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Off the Wall With: Casey Mears

Welcome to Off the Wall With…, where we ask your favorite drivers the same five questions that are… well, off the wall! We’ll check in with a different driver each week to get a peek into life outside the racecar. This week, NASCAR veteran Casey Mears dishes the answers.

What’s fun besides racing?

Mears: Playing with my kids. I just like spending time with them. The other day we were jumping on the trampoline, we like playing in the yard, pushing them on the swings. I’m sure when they get older, there will be more things we do together. I throw Hayden on my electric skateboard and we cruise around.

What’s the top item on your bucket list?

Mears: Right now, first priority is to win another race in the Cup Series. It’s been too long.

Your go-to on movie night is:

Mears: There are so many good movies I’ve seen. Good Will Hunting is always a good one to pop in.

What’s one item that’s always in your grocery bag?

Mears: Eggs are always in there.

Most memorable fan interaction?

Mears: Probably back when I was with the National Guard, just meeting the soldiers that do so much for us. It was just really cool, to hear all their stories from overseas and what they do for us makes us realize how lucky we are that those guys are over there doing that. That was probably the most memorable time. The fans that were overseas, they cheered us on a lot and it gave them something to root for and to do while they were over there. It was really fun to drive that car.

What’s fun besides racing? What’s the top item on your bucket list? Your go-to on movie night: One item that’s always in your grocery bag? Most memorable fan interaction:
Cole Whitt Fishing Visiting Bora Bora God’s Not Dead Ground Turkey Getting called by the wrong name
Joey Logano Nothing Winning a Martinsville clock Miracle Yogurt Signing an arm so they could have it tattooed on
Ron Capps Watching other racing Going into space Something with Will Ferrell in it A receipt Visiting the Zoo at Brainerd
Casey Mears Playing with my kids Winning another Sprint Cup race Good Will Hunting Eggs Meeting with U.S. soldiers


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