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Off the Wall With: Carl Edwards

Welcome to Off the Wall With…, where we ask your favorite drivers five questions that are… well, off the wall! We’ll check in with a different driver each week to get a peek into life outside the racecar. This week, Sprint Cup driver Carl Edwards is delivering the goods.

What’s fun besides racing?

Carl Edwards: It feels like I don’t do anything but racing. Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of backpacking. We’ve been going all over and hiking up in the mountains. That has been a lot of fun so we’re going to do a little bit of that here this year. I’d say that is the thing I’ve been doing the most of.

What’s the top item on your bucket list?

Edwards: Definitely to win the Cup championship. That has been my mission. It is what I want to do. The other thing, once I am older and most of my life is behind me, at least I hope I can predict that. I am going to go jump off of a bridge with a parachute with Travis Pastrana. I want to base jump at some point.

Your go-to on movie night is:

Edwards: That’s a good question. I did get Smokey and the Bandit. Someone sent me the DVD. I watched it again. I hadn’t watched it in a while. There really isn’t anything better than that.

What’s one item that’s always in your grocery bag?

Edwards: Cereal. I can’t make it through the cereal aisle without buying about five boxes of cereal. I love breakfast cereal. I eat it three or four times a day. If anyone looked at my cart they’d be surprised at how much cereal I have purchased.

Most memorable fan interaction?

Edwards: When kids come up and you can tell they really love the sport and they are huge fans. They look at everything the way kids see the world. I just love how they experience it. I just love seeing kids at the racetrack. That is my favorite thing.

What’s fun besides racing?What’s the top item on your bucket list?Your go-to on movie night:One item that’s always in your grocery bag?Most memorable fan interaction:
Cole WhittFishingVisiting Bora BoraGod’s Not DeadGround TurkeyGetting called by the wrong name
Joey LoganoNothingWinning a Martinsville clockMiracleYogurtSigning an arm so they could have it tattooed on
Ron CappsWatching other racingGoing into spaceSomething with Will Ferrell in itA receiptVisiting the Zoo at Brainerd
Casey MearsPlaying with my kidsWinning another Sprint Cup raceGood Will HuntingEggsMeeting with U.S. soldiers
Alexis DeJoriaFamily adventuresBungee jumpingSomething horror or sci fiVegetable juicesA fan who cried when she met me
Ryan NewmanAnything outdoorsNothing-enjoy life every day!TombstoneBreadAnytime a kid asks a question
David GillilandRiding 4-wheelersDeep-sea fishing in AlaskaDays of ThunderBananasGetting mistaken for Travis Kvapil (happens a lot)
Fast Jack BeckmanSurfingSkydivingAny movie, especially action or sci-fiBananasHanging out with 11-year-old Jacob Delling
Brad KeselowskiPersonal growthWinning another Cup titleForrest GumpFlowers for my girlfriendAll of them-it’s not fair to rate them!
Spencer MasseyTraveling and drivingWinning an NHRA Mello Yello titleCaddyshackFrozen pizzasTheir reaction to Gatornationals win
Brendan GaughanKidsSCUBA diving in the GalapagosBlazing Saddles, Spaceballs, and The Princess BrideToilet paperToo many to choose from
J.R. ToddHanging with high school buddiesWinning an NHRA championshipGet HardWaterThere’s one oddball at every race…
Landon CassillAnything outsideVisiting EuropeGame of Thrones on NetflixAvocadosA little girl named Riley
Del WorshamBoatingNothing; done it allA dramaMilkSharing 10,000 HP margarita machine with them
Austin DillonPlaying soccerFlying an F-16 fighter jetTop GunCoca-ColaSigning a baby
Richard ChildressSomething outdoorsWinning another Cup championshipSomething with Clint EastwoodChildress Vineyards wineA lot of them!
Morgan ShepherdRoller skatingGetting the No. 89 in some more racesDoesn’t watch moviesBroccoli and carrotsA girl who wanted her underwear signed
Matt DiBenedettoDriving my Corvette and playing racquetballRacing in the Sprint Cup SeriesDays of ThunderSteakWhenever people appreciate you
Carl EdwardsBackpackingWinning the Cup championship / base jumpingSmokey and the BanditCereal…lots of cerealWhen little kids come up who love the sport



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2 thoughts on “Off the Wall With: Carl Edwards”

  1. I always admired Eddie Haskell’s restraint in keeping his family private, as some others are attention hounds with the wives/girlfriends (from a parental perspective) exploiting their children as part of the “Daddy Brand”, knowing social media is a very dangerous place, and the fact that these children can’t say no. They are setting their children up for undo scrutiny and ridicule down the road for their own ego in the present. I admire the restraint of some of the NASCAR parents to have their children exposed every so slightly and that is it. Keep it up Carl!

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