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2015 Frontstretch Cup: Staff Predictions for the STP 500 at Martinsville

Welcome to our eighth year of staff predictions! Each week, our experts attempt to tell you who the winner of each Cup race will be. Take a look to see who your favorite writers think will win it all (or at least score some points) this week!

Think you can out-prognosticate our staff? Leave your picks in the comments and see how they stack up!

 Prediction Scoring
+5 – Win
+3 – Top 5
+1 – Top 10
0 – 11th-20th
-1 – 21st-30th
-2 – 31st-40th
-3 – 41st-43rd

This week’s predictions: STP 500

Amy Henderson, Senior Editor: I think I like Kurt Busch this week.
Jeff Wolfe, Senior Writer:
Kevin Harvick.
Matt Stallknecht, Senior Editor: Denny Hamlin.
Mark Howell, Senior Writer: Joey Logano (and Ford) for the win, please.
Joseph Wolkin, Senior Writer: I’m going with Jimmie Johnson.
Aaron Bearden, Contributing Writer: I’ll be really brave and take Johnson. Crazy, I know.
Greg Davis, Senior Writer: Give me Jeff Gordon.
Vito Pugliese, Senior Writer:
Danny Peters, Senior Writer: I’ll go with Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Sean Fesko, Contributing Writer: Ryan Newman is looking pretty good this season. Let’s see if he keeps his top-10 streak going.
Jeff Meyer, Senior Writer:
Carl Edwards!
Tony Lumbis, Financial Manager:
After taking years to get his first Martinsville victory, Dale Jr. scores two in a row.
Toni Montgomery, Senior Editor: I swear to God I am not trying to jinx him because I know I have been the kiss of death lately, but I am going to pick Johnson because I want to score some positive points and I think he will.
Huston Ladner, Senior Editor: Johnson.
Mike Neff, Short Track Coordinator: Are you drunk, Jeff Meyer? I’ll take Jr. to go back-to-back at Martinsville.
Matt McLaughlin, Senior Writer: Busch and Lord help anyone who gets in his way.
S.D. Grady, Senior Writer:
Clayton Caldwell, Contributing Writer:
Brett Winningham, Contributing Writer: Johnson.

Auto Club 400

WriterPickFinishing PositionPoints
Matt StallknechtBrad Keselowski1st5
Huston LadnerBrad Keselowski1st5
Joseph WolkinBrad Keselowski1st5
Jeff WolfeKevin Harvick2nd3
Matt McLaughlinKevin Harvick2nd3
Aaron BeardenKurt Busch3rd3
Sean FeskoKurt Busch3rd3
Zach CatanzaretiDale Earnhardt Jr.6th1
Mike NeffJoey Logano7th1
Danny PetersJoey Logano7th1
Jeff MeyerMartin Truex Jr.8th1
Amy HendersonJimmie Johnson9th1
Vito PuglieseJimmie Johnson9th1
Tony LumbisJimmie Johnson9th1
Toni MontgomeryKasey Kahne17th0
S.D. GradyJamie McMurray21st-1
Tom BowlesKyle Larson26th-1
Greg DavisKyle Larson26th-1
Mark HowellMatt Kenseth31st-2


 WriterPointsBehindStartsWinsTop 5Top 10
Matt Stallknecht195345
Mike Neff15-45145
Jeff Wolfe13-65244
Danny Peters12-75234
Huston Ladner8-114123
Brett Winningham7-124113
Sean Fesko6-135123
Jeff Meyer6-135113
Matt McLaughlin5-144122
Tom Bowles5-144122
Joseph Wolkin5-145122
Tony Lumbis4-155013
Phil Allaway3-162011
David Ifeguni3-161011
Vito Pugliese3-165023
Zach Catanzaretti3-165014
Amy Henderson1-185113
Toni Montgomery0-195022
Clayton Caldwell-1-203001
Mark Howell-2-215002
Greg Davis-3-225001
S.D. Grady-3-223001
Aaron Bearden-3-225012