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Ty Dillon wrestles the Gator into submission while Ivedent Lloyd Jr. grabs UMP Late Model Victory

The DirtCar Nationals presented by Summit at Volusia County Speedway showcase some of the best talent in the dirt racing world. On Monday night it was time for the UMP Modified drivers to headline the festivities with the Gator Nationals. Ty Dillon dominated his first four nights of racing, winning three of the races. In the Gator he drew the outside front row position and never looked back after the drop of the green flag. Dillon’s brother Austin, who won his qualifying race on Sunday night after securing the pole for the Daytona 500 was extremely fast, rushing to the front from the seventh starting position but was crashed out late in the event.

Dillon started outside of Kenny Wallace on the front row and grabbed the lead at the drop of the green flag. Wallace slotted in second while 2012 Gator winner Nick Hoffman fell in third. Those three drivers stretched out the advantage over the rest of the field while Dillon’s brother was carving his way forward from seventh. A caution for Jacob Poel stopping against the inside fourth turn wall with a broken tie rod bunched the field back together. Shortly after the restart, Hoffman worked his way around Wallace and set his sites on Dillon. When the leaders caught traffic, Hoffman closed on Dillon but never really put pressure on him. He then came under assault from Austin Dillon, who had made his way to the third position. Dillon put an aggressive slide job onto Hoffman in turns one and two with three laps to go. Hoffman returned the favor in turn three, running Dillon up to the fence as the caution came out for an unrelated incident. Dillon drove over Hoffman’s nose as they went into turn one under caution to show his displeasure over Hoffman’s maneuver.

When the field came back to green for the restart, Hoffman’s left rear wheel broke free from the car, sending him into a spin. Dillon plowed into his rear and was then run over by Wallace, who flipped upside down on the front straight. Multiple cars ended up in the melee, which resulted in a red flag All of the drivers were ok but Hoffman, Dillon and Wallace were done for the night and there was no one left to challenge the younger Dillon for the prestigious Gator. After the carnage was removed from the front straight Dillon cruised to the victory ahead of Devin Gilpin. Dale Mathison crossed the line in third with Jeff Babcock and Kyle Strickler rounding out the top 5.

In UMP Dirt Super Late Model Action, Ivedent Lloyd Jr. grabbed the lead from the front row and was never really challenged during the 30 lap feature race. The race track was smooth and fast which is exactly how Lloyd attacked the course. The high speeds didn’t provide a lot of opportunity to try and work by cars on the bottom so Lloyd simply outran the competition. Brady Smith got close a couple of times, as Lloyd worked traffic, but he never really put on a serious challenge. Eric Wells, John Blankenship and Shane Clanton finished off the top 5 for the Late Models.

DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit Racing Equipment Statistical Report; Feb. 17, 2014; Volusia Speedway Park; Barberville, Fla.

DIRTcar UMP Modified “Gator Championship”

A-Main (30 Laps): 1. (41) Ty Dillon ($5,000), 2. (1G) Devin Gilpin, 3. (9M) Dale Mathison, 4. (7B) Jeff Babcock, 5. (8) Kyle Strickler, 6. (85) Kent Robinson, 7. (49) Brian Ruhlman, 8. (10) Austin Arneson, 9. (35) David Stremme, 10. (9) Kenny Schrader, 11. (1) Dwight Niehoff, 12. (20) Kody Weisner, 13. (4) Cody Bauman, 14. (5B) Steven Brooks, 15. (2) Nick Hoffman, 16. (3) Austin Dillon, 17. (36) Kenny Wallace, 18. (54) Matt Westfall, 19. (25) Tyler Nicely, 20. (K9) Will Krup, 21. (64JR) Billy Workman Jr, 22. (51) Justin Allgaier, 23. (OJ) Bryce Jewell, 24. (40B) Kyle Bronson, 25. (36H) Jacob Poel, 26. (O5) Dave Wiethholder, 27. (47) Collin Thirlby, 28. (2G) Troy Girolamo.

