #soproud

@DanicaPatrick: Omg! Thank u fans for voting me most popular driver for the 2012 @nascar_nns series! Y’all are the best! U heard me. Y’all.

@jim_utter: Danica Patrick and Nelson Piquet Jr. wins most popular driver in #NASCAR Nationwide and Camping World Truck series, respectively

@keselowski: Just finishing up a long day. Started in Miami at 730am, from there to Charlotte, then Connecticut and now in NYC. Whew, I’m tired!

@TimothyPeters17: Headed home from a great @NASCAR_Trucks banquet tonight! Hard to believe it’s over! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

@HappyChairSR (Shawna Robinson): I wanna race trucks again!! I’m coming outta retirement!!! Giddy Up!

@ReganSmith: Cant begin to tell everybody how excited I am to have Greg Ives as a crew chief! His knowledge, passion and work ethic are second to none

@SamanthaBusch: FINALLY heading home after being on the road since martinsville!!! Can’t wait to see our pups Kel n Suzie n sleep in my own bed!!!

@jim_utter: Final #NASCAR rating from Sunday’s Sprint Cup finale on ESPN was a 3.5, down from 4.6 a year ago (3.4 million viewers) … off 24 percent

@bobpockrass: Sprint Cup Banquet acts: Train, Lifehouse, Natasha Bedingfield, Phillip Phillips And The Beatles LOVE By Cirque du Soleil #nascar

@JennaFryer: NEWS: Danica Patrick announces she and husband are divorcing after 7 years of marriage. Calls split amicable.

@jeff_gluck: Danica on her Facebook page: “I am sad to inform my fans that after 7 years, Paul and I have decided to amicably end our marriage.”

@jeff_gluck: More Danica on Facebook: “This isn’t easy for either of us, but mutually it has come to this.”

@jeff_gluck: More Danica from Facebook: “He has been an important person and friend in my life and that’s how we will remain moving forward.”

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