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Tweet ‘N’ Greet: Special Steve Byrnes Edition

Editor’s Note: Normally this space is reserved for some of the greatest tweets to come out of NASCAR over the previous seven days, but in light of Steve Byrnes’s passing Tuesday, we’re forgoing the usual lineup to feature the love and support the motorsports community has shown in his memory. The usual format for Tweet ‘N’ Greet will return next Wednesday.






The tweet above is the final tweet from Steve Byrnes.

From all of the love being shown in the tweets above, it is clear that Steve Byrnes was one of the most loved and respected individuals around the NASCAR industry. He, his dedication and spirit, will truly be missed. The entire Frontstretch staff sends its well wishes to the family as they mourn the loss of a husband, father, brother, uncle and son.

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  1. Is it bad of me wondering reading Brian France’s statement if he ever even met Steve Byrnes, because I highly doubt he has ever been in the garage area, much less knows where it is.

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