Last Chance Showdown #1 (10 laps, top four transfer): 1. (O5) Dave Wiethholder, 2. (5B) Steven Brooks, 3. (90) Jason Beaulieu, 4. (26) Bobby Gierke, 5. (17JE) Jack Steilder, 6. (4) Cody Bauman, 7. (67) Garret Stewart, 8. (O1) Mitch O’Patik, 9. (33) Jeff Mathews, 10. (52) Jordan Bailey, 11. (O7) Jeff Thomas, 12. (88) Matt Crafton, DNS. (O8) Jake Griffin

Last Chance Showdown #2 (10 laps, top four transfer): 1. (2G) Troy Girolamo, 2. (1) Dwight Niehoff, 3. (51) Justin Allgaier, 4. (47) Collin Thirlby, 5. (54B) Larry Burkins, 6. (28) Paul Miles, 7. (20) Kody Weisner, 8. (D4) Dave Jamison, 9. (66) Justin Marks, 10. (O1X) Joel Ortberg, 11. (79) Nick Kurtz, 12. ( (24JR) Jeffrey Lien Jr.

DIRTcar Late Models

A-Main – (30 Laps): 1. (21L) Ivedent Lloyd Jr. ($7,000), 2. (2) Brady Smith, 3. (18W) Eric Wells, 4. (23) John Blankenship, 5. (25) Shane Clanton, 6. (0) Scott Bloomquist, 7. (29) Darrell Lanigan, 8. (22) Gregg Satterlee, 9. (1) Brandon Sheppard, 10. (14M) Morgan Bagley, 11. (81) Brian Shirley, 12. (99JR) Frankie Heckenast Jr., 13. (24) Rick Eckert, 14. (32) Bobby Pierce, 15. (38) Kenny Pettyjohn, 16. (5) Eric Jacobsen, 17. (39) Tim McCreadie, 18. (21) Billy Moyer, 19. (18x) Jack Sullivan, 20. (101) Casey Roberts, 21. (157) Mike Marlar, 22. (18c) Chase Junghans, 23. (2) Dan Stone, 24. (J4) John Garvin Jr.

Heat No. 1 (8 laps – Top 4 Transfer): 1. Eric Wells, 2. John Blankenship, 3. Darrell Lanigan, 4. Bobby Pierce, 5. Kenny Pettyjohn, 6. Kyle Bronson, 7. Chase Junghans, 8. Jason Fitzgerald, 9. Jeff Beyers, 10. Chad White

Heat No. 2 (8 laps – Top 4 Transfer): 1. Ivedent Lloyd Jr., 2. Gregg Satterlee, 3. Scott Bloomquist, 4. Dan Stone, 5. Rick Eckert, 6. Billy Moyer, 7. Rick ‘Boom’ Briggs, 8. Vic Coffey, 9. Chad Hollenbeck, 10. Chuck Julien

Heat No. 3 (8 laps – Top 4 Transfer): 1. Shane Clanton, 2. Mike Marlar, 3. Brandon Sheppard, 4. Brian Shirley, 5. Jack Sullivan, 6. Stacy Boles, 7. Jeff Babcock, 8. Tim McCreadie, 9. John Winge, 10. David Gibson Jr.

Heat No. 4 (8 laps – Top 4 Transfer): 1. Brady Smith, 2. Morgan Bagley, 3. Casey Roberts, 4. Eric Jacobsen, 5. Tyler Bruening, 6. Frankie Heckenast Jr., 7. Chub Frank, 8. John Garvin Jr., 9. Dennis Erb Jr., 10. Mike Hammerle

B-Main No. 1 (10 laps – Top 4 Transfer): 1. Rick Eckert, 2. Kenny Pettyjohn, 3. Billy Moyer, 4. Chase Junghans, 5. Vic Coffey, 6. Chad Hollenbeck, 7. Jason Fitzgerald, 8. Jeff Beyers, 9. Chad White, 10. Rick ‘Boom’ Briggs

B-Main No. 2 (10 laps – Top 4 Transfer): 1. Jack Sullivan, 2. Frankie Heckenast Jr., 3. John Garvin Jr., 4. Tim McCreadie, 5. Tyler Bruening, 6. Jeff Babcock, 7. Stacy Boles, 8. David Gibson Jr., 9. Mike Hammerle, 10. John Winge


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