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2016 Frontstretch Podcast- Episode 23: Minor League Shakeups and Previewing Martinsville

In this week’s edition of the Fronstretch Podcast, Matt Stallknecht is joined by Aaron Bearden to break down the implications of NASCAR’s new participation rules for 2017, analyze last week’s action from Talladega, and preview this weekend’s slate of action from Martinsville.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a hard-hitting and in-depth take on motorsports that can’t be found anywhere else!


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About Matt Stallknecht

Matt Stallknecht
Promoted to editor in 2014, Matt fights off rogue commas from our writing staff after rounding himself into a “young gun” racing expert. For the past two seasons, he’s penned the popular Four Burning Questions column (Weekends) highlighting the upcoming NASCAR race weekend. As an author for our open-wheel section, Matt also contributes to Open-Wheel Wednesdays and a substantial amount of race coverage and analysis. Matt, a native of Central New York also balances his duites with a full-time college course load. He’s a Senior at Le Moyne college this Fall.

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  1. I guess by the “rules” logic..BZF could stop the race half way, line the drivers up on the infield have a game of Price is Right, and that winner is the CUP winner….Jeffery Earnhardt come on down…….

  2. IT IS UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with you people. NASCAR can make up any insane rule and because it is a “rule”, sane people just have to shrug their shoulders and go “o.k”? What fans get sick of is guys like you with the stick and ball analogy. This sport is nothing like it. NO need for a playoff, these same people race each other 40 weeks, every week. No mystery as to who sucks and who gets it done or who is progressing or who is failing etc. That is one of the beauties of this sport. The water IS NOT MUDDIED, we know!!!

    Now last year when BECAUSE OF INSANE RULES, that went against any logic, Nascar let a guy who was P22, in the real world many, many points out win and call him a “CHAMP”!!!! Sorry you don’t see fan dissatisfaction. This CHASE dilutes and ignores success for a gimmick. The trophy is meaningless, that is what fans detest. AND YES, SPIN IT..SPIN IT, the CHASE sucks, AND IS IN FACT UNFAIR! For 3 years now “The best” did get screwed. Liberal media…stooopppiiiddddd.