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Kyle Busch: ‘If You Want Racing, You Need Tires That Last’

Tires have been quite a problem for Kyle Busch at Bristol Motor Speedway.

After blowing multiple Goodyear tires one year ago, the issue continued into Monday’s Food City 500 when Busch cut two tires in his No. 18 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota.

Short with words, Busch said you need to have good rubber if you are able to race on a multi-groove racetrack.

“I thought it was great. It was racing. It was bottom, top,” Busch said. “I just really have no idea why the fastest car out there keeps blowing tires. We were coming through the field twice and if people want to see racing and people coming from the back to the front, you have to have tires that can last.”

Busch came into Monday seventh in driver points.

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7 thoughts on “Kyle Busch: ‘If You Want Racing, You Need Tires That Last’”

  1. Why is HE the only one with this type of problem? He is bad as Hillary blaming her loss on “Russian hacking”. Cough, cough, cough. It is the Russians Kyle… :) :)

  2. Hey Kyle! Grow a sack and put a pair in it! I wonder if Monster Energy is happy sponsoring a snowflake.

  3. let’s face it.
    way too much of car set up is dictated by the sanctioning body. way.
    spec racing does not work and very few want to watch it as proven by ratings and attendance.
    this is racing not a personality contest…
    or maybe it is.

  4. Kyle still drives using his right foot instead of his brain and blaming the tires. Sam must have a hard time looking after two babies.

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