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The Frontstretch 5: Must-See Racing Videos

If life is made up of a series of moments, then one of its pleasures is remembering them, seeing them through new eyes, watching with a satisfied, “I remember when that happened.” This week, our staff rolled out some of our favorite racing videos featuring moments that are dramatic, memorable or just downright ridiculous. There were many more than just five, so let us know if you like this edition and would like to see more of our favorites!

1. Why we don’t need the Chase, reason No. 462

Without a Chase, six drivers went into the final race on 1992 with a chance to win the title. And it wasn’t decided until the bitter end.

2. Wait, what just happened?

Well, this, apparently…

3. “You go first.” “No, after you.” “No, I insist… after YOU”

This NHRA staging battle shows what a mind game racing can be.

4. Excitement comes in all forms

Minor league race? Don’t tell these guys that. Some have become familiar faces since this instant classic.

5. Things get crazy

Like plate racing or hate it, it’s around because of things like this, which goes from crazy to scary in an instant (luckily, there were no serious injuries).

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4 thoughts on “The Frontstretch 5: Must-See Racing Videos”

  1. Oh great sportsman ship! Yeah after you send a guy on a death defying ride…. I think it was more his conscious that made him stop and make sure he didnt’t hurt Rusty.

  2. Am I the only one that misses Sr. in every race nowadays? Granted, he’d probably be retired by now, but his aggression and bluntness is sorely missed in such a corporate sport nowadays.

  3. One of my all time favorites is the 2003 Darlington finish between Kurt Busch and Ricky Craven. I just wish video existed of the 1972 North Wilkesboro demolition derby finish between Richard Petty and Bobby Allison, just still pictures unfortunately; plus I have a friend who was actually there.


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