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2015 Frontstretch Cup: Staff Predictions for the Bank of America 500 at Charlotte

Welcome to our eighth year of staff predictions! Each week, our experts attempt to tell you who the winner of each Cup race will be. Take a look to see who your favorite writers think will win it all (or at least score some points) this week!

Think you can out-prognosticate our staff?  Leave your picks in the comments and see how they stack up!

 Prediction Scoring
+5 – Win
+3 – Top 5
+1 – Top 10
0 – 11th-20th
-1 – 21st-30th
-2 – 31st-40th
-3 – 41st-43rd

This week’s predictions: Bank of America 500

Amy Henderson, Senior Editor: With nothing to race for but wins, Jimmie Johnson gets No. 5 on the year.
Mark Howell, Senior Writer: Since autumn makes me sentimental, my pick for Charlotte is Jeff Gordon.
Toni Montgomery, Senior Editor: Kasey Kahne.
Matt McLaughlin, Senior Writer:
Well since the editors have sharpened their scalpels this week I’ll go with Matt Kenseth.
Joseph Wolkin, Assistant Editor:
That Kenseth guy. 
Jeff Wolfe, Senior Writer:
Since I didn’t pick him last week… Kevin Harvick.
Zach Catanzareti, Contributing Writer:
Denny Hamlin.
Aaron Bearden, Assistant Editor: Matty Ice (Kenseth).
Huston Ladner, Senior Editor: Kenseth.
Danny Peters, Senior Writer:
Harvick. Yawn.
Jerry Jordan, Contributing Writer: Kurt Busch.
Mike Neff, Short Track Coordinator: I’ll take Kyle Busch for his first career Cup win at Charlotte.
Greg Davis, Senior Writer:
Harvick (in back-to-back wins).
Phil Allaway, Senior Editor: I’m going with Carl Edwards.

Results: AAA 400

WriterPickFinishing PositionPoints
Matt StallknechtKevin Harvick1st5
Vito PuglieseKevin Harvick1st5
Aaron BeardenKyle Busch2nd3
Matt McLaughlinDale Eanrhardt Jr.3rd3
Sean FeskoMatt Kenseth7th1
Toni MontgomeryMatt Kenseth7th3
Huston LadnerJoey Logano10th1
Amy HendersonMartin Truex Jr.11th0
Tony LumbisCarl Edwards15th0
Zach CatanzaretiBrad Keselowski16th0
Jerry JordanTony Stewart26th-1
Mark HowellJimmie Johnson41st-3
Jeff WolfeJimmie Johnson41st-3
Joseph WolkinJimmie Johnson41st-3
Danny PetersJimmie Johnson41st-3
Mike NeffJimmie Johnson41st-3
Clayton CaldwellJimmie Johnson41st-3


 WriterPointsBehindStartsWinsTop 5Top 10
Matt Stallknecht652991622
Aaron Bearden46-192831421
Mike Neff43-222661216
Jeff Wolfe41-232751419
Huston Ladner41-242621119
Matt McLaughlin34-31­2831015
Amy Henderson26-39294815
Vito Pugliese23-422421014
Mark Howell21-44291813
Toni Montgomery21-44293914
Zach Catanzareti20-45250714
Brett Winningham19-4614257
Danny Peters19-47252813
Sean Fesko18-48251214
Tom Bowles15-50193510
Tony Lumbis15-50291613
Joseph Wolkin13-52282711
Phil Allaway7-5812124
Jeff Meyer5-6017226
S.D. Grady4-616024
David Ifeguni3-621011
Jerry Jordan2-6313025
Clayton Caldwell0-6513234
Greg Davis-1-66251310
Dan Greene-1-661000


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4 thoughts on “2015 Frontstretch Cup: Staff Predictions for the Bank of America 500 at Charlotte”

  1. 11 Chasers qualified in the top 15. The nerve of the Futile Four. Brian will see that there are repercussions, except for the 48.

    Good thinking, Amy.

  2. I don’t quite understand this fantasy points system and it’s boring. How can Greg Davis have one negative point? He’s got a win and I thought he was guaranteed a playoff position. Stallknecht is way ahead in another zip code and I’ve heard his daily driver is a Toyota. Coincidence??? I think not. Surely there is a way to make this fantasy points race more competitive and interesting. Just spit balling while outside my box, I would suggest it’s time for a debris on the Frontstretch caution flag, an elimination, a playoff or something. There is something wrong when a Fantasy sport has more integrity than the show it’s based on.

  3. Yeo, no joy here in Mudville this week. Thought I was sitting pretty for the first 72 laps but Gibbs decision to have the 3 Stooges pit Kenseth did me in.

    As to J. Smith’s comment, there’s one flaw to the game I have tried to point out, but I was loudly booed down at the staff meeting here in the palatial FS world headquarters, had rotten fruit tossed at me, and lost my reserved parking spot. The maximum points swing per round is 8. (5 points to pick winner versus -3 to for picking a driver who finishes 41st, 42nd, or 43rd.) In a race like Talladega if you’re points racing (as in trying to protect your position not take over the spot above you) your best option is not to play that round at all. By not playing you get 0 points, the same as someone who picks a driver who finishes 11th through 20th. Thus if Matt S sits out the next four races and Aaron picks the winner for each race (a statistical anomaly) Matt would resume the contest down by one point My suggestion was if you miss a round you get -10 points. Look at the standings above to see how that would have things shaken up right now. (Yes, I’m being self serving. I’d be in third.)

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